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A New 5K PR + A Beach Trip

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Happy Sunday friends! I hadn’t much felt like blogging this past week but I do have some exciting news I wanted to share. I beat my 5K PR exactly a week ago today (at almost this exact time actually)! I John and I had gone down to Kure Beach for a little getaway over the long weekend and John found a race in Wilmington, NC (about 30 min away from Kure) for us to run since his running coach really wanted him to run a race to push himself and judge his progress.

More on the race in a second – let’s talk about the beach first. 🙂 The house we stayed at was beautiful, just a few blocks from the beach. Check out the view from the rooftop deck!

IMG 4313

It was pretty cold that weekend and super windy (this was after the big snow storm had hit NC) so we only went on the beach once for about 10 minutes. Maizey loved the sand. She hadn’t been on the beach in…geez, 4 years?? She was so cute chasing foam and digging in the sand.

IMG 4393

Since it was chilly, we spent a lot of time inside just relaxing, taking naps, reading, and eating lots of great food. Carolina Beach (right close to Kure) has a number of great restaurants, including a great Thai place, Ida Thai. Definitely check it out if you’re in the area. I loved their green curry.

On Sunday when it warmed up a little, we took the Jeep for a ride (it was at the house). Maizey loved it. Silly dog.

IMG 4314

The race was Sunday afternoon. It was a two-loop course with a couple of very tight turnarounds, but I was still able to set a PR. My previous PR was 21:22 and I ran a 20:54! (Average 6:43 pace.) Based on my training runs lately, I was fairly confident I’d be able to beat my PR but I was still I excited that I did! (This is a picture from the Audi Cape Fear folks, who took race photos.)

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Plus, it was fun that John and I both took 2nd place for overall Male and overall Female! And, the woman who came in 3rd (just 3 seconds behind me!) was so nice; we are already planning to run together again when I visit the area. I love meeting runners that become quick friends. It was just a fun day.

John and I celebrated later that night with a load of local oysters (and clams). We put the oysters on the grill and covered them with a wet burlap sack and let them steam. They were delicious. IMG 4367

And dessert was So Delicious (heh heh). I’ve always been skeptical of this No Sugar Added version, but John bought it and it was actually really tasty. IMG 4382

Maizey was absolutely pooped every evening – so many things to sniff in a new place! She plopped down by the fireplace and wouldn’t move.

IMG 4370

It was so hard to leave on Monday. We stayed late in the day just to get as much vacation time there as we could. It was such a lovely weekend. I was able to relive the weekend a little when I had oysters again last night. My friends threw a big oyster roast party (thanks Kevin and Candace!!) and had oysters and clams shipped overnight so they were super fresh. Some raw, some steamed, all delicious. It was fun watching people eat oysters for the first time! 😀 (That’s Liz’s hand, whose wedding I was in last year.)

IMG 4434

And now I’m currently gearing up for a run with a friend. We’re planning to go 5-6 miles at an easy pace. It’s so pretty outside – 65 degrees! I ran 11 miles yesterday (average 8:15 pace) so this will be a slow, recovery run….but really just an excuse to see my friend. Otherwise I’d sit on the couch all day and watch House of Cards (which is basically what I did yesterday). 😉

Do you like oysters/clams/mussels? I think they are an acquired taste. I just started eating shellfish on a regular basis a few years ago. I didn’t grow up eating it (other than canned clams) but I’ve come to love all types of shellfish.

If you do like oysters, how do you like them? Raw or steamed? Or dressed up Rockefeller style? My favorite is to have them steamed & plain (no cracker or sauces) but I’ll eat them any way they come! I’ve only had them raw a few times but it’s growing on me.

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    19 responses to “A New 5K PR + A Beach Trip”

    1. How funny! I was in Kure beach last weekend too! My parents are building a house there, love it there.

    2. Awesome that you both took second place! And I love your pink top. I’m at the Oregon coast this weekend with girlfriends and it is so relaxing. Love being near the ocean.

    3. I love Wilmington! That’s where my brother got married last June. It is so beautiful!

      My sister-in-law is lactose intolerant so we have tried the coconut milk and I LOVE it! So delicious!

    4. Holy Cow, congrats on your PR speedy lady, that is absolutely fabulous!
      Mmmmmm I am so jealous of your double weekend of fresh shell fish! Any kind of seafood is hands down, without a doubt my favorite food, with shrimp and raw oysters topping the list!

    5. Congratulations on your PR and on you and John placing 2nd!!! That is so awesome!!! 🙂 You two are so speedy! What is your goal pace for the Raleigh half?

    6. Teri, that PR is incredible!! I love reading about your PRs because the pace I run now is what you were running when I first started reading your blog…so you’re sayin there’s a chance!

      Oh and oyester…I am not a fan.
      I have a recipe for clams from pioneer woman that I sort of want to try but I don’t want to ruin my experience through my amateur cooking.

      • haha yes there’s a chance!!! I never imagined I’d run this fast 4-5 years ago – NEVER!

        Clams are so hard to mess up, promise. Try them! Once the shells pop open, they’re done. Toss the ones that don’t pop after giving them a few extra minutes!

    7. way to go girl! you are so speedy! I just ran a half marathon, but now that I’m done with long distance training I am getting excited to work on a fast 5K!

    8. I thought you were trying to let us know something with the ring picture. Good thing you explained it was a friend. Sounds like a nice weekend!

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.