Wedding Wednesday Update 8 – A bridal shower & cake tasting

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Happy  Wednesday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a wedding update! For a while I felt like not a lot was happening and now I suddenly feel like I have a ton of updates!

First wedding dress fitting!

I had my first dress fitting last week, and I’m SO grateful Anna was able to be there! She was in town from San Francisco and it magically aligned with my appointment. I’m so happy she was able to see my dress and it made the day so special.

Similar blouse + necklace

And for the love, I still don’t have shoes!!!! This is starting to feel insane. They were able to start my alterations since the dress needs to come in on the sides a LOT (I bought off the rack), and they’ll work on the length at the next fitting. So, I have until August 8 to have my shoes FINALIZED.

Wedding shoe hunt continues

I loved these and they were so comfortable, but they ran large and aren’t available in my size. And I really wanted the blush color, which I can’t find anywhere. I love L.K. Bennett heels and wish I could find a pair that worked in my size!

Tamara Mellon heels are beautiful but these were way more coppery in person than the pictures showed and I didn’t like the color with my dress. I also ordered these in nude, which I LOVED, but they were too modern for my dress. So I sent them back but I think I may need to buy them in another color, like hot pink or black, just for fun. They were so comfortable and gorgeous!

This pair is my next attempt. I mean, sheesh, I just need something that is comfortable, timeless, the right color — and if they end up being expensive, I have to be able to wear them again. I’m feel like Goldilocks. I really like these , and I may order them if the Steve Maddens don’t work.


Wedding cake tasting with Katy’s Cakery

We were originally not planning to have a wedding cake and instead opting for cookies and cobbler,  but when Katy reached out to provide a gluten-free cake, I couldn’t say no! Katy had us over to her home for the tasting – what a spread!! We had picked out a few flavors beforehand, but she also surprised us with a couple extras.

I have never had such amazing gluten-free and dairy free cakes! I usually hate frosting, but loved hers since it wasn’t cloyingly sweet, and Tommy loved the cake, even though he’s totally a frosting person and isn’t gluten free. So the fact that we were both obsessed with everything we tasted says something! 🙂 She also sent us home with a dozen cupcakes so we could share with friends, which was really thoughtful. I would definitely use Katy’s Cakery for any desserts – she does it only by order right now, but it’d definitely be worth it for a special occasion!

Pre-Marriage Counseling Continues

We’re really enjoying our pre-marriage counseling at our church. (We’re working through this book with a life care counselor.) There have been really good conversations and it’s helped re-emphasize even more what a good match we are. I’m so grateful for Tommy and the mutual respect we have for each other and our differences and our ability to laugh at the differences – there hasn’t been one tense moment in these sessions. I know marriage isn’t always easy, but I’m incredibly grateful to have someone by my side who gets me and loves me for who I am, including all my flaws, and I love him, with all of his flaws too. 🙂 I think we truly balance each other out.

Purse | watch (similar and similar, on sale)| Vineyard Vines shorts, similar | Lilly Pulitzer top, old

Bridal shower!

My sweet friends Alise and Meg threw me the LOVELIEST bridal shower on Sunday. I didn’t think I really cared about having a shower, especially since I don’t really like being the center of attention in large groups, but the day couldn’t have been more fun and I’m so grateful they did this for me! Meg and Alise know me so well, and the party was absolutely perfect, on every level.

Dress (sold out in white – similar here, here and here) | wedges

I felt so incredibly blessed and loved to have so many friends there, including friends who drove from Raleigh and Charlotte!

This is my running friend Ali whom I post about a lot on Strava and Instagram. She and I often get mistaken for each other and when we run together, people think we are twins. We didn’t see it at first…but um, yeah, I think we do look alike!

Meg and Alise are party planning and hostess extraordinaires – it is such a talent and gift that I do NOT have, so I really appreciate people who do! The attention to detail was amazing!

And, funny enough, they got gluten-free/dairy-free desserts from Katy’s Cakery! Meg didn’t even realize Katy was doing my wedding cake. Ha! I ate sooooo many treats – those lemon scones and the cookies were to die for – I gotta get Katy to give me some recipes. Or, just buy a batch every week. 😉 

They had lunch catered by 1703, which is one of my favorite restaurants, and the food was AMAZING. (1703 is actually who were planning to have cater our wedding if we had chosen a venue that didn’t provide food.) They had 4 types of mimosas and Alise also picked up a growler of Updog Kombucha since I’m obsessed, which was such a sweet touch! 

We played one short game – who knows the bride best – with questions about me, Tommy and our courtship, which was really fun. (Do people still say “courtship”? I’m feeling old using that phrase…)Thank you thank you thank you to all my sweet friends! (And can I just say that everyone’s dress game was on point? Such a gorgeous group of women!) I feel so so lucky to have such wonderful friends here and it was fun for all my different groups of friends to meet. I’m tearing up just writing this! I love these women! 

Continued to register

I registered, kind of on a whim, at Southern Home and Kitchen right after we got engaged and wasn’t really planning to register for much else since we’re having such a small wedding. But then a couple friends pointed out that you get 20% off anything you register for but don’t receive. And we’ll definitely want that discount after the wedding! So, I started a registry at Zola and Crate & Barrel, and it’s been so fun to pick out some things with Tommy!

Ordered Tommy’s suit and shoes for the wedding

I’m SO glad we waited to order these since both the suit and the shoes we wanted for the wedding went on sale with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!!

Booked honeymoon activities

Heather, who is planning our honeymoon, reminded me last week that we needed to book our activities a couple months out. We’ve got a round of golf, a couples massage, a guided hike and a sunset sail on the books!! CANNOT WAIT.

Got our engagement photos back

I think the engagement photos deserve their own post…but here’s a sneak peek. 🙂 I cried when I looked at the photos – Hooman has mad skills. I’ll share more soon!

Alright, I think this is long enough! 🙂 Hope your week is going well!

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    11 responses to “Wedding Wednesday Update 8 – A bridal shower & cake tasting”

    1. This is totally random, but could be fate! What size shoe do you wear? I have a pair of Jimmy Choo Isabels in champagne glitter that I wore for my wedding 5+ years ago, just sitting in their original box in my closet. I always stare at them and wonder what I should do with them. Just wanted to throw them out there in case you were interested in a gently used pair. 🙂

      • Oh my gosh, that is SO incredibly sweet of you to even think of that!!!!!! I’m a size 6!!! I looked online for some used Jimmy Choos but couldn’t find any in my size! 🙂 Let me know! xoxo

        • Bummer! I’m an 8/8.5 (39) so wouldn’t work! Good luck finding some!! 🙂

    2. Check out Bella Belle shoes! I just ordered some for my wedding in October (the Anita Gold) and they are beautiful. Really unique and comfortable too, despite being a high heel!

    3. A blog reader just sent me to your page because I just wrote about hunting for shoes today! Hope you find just what you’re looking for : ) Why are shoes so hard to find?!

      • KATH! I had no idea you were engaged!!! So exciting! Jut stalked your blog – you’re glowing! So so happy for you!

        The shoe hunting situation is brutal. I just want that part to be finalized! I’m jealous you have that checked off! 🙂

    4. You look beautiful at your shower! Any chance you can also find out where Ali’s jumpsuit is from? Adorable!

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