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My Favorite Affordable Amazon Sweaters

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I am THRILLED that we’re finally inching closer to fall weather. Even just the thought of it being cool enough outside to pull on a pair of jeans (ahem, maternity jeans for me!), and a cozy sweater makes me happy. I know we still have a few weeks of summer left, but no one needs to rain on my parade today. (Actually, I would welcome some rain and cloudy weather, to be honest.)

Since I’ll be well into my second trimester with baby #2 when fall officially hits, oversized sweaters are going to be on rotation in my wardrobe. I don’t like to spend a ton of money on clothes when I’m pregnant, because inevitably things aren’t going to fit me for long, and I won’t wear most of them after our baby comes. But even before I got pregnant, I realized I prefer to spend less on tops since that’s inevitably what Thomas stains the most. (I save my splurges for way too many jeans, fun Tuckernuck dresses and shoes.)

Thankfully Amazon has a TON of cute sweaters that are super budget-friendly. I hope you find something fun below!

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My Favorite Affordable Amazon Sweaters

Striped Knit Cardigan

I ordered this striped knit cardigan a few weeks ago, and it was such a great find! It’s oversized, so it fits my 20 week baby bump just fine, but it would also look cute without a bump. It’s not itchy, and the gold buttons make it look much more high-end.

Long Sleeve Collared Cardigan

I noticed this cream colored long sleeved collared cardigan while I was browsing online and it looked SO cozy! It doesn’t have any reviews yet, so unfortunately I cannot confirm or deny how good it is in person, but I think it would look great styled with fitted jeans. It’s in my cart!

Striped Crewneck Sweater

I love the cropped length (if I wasn’t pregnant!) of this striped crewneck sweater. You’re going to see a trend of stripes throughout this roundup because they are super popular this season (and I love them!).

Blue and White Stripe Sweater with Orange Trim

I can’t get over this cute color combination. This striped sweater is much thinner than a few of the others linked in this post, which is a great option for the early fall weather when it’s not super cold yet. Gosh, the brown stripe colorway is just as cute. Which to choose!?

Black Ruffled Shoulder Sweater

I’m not usually a fan of the shoulder-pad look, but I think this is a really nice take on it. The shoulders are not too large, and the balloon style sleeves compliment it well. I love all of the colorways, but since I already have a handful of stripe sweaters in my cart, I think black is the way to go for this one.

Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

This oversized turtleneck sweater style is popular year after year because it works PERFECTLY with leggings. The length is great for covering your bum, and the side slits make it look very chic and stylish. This sweater comes in a handful of colors. I have the color Taro in my cart.

Striped Collared Sweater

I saw another influencer share this striped collared sweater and it looks SO high-end on her. I am definitely ordering this. I’ll be sure to share it on my Amazon Storefront once I get it!

Oversized Hoodie Sweater Coat

This was another find from a different influencer! I didn’t believe it was Amazon when I first saw it on her, if that tells you anything! We’re all going to want an open front sweater coat when we’re in leggings and a fitted shirt and need an extra layer. It will turn a casual athleisure look into a more polished outfit.

Half Zip Pullover Sweater

This is a classic oversized collar look which is very trendy this season. I love the price tag and all of the positive reviews!

Long-Sleeve Lightweight Crewneck Sweater

Everyone needs a classic, thin crewneck sweater in their fall wardrobe. And typically Amazon Essentials are pretty well-made! This is perfect for the office.

Carter Super Soft Essential Crewneck Sweater

The hot pink color just can’t be beat. I wore this into the ground last year! It’s so soft, fits true to size, and held up really well considering the price.

Ryder Ombre Mock-Neck Sweater

This ombre number is another fun sweater I bought and wore last winter. I love the purple colorway, especially for the fall season.

Side Button Cropped Turtleneck Sweater

Annnnd another sweater I loved last winter that’s still available! The buttons on the side add a really classy detail, the collar is large and a nice statement without overwhelming your whole face, and the cropped length looks great with jeans. I have an XS.

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