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Wedding Wednesday Update 1: Setting wedding priorities

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Wahoo! It’s time for the first Wedding Wednesday post! Now that my marathon is behind me, I’m actually making progress on some things. (If you missed here, here’s the story of how we got engaged.)

So, here’s what’s been happening in the past week!

Set our priorities.

  • This one pager is something that was in a book my friend Kate gave me. (I typed it up so you guys could download a clean version if you wanted!) Tommy and I went through it, circled what we cared about and crossed out what we don’t. We’ll focus on the circled things and not give much thought to the things we crossed out. And the best part was that we circled almost exactly the same things. 🙂
  • Made each other a priority. We know it’s going to be a very busy year and we want to make sure that we make each other a priority among all the craziness. So we implemented date nights, once a month, where it’s just us. We often attend things together with friends or family, but it’s rare that we have a night out with just us. (And staying in doesn’t count. We want to get out of our regular routine so it’s an intentional thing. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be intentional.) We had a date night last Saturday and it was SO nice. 1703 winston salem
  • Met with our church to schedule pre-marital sessions + book our pastor. We are SO excited that our pastor is available to marry us since I felt really strongly about not having a total stranger marry us. We really love our church and think our families will love our pastor too. He’s hilarious and fantastic. He reminds me of a couple of my brothers. 🙂 We’re both really excited for the pre-marital sessions as well which will start in June.

Picked a date and a wedding planner.

  • We’re getting married in October 2017! Yes, this year. 🙂 The exact date depends on the venue, which we’re hoping to lock down in the next week or two.
  • I met with Jenny from Muse & Delphia event planning and am so happy to have her on board for her expertise and vision. She has done some seriously gorgeous events, and while our wedding will be very small and simple, I know she’ll be able to make it beautiful. There’s a fine line between simple and blah and she’ll keep me out of the blah zone. 😉 I brought on a wedding planner because between my real job, my blog job, keeping up with my beautycounter customers’, house hunting, and you know, actually getting to spend time with my fiance, I knew I needed help if I want to get to the wedding day sane. (I shared a typical day-in-life post here if you’re interested in how I attempt to manage it all.)

muse and delphia review

Toured venues, made appointments at bridal stores, and picked our colors.

  • We definitely want to get married in Winston, and there isn’t a huge selection. But so far I’ve checked out Graylyn Estate, Reynolda Gardens & Barn, and am hoping to hit SECCA this week too.
  • Setting appointments to try on gowns. I can’t wait!!! In the new few weeks, I’m going to Bellissima’s, English’s Bridal, The Magnolia Bride and Southern Bride. Or maybe just one of those if I find my dress on the first attempt! 😉
  • Picked colors. I honestly hadn’t given this any thought (whoops), but when we were at our church meeting, they asked our colors so that our pastor could coordinate his tie. I was like uhhhh “pink?” and Tommy said, “And green?” Um, sure! So pink and green are our colors. I’m really drawn to pastel pink and cream bouquets…and flowers have green stems, so that worked out great. 😉


Southern Home & Kitchen had a bridal event last Saturday so I went with my friend Alise to check it out and ended up registering while I was there. I’ll go back with Tommy to add some things with his input, but he said he trusted my judgment on pots and pans and such. 😉 I think we’ll need more home stuff than kitchen stuff, so we’ll probably register at Crate & Barrel too.

southern home and kitchen bridal registry

Maggie at Southern Home & Kitchen was WONDERFUL. Between her and Alise, I was in excellent hands. (Alise is a hostess extraordinare so she help me think through things I would need since I have zero serving platters/hosting things. Just basic plates, glasses, etc!)

southern home and kitchen regitry

For example, I obviously needed this chip & salsa platter. 😉

chip chip hooray platter

Starting Honeymoon planning

  • Heather, a blog reader, owns Heather Christopher Travel and offered to plan our honeymoon as a gift to me for my wedding! So incredibly sweet!!!! I am SO excited to kick off the process with her. She shared a questionnaire for Tommy and me to complete, which we are planning to go through this week. I took a glance at it and she asked things I hadn’t even thought of… so I’m really, really happy I have her help! The theme of this wedding so far is that I want to leverage expertise of others rather than stressing myself out! 🙂

Wow, I’m actually shocked by how much I have done now that I’ve listed it all out. It sort of feels like I haven’t made much progress, but that’s how life goes, right? You don’t feel like you’re getting anything done until you reflect on all you’ve accomplished. Even the little things eventually turn into big things. 🙂

Hope you’re having a great week! Thanks again for all your love and support. You guys are so wonderful.

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    19 responses to “Wedding Wednesday Update 1: Setting wedding priorities”

    1. You have done so much! So exciting! A wedding planner was the best thing we did for our wedding — it helped everyone enjoy the day so much! 🙂

    2. You’ve done a lot! So exciting! Some random wedding thoughts: I think having a good photographer is important because years from now you won’t remember the details, but you’ll have photos. I kind of regret not doing a videographer. We did potted flowers as our table centerpieces (African Violets), which were affordable and a lot of our guests still have them (and we have one too)! I recommend a dress without a lot of fluff underneath, you’re already going to be so hot, a dress with a ton of layers isn’t going to help. And you’ll have an easier time dancing! I think good transportation is important. I’ve been to a lot of weddings where the “shuttle” is a 15 person van and the venue is 15 minutes away from hotel, and at the end of the night you’re left wondering if you’re going to be stranded at the venue. That was one of the biggest factors in deciding to have our wedding at a hotel. It also made the after party very well attended since the guests only had to walk down the hallway to the bar (and stumble into the elevator at the end). And finally… we had a friend run out and get a TON of Wendy’s for our guests at the after party and people still tell me they loved this haha.

      PS – I seem to be having an issue with your blog pop up. Idk if it’s just me or what, but it just started recently where I can’t seem to close it and I end up refreshing your page multiple times to read your posts :/ Just thought I’d let you know.

      • A good photographer and videographer are at the top of my priorities! I love what you did for centerpieces! Such a great idea!! Your wedding sounds so fun! 🙂

        Thanks for letting me know about that pop-up! I didn’t even know it was on there – ugh! I emailed my ad company and they removed it. Will you let me know if you see it again?

    3. This is so fun!! I’m so glad you’re sharing the wedding planning with us! Sounds like you’re well on your way!

    4. love love love this!!! I highly recommend a very good photographer & videographer!

    5. I love pink and green! I did the same thing for our wedding last year, plus some gold accents. I got some funny looks when I said green, but I meant that it would mostly come from the florals and greenery and it turned out great. 🙂

    6. An October wedding will be beautiful. Will Maizey have a role?

    7. Love the summit church! I go to the Chapel Hill location. This is so fun to follow along and see the progress you’re making with wedding planning. I’m not married yet and don’t entertain, so I am weirdly excited for the day I can register for fun things like a chips & dip serving platter! Good luck with wedding dress shopping!

    8. Some of the vineyards around town have event spaces too, if you’re willing to go a little outside of Winston proper. So excited for you!!!

    9. So exciting! I’m glad you’re letting us tag along through your wedding planning with Wednesday Wedding posts!

    10. You have done so much!! Go girl! YES to what Katie said – the videographer/photographer! This is SO important! I noticed a friend of mine always took gorgeous, candid pics of us at parties. I asked her to do our wedding and it was OUTSTANDING! The videographer was an extremely talented family friend and he made the most incredible trailer for us (we got married in Croatia). You WILL want all the photos and videos after because it’s just the best to be together with the ones you love!

      If you’re interested:

    11. I’m so impressed w/ how much you’ve gotten done already! So excited that you’re going to be sharing your plans in your Wed. posts. 🙂 I used Heather for our trip to Italy last summer, & she was fabulous to work w/ & planned a wonderful trip for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again & have recommended her to several friends. Also, similar to a previous commenter, I was in a wedding where the bride let us keep the centerpieces, which in my case was tulip bulbs (this was actually at the rehearsal dinner), & I always think of her every year when they bloom. I was really sad to leave them when we moved, but I’m hoping they bring joy to the new owners. It was a lovely keepsake from her wedding.

      • Heather is already amazing! I’m so excited – glad to hear you had a great experience too!

        I really love the idea of centerpieces being something that people can take home!! Thanks for sharing!

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