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My Simple Makeup Routine (under 10 minutes!)

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I’ve always been someone who likes to test and try lots of different makeup. I’m more committed to my skincare routine, but my makeup routine changes with the seasons.

Right now (and always), I’m favoring natural, light makeup that still looks polished. In the cooler months I go for a slightly heavier eye with more eyeshadow and in the summer months, I tend to prefer cream formulas for blush and bronzer over powders since they look better and hold up more in the humidity.

My Cold Weather Makeup Routine (under 10 minutes!)


My current favorite sunscreen is Supergoop Glow Screen. It’s ultra lightweight and leave a radiant finish, but it’s not too shiny or glowy (just enough). It looks perfect under makeup.

I also use the Supergoop Glowscreen Body sunscreen on my arms and legs. I love how easily it blends. I find it hydrating too.


I love the Tarte Radiant Shape Tape Concealer. Tarte has lots of concealers but I prefer the Radiant formula over the regular Tarte Shape Tape since it brightens and conceals in one step. It’s also lighter weight which I appreciate. I wear shade 22N. If you want a heavier concealer, my review of the Tarte Shape Tape Original may be helpful!


After concealer, I apply foundation. I have a few that I really like so it just depends on what look and type of coverage I want. I have a post with all my favorite foundations for dry skin but I listed the three I’m wearing the most these days.

 On days I’m not doing a full face of makeup, I use this ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint – it’s a tinted moisturizer combined with skincare (read more details in my ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint review.)

ILIA Skin Rewind Foundation Stick – it applies so quickly with medium coverage and looks very natural. I use the ILIA Complexion Brush to blend. (Yes, I’ve tried the Merit foundation stick and prefer the ILIA one since it’s more hydrating. I have a full review of Merit makeup here. And you can see a comparison of the two foundation sticks in this reel

ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation – If you prefer a traditional liquid foundation, this is a classic and my favorite of all I’ve tried. It’s very lightweight but has medium coverage that is hydrating and easy to blend. I have a detailed review of this True Skin Foundation here. I usually mix it with this Light Serum Highlighter. it’s so pretty and doesn’t look too shiny but just gives me a healthy glow and then I don’t find that I need a highlighter after my makeup is done. (But if I do want more highlighting, I use the one from this cheek palette.)

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Glow Tint – I love love love this foundation. It provides medium coverage and gives the most natural, radiant glow. It also lasts all day, which most dewy foundations don’t! I wear this the vast majority of days. I use this Tarte Blur Brush to blend it. I wear shade 24N.


I typically don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow – just one base color and one color for a little bit of definition above my crease (which looks best with my hooded eyes). 

Chantecaille Eyeshadow in Copper – This isn’t really a cream shadow, but I find it applies more like a cream than a powder. I use my finger to apply and blend just below my brow bone and it makes my green eyes pop.

Tarte In Bloom Palette – When I want a powder eyeshadow, I typically wear something from this eyeshadow palette. I love this one because I actually use all of the shades.


Next, I tightline my upper lash line — never my lower waterline — since it looks more natural than lining above the lash line and helps make my lashes look thicker. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, L’Oreal has an easy tightlining tutorial!)

I use this ILIA Clean Gel liner in brown to tightline my upper lash line (just the outer 1/2 to 3/4… not all the way across) to help open my eyes and make my lash line look thicker.If I want a little more pop of color, I’ll use Chantecaille pencil liner instead of black; I have this in Amethyst. It pairs BEAUTIFULLY with the copper eye shadow.


I curl my lashes everyday and I’ve used this Shu Uemera eyelash curler for almost ten years. It never pinches and creates a long-lasting curl.

Most days I wear just mascara, without a primer. If I do want a thicker lash that day for some reason, I love this Tarte Lash Primer. I coat my lashes in primer and then add mascara about 1 minute later after the primer sets just a bit but doesn’t completely dry.


Most days I skip primer and use just Tarte Tartelette XL Mascara only since it gives me long, thick lashes and is one step vs. two, and quick and easy is the name of the game in the warmer months! I have a full review of the Tarte Tartelette Mascara if you want to know why it’s my favorite (and I am a very big mascara snob). But, the bottom line is that it never smudges. Ever.


I fill my brows in no matter what, even if I’m not doing a full face of makeup. Most days I go for The BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel with the Glo Brow Pencil since I get a fuller brow that way. If I’m in a hurry, I use the ILIA Brow Gel or Merit Brow 1980 Gel.


I’ve gotten on the bronzer train in recent years and always feel better when I use it, particularly around my hairline since I’ve had some hair loss since having my son.

Park Avenue Princess Matte Bronzer – this is very matte and very pigmented and it’s easy to go overboard so tread lightly! But once I learned that, I fell in love with it. I use the shade Light Medium.

Beautycounter Cream Bronzer – Unfortunately, this is unavailable right now but I absolutely love it. It’s also the the easiest bronzer to use. Just apply with your finger and then blend in with a fluffy brush.

If you’d prefer to buy a blush and bronzer combo, I love this Clay Play To-Go Cheek Palete.


Depending on my mood, I’ll either use the powder blush or a cream blush.

Precious Gems Amazonian Clay Cheek Palette – This is my favorite option for powder! I use all of the shades and just decide based on how I’m feeling that day.

ILIA Multi Stick – This is a great cream blush option, and you can use it as a lip color as well.


Tarte Shape Tape™ Glow Powder – If I finish my makeup and I look just a litttttle too glowy, I use this. It still keeps my makeup looking natural and dewy but tones it down just a bit. It also helps set my makeup. I use the shade Starlit.


I’ve been finding that my makeup doesn’t stay on as well as I like so I’ve started using a setting spray almost everyday. I have this Shape Tape Setting Spray and like it but really want to try the Maracuja Setting Spray since I love all things Maracuja (they are more hydrating and glowy).

13. LIPS

I LOVE lipstick and lipgloss. I have tons of different colors and brands, but my current favorites are:

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Products (yes all of the different varieties!) – If you prefer a traditional lipstick, you’ll love the Lipstick Creme. If you like gloss but don’t like the messiness of the gloss, you’ll love the plumping or the juicy lip!

Ravie Beauty in Dahlia – this is the most forgiving color – I don’t even need a mirror to apply! It applies like a balm but looks like a lipstick and is very hydrating and it’s a very natural looking pink.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk – this is matte, but is very hydrating and the PERFECT nude color.

I also line my lips almost everyday, since I think it helps them look fuller (and we naturally lose lip definition and fullness as we age.) I like this Chantecaille lip liner in the shade Discreet.

This may seem like it takes forever, but it’s really only 5-10 minutes! This reel shows how I apply it all.

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    9 responses to “My Simple Makeup Routine (under 10 minutes!)”

    1. Your skin is beautiful! I love the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter as a highlighter. It’s kinda pricey, but when using as a highlighter a little goes a very long way.

    2. Hi! What shade do you use in the Chantecaille foundation? Your makeup always looks beautiful. Thanks!

    3. Hi! Do you know if all of the products you’ve listed here are pregnancy safe? I use so many of them but just started the process of changing my skincare routine to be pregnancy safe. Thanks!

      • Beautycounter is one of the cleanest, safest makeup you’ll find on the market. Ilia is also a very clean, safe option. Tarte isn’t as clean as those but it’s also significantly better than most drugstore and dept store brands since they also have a long list of ingredients they don’t use, due to safety concerns. So, all that to say, I would feel good about using them pregnant but you need to go with your gut or talk to your doctor about concerns!

    4. Hello Terilyn! Congrats on everything! Could you Tello me what color of the Chantecaille Future Skin Gel Foundation you use? Thank you so much! Nell

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