A Wedding Photo (and why we only have one!)

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I mentioned in my Weekender post earlier today that I had a wedding photo coming tonight, and while I was going to include it with the Weekender, I ended up writing a separate post. This this ended up being a lot longer than I planned (ha! apparently I loved our wedding). Plus, I didn’t want to distract from all the J.Crew Factory things I want. 😉

So…here you go! My photographer sent me this a couple days after our wedding and I still cannot stop looking at it. Hooman from Vesic Photography is SO incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from the day.


Why we only have one photo from our wedding

I’ve been asked repeatedly by friends, family and blog readers for photos and Tommy and I quickly realized the day after our wedding that there are basically no photos from our wedding other than what our photographer captured. So this is it for now! (Oh and this selfie!) The thought of people taking photos during the ceremony gave me a lot of anxiety (for various reasons, which I’ll go into at some point if you’re interested), so we asked people not to take photos during the ceremony. And then, it turns out that people never really took photos the entire night. At first, I was pretty rattled not having ANY photos…and then I realized just how magical that is. I don’t remember seeing a phone the ENTIRE NIGHT.

And that’s kind of amazing.

Instead, we watched our family and loved ones talk and get to know each other. Given that my family lives across the country, it’s very likely that our wedding is the only time everyone will be together and it was amazing to watch them interact — and just how easy and natural it seemed. One of my friends told me that he never even thought about his phone the entire night because he was having such a good time – and that’s the biggest gift and compliment I could imagine, that our guests were so present that they didn’t even think about their phones.

The night was truly magical, and I think a big part of that feeling was seeing people interacting with each other — and Tommy and I are SO grateful we got to watch that and soak it all in. We had a small table at the head of the dining room with just the two of us and we were brought to tears frequently (our family will attest to that!), just filled with gratitude by having so many people we love in one room and our worlds combining.

More photos are coming.

Once I get more photos, I’ll be sure to share. (It’s like when we had film cameras and we had to wait for photos. 😉 ) You can see previous wedding and wedding planning posts here.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Thank you all for your love and support as Tommy and I start our lives together. It means so much to us, especially since I feel like so many of you are long-time friends (even though I’ve never met of you!). <3



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    11 responses to “A Wedding Photo (and why we only have one!)”

    1. What dreams are made of… <3 everyone forgetting about their phones because everyone is so present!

    2. This is so special! Every single time I leave an event, gathering, etc. & realize I haven’t RS haven’t any photos I try to remind myself that it’s because I was being present. We’ve become this society “if you don’t check in/Instagram it/Tweet it” did it really happen?!
      But it does! It all happens and it’s all beautiful, even without the fancy filters.
      I can’t wait to see more from your perfect day, but this is one heck of a single photo to cherish, that’s for sure!

    3. Am curious to hear why you didn’t want any photos during the ceremony! Because I can’t think of any good reasons haha!

    4. That photo is stunning! I’d be curious to hear about the no photos rule. I love the idea of no phones (like really really love that idea), but have to admit that the candid photos that our friends snapped are my favorites from our wedding.

    5. I think my dog and I walked up just as that photo was being taken!!! Sorry to photo bomb, but so glad I got to see you on your special day! It was beautiful surprise! Congratulations and best wishes for much happiness. Let’s catch up soon!

    6. I was married on Oct 7 and we are in the SAME BOAT. We haven’t even gotten a sneak peek from our photographer! I asked friends and family to send me pictures but barely anyone took any! Everyone was on the dance floor all night. The only pictures I have received were all from the same moment of the night – our first dance. Other than that.. nothing! I was feeling bummy about it because I just want to relive that night and I hate having to wait 6-8 weeks to get my pictures but I love your perspective after reading this…. people were too busy having fun to take pictures!

    7. That’s awesome! I saw an idea recently that I love and it’s to ask people to “unplug” during the ceremony, so all eyes are on what’s important and not a screen. I think it’s an awesome idea and memories will last the longest! I want to do that one day! I say that because I went on a family vacation to Hawaii when I was younger and had just been gifted a new digital camera (when they were first getting big). I wanted to use MY camera the whole time…and on the flight back I lost it…so we have barely any photos from that vacation but it’s one of our favorites.

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