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Growing up, my mom taught flute lessons and played in orchestras regularly. It seemed normal, but as an adult, I have a much bigger appreciation for the dedication, time, and talent that took (especially since she was raising six kids!). My uncle was also a conductor for the symphony in our town and led lots of local music productions, and almost all of his family (his wife + 12 kids!) played in the symphony at one point or another. As a kid I loved going to all the performances and now, as an adult, I still love attending events with live symphonies and orchestras, but it had totally fallen off my radar as something I used to love.


Last night rekindled that love when I went to the Ben Folds & Piedmont Wind Symphony concert with Tommy and some friends. The first part of the concert was just the wind symphony playing Christmas songs, which unfortunately we missed the majority of as dinner ran a little long, and then Tommy and I ran into parking woes that delayed all of us. (Sorry friends!) But we heard a few songs before Ben Folds came out, and then he played about half his songs with the symphony. I played the piano for 13 years growing up, and I was in total awe of his talent!


The concert was so fun. Ben was born and raised in Winston-Salem and it was so fun to hear him explain the story behind the songs, especially since his album I’m most familiar with (Rockin’ the Suburbs) is one that was driven by his experiences in WS. He’s an awesome live performer and the combo with the symphony was awesome. I’ll definitely be attending more events with the Piedmont Wind Symphony in the future – I just signed up for their newsletter. 🙂

I loved Ben Folds in high school but I hadn’t listened to any of his music in years. As I started to listen to music again in preparation for the concert (we all do this right?), the lyrics of a song I loved in high school really, really resonated with me – far more than my 16 year old self could have appreciated.


I have had so many moments this year where I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for how full my life is and how lucky and blessed I feel. But that hasn’t always been the case. I certainly haven’t always gotten things right the first time, and there have been a lot of wrong turns and stumbles in my adult life. But now looking back on tough times, I can now see how I learned and grew from them. And that has given me such an appreciation for my life now and the wonderful people in it, especially Tommy. And I truly feel like I’m the luckiest.


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    10 responses to “The Luckiest”

    1. Awww such a sweet post! And so true! I too try to look back on hard times & take something positive away from the experience (otherwise it’s even more depressing!). 🙂 What a good attitude & so happy for you that you’re in such a good place now.

    2. I LOVE BEN FOLDS. Holy goodness he is SO talented, I heard him with the Boston Pops, it was amazing. I am super envious!!

    3. This post makes me so happy <3 & gives me so much hope for the future!!!

    4. You’ve always struck me as a generally happy person, but your smile shines even brighter with Tommy in the picture! So happy for you guys.

      I saw Ben Folds perform with the Utah Symphony at Deer Valley last year and it was incredible. He’s a truly talented guy and so entertaining – especially his improv songs.

    5. you ARE a lucky girl. but you know who else is lucky? those who get to know you and have you in their lives. so i guess i’m pretty damn lucky too. love you friend!

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