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Wedding Wednesday Update 3: Wedding Dress Shopping with my mom!

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The past week of wedding planning was extra special because my mom was in town! I was so glad I got to show her the Graylyn and also go wedding dress shopping. I took a couple days off to spend with her, and she was also a total gem and patient while I spent 2+ hours emailing wedding vendors on Monday. Not the most glamorous but it really helped me get on top of some things I hadn’t had time to get to. So, here’s what’s been happening!

Walked through the Graylyn 2x

I went through the Graylyn on Friday with my wedding planner, Jenny, to talk about how the flow of the day could go and also chat about what floral arrangements I may want (not many! yay for simplicity!). A few days later, I walked through Graylyn again with my mom and Tommy’s mom. It was so special to have them both there. And I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of us! Big thanks to Jenny for taking pictures when she and I walked through!

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Went to two more bridal shops

My mom and I went to two bridal shops (Magnolia Bride, pictured below, and Bellissima) during her visit. And, AGAIN, I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture together. 🙁 Honestly, I can’t believe how upset I am that I didn’t get a picture with my mom at the bridal stores. Sigh. But, on the bright side, I found one dress that I thiiiink might be the one and I’m really happy my mom was there to see it in person. Tommy’s mom was there too which was so fun! She made a special trip for it, which meant a lot. Even if the one I’m leaning towards isn’t my dress, I definitely have a better idea now what I like! And I loved the idea from Melissa on my last wedding post to share after the wedding all the different dresses. I’ll plan to do that, so I’m saving all the photos!

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Chatted with more vendors (florists, photographers, videographers, hair/make-up, hotel room blocks) & chatted details with Jenny

I emailed a couple florists and binged on their instagram accounts. I’m still trying to pick a photographer and videographer, and am still investigating the day-of coordinator option. It’s so glad to have Jenny to bounce ideas off of and that she is very supportive of my vision. She reminds me, “There is no wedding police, you do you.”

I’m finding that things kind of come together as I make plans for other things. For example, my mom was asking what colors I wanted her to wear. And it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I might need to give people guidance and that pink/blush might not be the best option for a fall wedding. Then one florist recommended burgundy might look nice for some pops of deeper color in the arrangements. So both of those conversations evolved my colors from what I originally randomly picked. So now I’m planning on cream, pink/blush, burgundy, gray…for now. ha! Jenny sent me a few photos of weddings with similar color palettes and I LOVED the combo.

Honeymoon Recommendations

I am SO excited about this update. After our chat last weekHeather sent us recommendations for different locations and resorts for our honeymoon!! I haven’t had a chance to look at everything in detail yet, but I’m so excited just scanning her email. She detailed why she thought we would like each spot and outlined the flight options. (Non-painful flying schedules is important to us.) I know I’m a broken record, but I cannot express how happy I am to have Heather doing all the researching and planning.

The best part of last week

Definitely having my mom in town. I didn’t realize how hard it would be wedding planning with her so far away. I really want her involved and it can be hard since she obviously can’t be here for every meeting. So I’m really glad she was here for some big things, like seeing the venue and seeing me in some dresses.

Did you plan your wedding without your mom being close by? Any tips?

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    8 responses to “Wedding Wednesday Update 3: Wedding Dress Shopping with my mom!”

    1. These posts are my favorite! Sounds like it was a beautiful week with your Mom!!! <3

    2. I LOVE these posts too! It is so cool you are so close to your mom. Not everyone has that. Can’t wait to see the final dress in October:)

    3. You are going to be such a beautiful bride!

      When I was engaged I was living in Kansas City and my mom was in Mississippi. And we were getting married in Florida ha. But I was really laid back about it and basically just let her work with the venue’s onsite coordinator to plan everything. Basically she would send me pics and I’d say “yay” or “nay”.

      Because of health reasons, my mom couldn’t travel to KC so my older brother (who also lived in MS) came to visit and went dress shopping with me! The folks at the shops got a kick out of it, but it was really special to me. And he loved getting to sip champagne while I modeled. 🙂

    4. Non painful flying schedules are so important! Especially after your wedding! Idk if I said this already, but I highly recommend waiting a day or two to leave for your honeymoon. We got married on a Saturday and left Monday and I’m so happy. It was nice to have a leisurely brunch on Sunday with a bunch of our guests, check out of our hotel room, move all our wedding gifts, and then just lounge. We ate leftovers from the big day, did a little last minute packing, and I think I even took a nap. It was so nice. I was also nursing a small hangover from all the shots at our after party 😉

    5. I LOVE the edition of the Wedding Wednesday posts!!! I’m planning my wedding for this coming November so it’s so fun to follow along with you. The Graylyn is going to be BEAUTIFUL! I went to Wake and I went for many runs through the Graylyn and there is this cute little bridge my friend and I would always wander over to whenever we needed a study break. I can’t wait to see all your wedding photos!!

    6. Your mom is so pretty! And I truly can’t believe she is 70. I’m sure you loved having her visit!

    7. Not gonna lie, I was a little concerned when you posted your color choices for your fall wedding. Before NOW, that is! Love the burgundy and gray addition (leave out Tommys green?)….perfect. I can just picture it. I had a December wedding colors were baby blue, gold and cream. Or course this was nearly 20 years ago. Love weddings!

    8. I lived in one town, my family lived in another town about 1.5 hours away, and we got married in my husband’s hometown about 1.5 hours in the opposite direction! My mom did come into town for wedding dress shopping, though I did a little bit beforehand with a friend. I didn’t think about the fact that I’d have to get my dress to another town for portraits (my hometown) and then our wedding AFTER the bridal shop steamed it!

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