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Wedding Wednesday Update 5: Photographer booked!!

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You guys, last week felt HUGE in wedding planning! Ha! We made three huge decisions that have taken a lot of pressure off – booked the photographer, chose our honeymoon location and ordered invitations and more. Here’s the latest!

Vesic Photography booked!!

We booked Hooman from Vesic Photography and I am so so so soooooo excited. I was really struggling to pick a photographer since I liked so many things about multiple photographers. To help make a decision, I sent my top 4 to Tommy without any commentary, and he picked out my top 2 as his 2 favorites too. I love how that keeps happening with wedding planning!

We went with Vesic since I just always had a really good feeling about him that I couldn’t even put into words. He is extremely talented, super likable, and has a strong emoji game, which obviously matters. 😉 Plus, totally random people kept bringing him up in conversations, completely unprompted, when chatting about the wedding. I should have booked him a month ago when I first spoke to him and gone with my gut from the beginning (and eliminated a month of indecision)! But I felt like I should do some due diligence. 🙂

Picked our honeymoon spot!

We picked our honeymoon spot, including the location and resort. We haven’t put the money down to book everything since we need to work through a few variables, but we know WHERE we are going. Yay! I’m not ready to share yet where we are going…but it’s going to be amazing. Heather has been amazing, giving us so many options and helping us weigh a few factors (flight times, dates, airports, upgrades, cost implications, etc.).

Ordered invitations!

We weren’t going to do invitations since it’s such a small group, but we thought it would be a nice touch to send out to our loved ones. We’re using Jade Forest Design to create a custom invitation. She’s so talented, so dang friendly and very responsive. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! And her instagram account is making me want to have her create all sorts of signs for the wedding that I probably don’t need given the small event we’re having, but they’re just all so cute!!

Tried on MORE wedding dresses

Okay, the dress decision is insanely hard. Every time I go I think I found THE DRESS. But when I look back at pictures, I find something that I’m just not comfortable with or that makes me hesitate. There is one dress that I keep being drawn to, so I want to check out a few more dresses from that designer. I plan to make a trip to a Greensboro bridal store this weekend.

bellissima winston salem

Met with a wedding coordinator

I met with a coordinator last week and I LOVED HER. I still haven’t booked yet since I need to work through a few variables. But, she was lovely and our personalities just meshed. And I think that’s HUGELY important with a wedding coordinator. I’m meeting with one more next week, just because I think due diligence is important. 🙂

Videographers booked!

Tommy and I met with Alex and James from Good Earth Films over the weekend, after deciding they were the videographers we wanted to use. They are such LOVELY people and obviously passionate about what they do. We are thrilled to have them shooting such a special day. (We met them at the cutest coffee shop in Greensboro, Green Joe’s. It was fun to take a field trip out of Winston!)

good earth films


On another note, while we weren’t planning to have a wedding cake, Katy’s Cakery reached out and offered to provide a mini cake for our wedding as a gift! I LOVE her gluten-free cakes (they used to have them at Twin City Hive, my happy place) and I’m so excited that we’ll get to have one from her. She makes everything from scratch and uses local and organic ingredients. We still plan to have a few other desserts, like I previously mentioned, but multiple desserts is never a bad thing!

Since our wedding is so small, we really care about the PEOPLE involved. We’ll spend a lot of time with them and they’ll essentially be a part of the wedding in a group that small! I feel so lucky that we have Alex and James from Good Earth and Hooman from Vesic Photography (especially since they’ve worked together before, which is an added bonus). And I think the coordinator I’m leaning towards would fit in perfectly too.

We are having so much fun being engaged and also can’t wait to be married!

a foodie stays fit husband

Alright, I’m off to get ready for bed! I ran tonight and still need to shower and take Maizey potty. Where do the days go?!

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    17 responses to “Wedding Wednesday Update 5: Photographer booked!!”

    1. Excited to hear about your honeymoon spot! 🙂 Please share your top 5 spots…!!

    2. I love reading your wedding updates. We just got married last Saturday, after a 6 month engagement. I definitely relate to your planning and timeline!

      I can very much appreciate how personal you are working to make your wedding about you and Tommy! It’s a lot more work than one might realize (or at least it was for me!)

      We opted out of a traditional wedding cake too. Ironically, my sister and I used to make wedding cakes. My sister made us assorted Bundt cakes-all gluten free (for me and a few other guests) with vegan options. I displayed them on vintage glass cake plates bought at second hand stores long with flowers and chalkboards letting guests know the flavors. It was so pretty and fun and very much suited my husband (!) and I.

      Good luck dress shopping this weekend!

      • Um, bundt cakes sounds AMAZING. And I LOVE that you displayed them on vintage glass cake plates!!! That would totally fit in with our theme at a historical venue!! Thanks for sharing!

        Yes, it IS a lot more work to personalize the wedding – and a lot of work to rein in others who say we “HAVE” to have something that we just don’t care about!!

        And congrats on your marriage!!!!! I hope it was a perfect day and that you two are overjoyed!

    3. So, how do travel agents work? I feel so silly asking. My husband and I want to plan a special trip next summer for our 20 yr anniversary and it’s just so hard. We know what we like to do and what’s important to us when we travel but have NO idea how to pick a location.

      I love reading these updates, especially as my 20 yr anniversary is coming up <3

      • Travel agents work MAGIC. haha. It’s not silly to ask – I had no idea either! The way it’s worked with Heather is she gave us a form to fill out – what we were envisioning (relaxation, activities, sight-seeing, etc), timing, budget, favorite places we’ve been in the past, what we do and don’t want (e.g. all-inclusive, on-site gyms, etc.) and then she came back with 4 recommendations of locations + places to stay at those locations that she thought were a good fit. We went back and forth with questions to narrow it down and then she books EVERYTHING. She charges a flat planning fee so she doesn’t get compensated more if you book a more expensive trip. I would HIGHLY recommend Heather for your trip, especially if you’re not sure where you want to go and you think it’ll be a bigger trip – she is incredible. Tell her I sent you! She’s a long-time blog reader of mine!

    4. Question (hoping it’s not out of line or too personal): I too have been married and divorced. I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 7 years (!!!!) and we plan on getting married. How has planning your second wedding compared with how you planned your first wedding? For my first wedding, I did the big Catholic mass and the reception was an all night party. I loved it and it was a fun time (since most of the guests were my friends and family), but when I envision my second wedding, I picture calm, small, and simple. Just wondering what you’re thinking was the second time around.

      • To be completely honest with you, I actually forget that I planned a wedding before unless someone asks me about it or brings it. It was SO long ago (13 years!) and I was an entirely different person. So never once in the planning process have I thought, “I did that last time so I want to do this now.” I had a VERY clear vision of mine and Tommy’s wedding, and luckily Tommy had the same vision. And what we want is small, simple and intimate — and that has nothing to do with the first go-around. 🙂 My advice would be to not compare with your previous and go with what feels right to you and your fiance, regardless of what anyone thinks. Let others make the comparisons because they will – you focus on enjoying your WONDERFUL day. And, I think it’s totally fair to request that people not bring it up in your planning process – I had to have that talk with a few close people to me. It’s not fair to you or your fiance to have that be a constant topic of conversation.

        • Thank you so very much for your kind reply and the advice. I really appreciate it. I feel the same way as you….I barely remember the planning process because it was so long ago. I am so different now—it honestly feels like a different life. Anyways, I am happy for you and thank again!

    5. I’m glad you’re getting an invitation made. We had ours framed and still have it displayed… I love it and love the reminder of the special day <3

    6. Ahhhh that is the same photographer both of my cousins used for their weddings! I bet it feels great to have some big items checked off your wedding to-do list.

    7. Love your posts, happy for you and Tommy..I don’t know of a finer guy anywhere..You’ve got the BEST!!

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