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T3 Hair Dryer Review & How It Compares to Dyson

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get on Instagram is about my hair. It’s such a great compliment, and while I do think the majority of the credit goes to genetics (and a great hairdresser), I have spent countless hours learning how to style it well and figuring out which products work best on my hair type. And my most-used hair tool is my T3 Hair Dryer and it’s time for a review since I have strong feelings about, considering I also own the Dyson blow dryer (andI also have a review of the Dyson Airwrap).

Just like skincare and makeup, I love trying new hair products. Since I work in the beauty industry as a content creator, brands often send generous PR packages with product to try, and I also spent a good bit of my own money on beauty products since it’s something I’m passionate about. Overall, I’ve tried a ton of hair products, styling tools included, and I think I can officially name my all time favorite hair dryer: The T3 Featherweight Style Max.

Here’s why:

  • It has automatic heat and speed adjustments (you just program your hair texture and it does the rest)
  • The technology is designed to smooth and dry quickly without damage
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use
  • The Volume Boost button helps give my hair that extra lift I love
  • It’s cheaper than my Dyson
  • It dries my hair in 5 minutes flat – and my hair stylists over the years have always commented how much hair I have

In today’s post, I’m sharing all the details on this hair dryer, including how it holds up to my previous favorite, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Get 20% off your T3 order with code TERILYN20.

T3 Hair Dryer Review & How It Compares to Dyson

What is T3?

T3 is a hair tool company that started in 2003 as a part tech start-up, part beauty venture. Their goal was to create hair tools that were technology forward and designed with high performance and great results in mind. They make a ton of hair tools including 4 different hair dryer models, flat ironscurling irons, and other hair styling accessories. and I love every single product I’ve tried.

Here are the T3 products I own:

and of course, the Featherweight Style Max which I’m reviewing today.

T3 Featherweight Style Max Features

Let’s get into details about the T3 Featherweight Style Max.

The T3 Featherweight Style Max is T3’s most impressive and robust hair dryer model. They make 4 different hair dryers, and I’ve found that the Featherweight Style Max is the best bang for your buck because of the automated technology. The most similar option from T3 is the AireLuxe, which is also a great hair dryer, but it’s all manual in terms of the settings (and for the same price, I think the Featherweight is far more impressive).

The Featherweight Style Max auto-customizes heat and airflow to your personal hair texture, and dries quickly, evenly, and with less damage. There are 5 heat settings and 3 speed settings that the hairdryer automatically adjusts for, which is a really cool feature. All you have to do is input your hair texture, and it does the rest.

The T3 hair dryer also uses Digital T3 IonAir™ Technology. The IonAir™ Technology powers a smart microchip that helps minimize temperature fluctuations and prevents over-drying. It’s made with a fan that propels two times wider than other hair dryers and the 1 ion-rich airstream dries the hair super quickly while still retaining the hair’s natural moisture, so you you’re left with shiny, healthy hair that’s not damaged or tired. The ion generator also tames static frizz. That’s a lot of techy talk, but the short of it is that they’ve created a gentle but effective hair dryer that makes your hair look amazing.

Here are the main features:

  • StyleMax™ Technology: a smart microchip that auto-customizes the heat and speed settings to your hair texture
  • Wider Airflow: T3 uses a Digital T3 IonAir Technology which gives the hairdryer a wide, ion-infused airstream which gently (but quickly) dries hair and gives body and shine
  • Ion Generator: Minimizes static frizz by smoothing the hair cuticle and boosts shine
  • Multiple Heat Settings: 5 different settings for all hair types and textures
  • Multiple Speed Settings: 3 different settings for drying and styling
  • Volume Boost Switch: Helps boost texture and volume
  • Cool Shot: blasts cool hair to helps lock in your hair style
  • Lightweight: It’s really easy to handle and comfortable in your hand

T3 Hairdryer vs Dyson Hair Dryer

Size and Weight

A huge selling point of the T3 Featherweight Style Max is the size and weight (the name gives this away). It weighs 16.6oz (cord not included), and the cord length is 9 ft, so you’re never struggling to dry your hair, even when your outlets are inconveniently located.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer weighs 1.8 lb (almost double) and has the most annoying block on the cord that bangs into my cabinets every time I use it.

Volume Button

One of my favorite features of the Featherweight Style Max is the Volume boost button. This button turns off the negative ion generator to give your hair extra body.

My Dyson does not have this.


This hair dryer comes with 4 different attachments:

  • Drying concentrator: wide nozzle attachment to help dry hair quickly
  • Styling concentrator: narrower nozzle attachment to concentrate airflow for precise styling
  • T3 SoftTouch 3 Diffuser: softly diffuses the air which helps volumize and define curls, waves, and layers
  • T3 Smoothing Comb: This attachment directs the air through vented teeth to lift roots, smooth strands, and stretch and detangle curls and coils

The Dyson hair dryer comes with 5 attachments:

  • Flyaway attachment: Helps lift longer hairs to the surface to hide flyaways
  • Styling concentrator: A narrow nozzle to help with styling
  • Diffuser: helps reduce frizz and define curls
  • Gentle air attachment: A wider nozzle that diffuses the air. This is the best for a rough dry
  • Wide tooth comb: Creates volume and shape in curly or coily hair


Another huge selling point of T3 is that it’s about 1/2 the price of the Dyson.

The Featherweight Style Max costs $199 (and you can use the code TERILYN20 for 20% off), and the Dyson is Over $400.

How the T3 compares to Dyson

I got the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer a few years ago when my super old hair dryer finally bit the dust. I loved it for years and hesitated to try the T3 because I was certain that the Dyson price tag meant that it was the best on the market, but I was shocked to realize I liked the T3 a lot better. It’s so much lighter, dries my hair just as fast and with much more control, and it’s so much more affordable, which you can’t beat.

I shared a few more details about what makes the T3 dryer better than the Dyson in this reel.

Styling Tips

Before I blow dry, I like to wash my hair and do my full hair care routine.

I have really thick hair, so I always do a rough dry before I start styling my hair. Once my hair is about 80% dry, I section it into layers and use this round brush to smooth each layer as it dries.

Then depending on my mood, I’ll either leave it straight or use my favorite T3 curling iron (I have a hair curling tutorial linked here). Some days I’ll use the AireBrush too, but if I use that, I dry my hair to 80% and then switch to the AireBrush for the last 20%. Here’s a video on how I use the AireBrush.

Get 20% off your T3 order with code TERILYN20.

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