Here are highlights from some of the many races I’ve done since my first-ever race in 2005. If I blogged about the race, I included a link to it. Happy running! 

BolderBoulder10K May 2019 – 43:56:00 and 7th in my age group!  Race recap here.

bolder boulder 2019

American Fork Half Marathon June 2019 – 1:30:38 time.  Race Recap here!

american fork half marathon

Boston Marathon April 2019 – I PRed with a 3:17:50! I had food poisoning the night before, too. Race recap here!

Feed Stokes Half Marathon February 2019 – I was 1st Overall female with a time of 1:31:29 and an average pace of 7 minutes! Race recap here.

Turkey Strut 5K November 2018 – 1st in my age group with a 20:12:09. Race recap here.

Boston Marathon April 2018 – I ran a 3:27:17. Race recap here.


Hopswap 5K March 2018 – 1st Overall Female and 7th Overall finisher with a 21:05 and a 6:48 pace. Race recap here.

Hopswap Race

St. Leo 10K March 2018 – I took 1st Overall Female and 9th Overall (male & female) with 43:26:00 and an average pace of 6:59. Race recap here.

St. Leo 10K

Wrightsville Beach Marathon March 2017 – Race recap here.

Mistletoe Half Marathon December 2017 – Race recap here.

mistletoe run winston salem

Cherry Blossom 5K April 2016

Mistletoe Half Marathon December 2016 – Race recap here.

Cape Fear 5K February 2014 – I took 2nd Overall Female with a time of 20:54 and pace of 6:43 – Race recap here.

High Country Half August 2014 – Race recap here.

High Country Half Marathon

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler April 2014 – Race recap here.

Raleigh Rock n Roll Half Marathon April 2014 – Race recap here.

Race 13.1 GSO 2014 – Race recap here.

Race 13.1 WS 2014.

Mistletoe Half Marathon December 2013 – Race recap here.

Salem Lake 30K October 2013 – Race recap here.

Oregon Half Marathon September 2013 – Race recap here.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler April 2013 – Race recap here.

Winston-Salem 5K where I went off course??

St. Leo’s 10K March 2013 – I took first in my age group and was the 6th female overall! Race recap here.

IMG 8195

Hulk Trail Challenge March 2013 – Recap.Hulkmedal

The Hulk Trail was probably the hardest course I’ve ever run, but I took 2nd overall for females and 1st in my age group. I was so dang proud. The best part was when they called my name for winners and as I walked to retrieve my prize, I heard someone whisper to a friend, “She’s so small.” haha!

Mistletoe Half Marathon December 2012 – I PR’d with a time of 1:42:41, average pace 7:50 min/mile. Recap here.

Thanksgiving Day 2012 Turkey Strut – I PR’d with a time of 21:27, average pace 6:55 and took first in my age division. Recap here.


Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon November 2011 – I PRd at this race! 1:43:17, average pace 7:53. RecapIMG 6988

Vernal, Utah Hear Us Roar 5K October 2012 – I took 3rd place overall and took 1st for females! Recap here.

Moab Canyonlands Half Marathon March 2012 

DSC 0564

My sister-in-law brought temporary tattoos for the runners in my family to wear. 🙂

IMG 4211

Brews & Boos 5K October 2011

Blue Ridge Relay September 2011 


Washington DC Cherry Blossom 10 Miler April 2012 


Lillie’s Friends 5K May 2011I PR’d! 22:30


2010 Mistletoe Half Marathon: Overall time – 2:01, 9:15 pace
Mistletoe half marathon-2

Salem Lake 30k 2009

2009 Ridge to Bridge Marathon: Overall time – 4:06:57 (4th in age division – it was a small race Smile), 9:25 paceR2B teri finishing 2

2008 Draper Days 5K: Overall time – 24:58, 8:03 pace (I was 1st in my age division! My mom placed her in age division too!)

draper days 5K

2008 Arts Festival 5K

arts fest

2008 Moab Half Marathon: Overall time – 1:57, 8:58 pace

moab 08

My mom ran too!
moab 08

2007 Beat the New Year 5K: Overall time – 25:56, 8:21 pace. Coldest race I’ve EVER run. I couldn’t even move my face to smile for pictures!Beat the New Year

2007 Salt Lake City Half Marathon: Overall time – 2:02, 9:21 paceSLC 07IT band issues plagued me…I finished but hobbling and nearly in tears.

2007 Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay

(Team Sexy Back with many of the same folks from 2006)

2007 Provo River Trail Half Marathon – I can’t find pictures. I probably deleted them trying to block this race out. I had to walk about 5 miles of the race and was in tears from IT band pain. I should have just taken a DNF.

2007 Oklahoma City Turkey Trot 8K: Overall time – 41:19, 8:19 pace


2006 Wasatch Back Ragnar RelayThis was the 2nd ever Ragnar Race. One of my professors in college was involved in starting the race so we got to run the race before it was a huge, nationwide series.

2005 Moab Half Marathon: Overall time – 1:57,  8:58 pace – first ever race!