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Amazing Grass review

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Do you believe in love at first bite? Sometimes, I do. Sometimes, I don’t. Amazing Grass falls into the latter category but I eventually fell in love.

The first time I bought their Amazing Meal, I ordered the original flavor since that’s all that they had left in stock.  I enthusiastically threw it into a smoothie when it arrived. And my smoothie tasted like…grass. Not the chocolately flavor others raved about. (Yeah, I know…I didn’t have the chocolate flavor so….)

I tried it a couple more times but really didn’t like it. It sat in my fridge for a while. Then I pulled it out one day when my body was craving veggies. I mixed it with some milk and a tablespoon of cocoa, trying to recreate the chocolate version. And that’s when love settled in. I then tried it in a smoothie again, but with a dash of orange juice. Voila! Love again. Perhaps my taste buds had matured during the few weeks that the Amazing Meal matured in my fridge, but I think I just needed to find a way to incorporate it with flavors I enjoyed.

Now, I like the earthy flavor it adds to things and sometimes don’t even notice it.

If you are new to Amazing Grass, their products contain fruit, vegetables and many antioxidants (along with other health-promoting ingredients, depending on the product). And their drink mixes and bars make it easy for you to get the health benefits of many superfoods.

If you are an Amazing Grass newbie, I recommend starting with their Kidz SuperFood. We all know that most kids are picky, and they’ve created a product I think even your little ones would sip down and you should have no shame joining them. (I particularly liked the Wild Berry flavor.)

Kidz_Combo_Shot395x296 Source

Amazing Grass protein superfood

Next, I tried the real Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion instead of my imposter version.

DSC_0916I threw the chocolate infusion into the blender with some cow’s milk, raw baby spinach, a frozen banana, some frozen strawberries, and of course, some flax. It was quite possibly the creamiest smoothie I’ve ever had. And I think the infusion had something to do with that. The chocolate flavor was present, but not overpowering.DSC_0912Can you see the creaminess? No? Well, trust me. [This little container used to say Amazing Grass on it. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it since I received it as a free gift with my first order of Amazing Meal.]

Next I tried one of their SuperFood Energy Bars.

DSC_0925I was pretty excited since I’d heard Ashley rave about them. I tried the chocolate variety first and thought eewww…and I put it aside. It was green inside. Weird. 🙂

DSC_0936-1Then a few minutes later, I found myself wanting another bite. Then another. Then another. And by the end, I’d added these energy bars to my grocery list.

I’ve also tried the Mixed Berry flavor with a similar experience. I didn’t like the first bite, but I saved the bar and snacked on part of it during a staff meeting that involved me with droopy eyelids.  Honestly, I felt an energy boost. Not surprising with these stats and the ingredients.


And by the end of the day, I was looking forward to busting out the remainder for my pre-workout snack. I actually much prefer these bars to the sugary-sweet, overly-processed tasting granola bars that I typically see in the store. Even the “clean” brands. The bars are a bit surprising in taste compared to regular bars (e.g. granola, luna, larabar), but it’s a nice change.

So, if you’ve tried Amazing Grass products in the past and been turned off, try them again. Nothing has been instant love, but love has resulted in the end. And isn’t love all we need?

My Amazing Grass review + why I love their products:

  • I like getting extra veggies in! Usually, I’m pretty good with my fruit and vegetable intake, but on the days I’m not, whipping up a Superfood blend is quick and easy.
  • I genuinely feel like I have more energy on the days when I incorporate Amazing Grass products into my diet.
  • They have excellent customer service. When I ordered from them the first time, I had some questions and I got a real-live person on the phone.
  • They are non-GMO!
  • They are vegan and gluten-free – even those with specific diets can eat/drink their products.
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    30 responses to “Amazing Grass review”

    1. Great insight on Amazing Grass. I see Jenna blog about it often.. but after looking at prices at Whole Foods I reconcidered. Still the curiosity is getting to me.. if I run fast now, I wonder if I could run FASTER with AG in my green monster?? 😉

    2. The look and sound of that whole experience scares me to be completely honest but maybe someday I will learn to be less of a sissy and try it:) sounds super interesting though. I am glad to know I have the option of eating grass.

      • By the way… what do I need to do to have a normal picture show up when I comment? 🙂 even though I do make a cute pig-tailed blue alien.

    3. I think I felt the same way about AG. Although, my first experience was just the mix mixed with H20. Nasty! But then when I started to add it to smoothies and milk, I discovered that I actually liked it! 🙂

      Good stuff.
      .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Playing Dress Up =-.

    4. I felt the same way about Amazing Grass! I actually tried it for the first time several years ago (pre-blog) and could barely stand it. Maybe b/c I was dumping a packet into water and trying to chug it. Oof! Now I know better and love adding it to smoothies 🙂
      .-= katherine´s last blog ..Peanut Butter and Jelly “Quesadilla” =-.

    5. i LOVE amazing grass too! the chocolate mix is great for adding into breakfast cookies too…makes them super decadent and good for you 🙂
      .-= Heather (Heather’s Dish)´s last blog .. =-.

    6. Thanks for this great review! I’ve been wanting to try Amazing Grass for awhile, but I’ll admit I’m a bit scared too. Especially since the price is so steep…. However, now that I know it might be a sort of “acquired” taste, maybe I won’t feel so bad about trying it…even if I don’t like it right away.

      Quick question: have you found that the products are cheaper online than when you buy them at a health food store? Or are the prices about the same?

    7. I had some Chocolate Amazing Grass this morning in my overnight oats. I completely agree that it was not love at first bite..I have learned to love them over the past 6 months or so. I need to try the bars, I just wish they weren’t so pricey!
      .-= claire´s last blog ..savory days =-.

    8. No lie, I did the EXACT same thing with the Amazing Grass chocolate superfood bar! I took one bite and wrapped it up and put it away. Then later that night I gave it another chance and loved it! Weird. I’ve also been looking for a good mix for GMs and after reading your testimonial I think I’ll try AG choco infusion 🙂

    9. Ya know…I’m glad you wrote about this. I have AG products that I have yet to try. They sent me a bunch of samples and I couldn’t get past the fact that I HATED the original amazing meal in my smoothie. But, I LOVED the berry bar, so I should give it another go. Thanks for this!

    10. I have a question! When you put it in your smoothie, how much do you tend to put in? Do you put the recommended amount or less? I want to try the Amazing Grass products eventually but so far all I’ve been able to try was the Vega.. and I wasn’t a fan. Bleh.

    11. @ high on healthy – the big container that I got came with a scoop and I just add one scoop. I think it’s maybe 2 tablespoons? I started with less when first trying it and built up to a whole scoop.

      I’ve never tried Vega but have read rave reviews on other blogs. Does it have an “earthy” flavor too?

    12. @ Lindsay @ The Ketchup Diaries – I hated it in my smoothie the first time too. I really think adding orange juice to the smoothie helps with the flavor.

    13. @ Claire – oh man, I don’t think I could handle it in oats!

      The bars are pricey. I think I’ll only buy them once in a while and try to stretch them out, or as a meal replacement in a pinch, when travelling or something.

    14. @ Lauren – I’ve actually never bought them in the store, only online. I know AG does a 15% discount if you are a regular buyer or something…

    15. @ Heather – in breakfast cookies?? really? do you use the chocolate infusion Amazing Meal or the kidz superfood chocolate?

      I guess I should first try a breakfast cookie. I never have!

    16. @ Katherine – I tried it in water once too. I thought I was going to die – so nasty! If I’m taking it “straight” once in a while, I like to use my immersion blender to mix it with milk.  

    17. I’ve never tried any Amazing Grass products. I think I’m going to start slow…maybe with a bar? I’m already pretty grossed out by most protein powders/mix-ins, so I have a feeling I’d think the Amazing Meal is vom-inducing.

      But this post definitely brings up an interesting thought. To me, eating healthy in general kind of is an acquired taste. Like, give me a bowl of oatmeal and I’m in HEAVEN, but I wasn’t always that way. And when I hear my dad say that he hates brown rice, I’m like….are you crazy?! So I’m with you – it’s not *always* love at first bite!
      .-= Gracie @ Girl Meets Health´s last blog ..Vlog Ved: some thoughts on blogging. =-.

    18. I agree that many healthy items are an acquired taste and then you can never go back, like brown rice!

      Ease into these with the kid flavors. 🙂 The bars are definitely earthier than the kidz superfoods.

    19. Glad to read you Amazing Grass review!! I’ve wondered about it and since I just joined the Green Monster movement, I wondered about it even more. Chocolate grass…..I’ll try anything flavored with chocolate!! Even grass!! 🙂

      .-= Emilyeatsclean´s last blog ..Celebration dinner AND dessert! =-.

    20. I had a really bad first experience with Kombucha. Was totally turned off, but decided to give it another try after a good year. I am still in shock at how much I liked it! It may not always be love at first bite (or sip) but I guess it is always worth given foods several tries before writing them off.

      But, honestly… grass?
      .-= Alex´s last blog ..You can’t judge a book or a bottle by its cover. =-.

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