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Uppababy Vista Stroller Review and is it worth it?

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When I was doing all the baby research while I was pregnant with Thomas, I spent a lot of time looking at strollers. I knew that If I loved being outside to run and walk by myself, I would LOVE walking and running with our baby. I was so right. Well, I am now. For the first few months, Thomas hated the stroller, so we didn’t use it much. But now that he’s older, he loves stroller rides! We haven’t ventured out in the stroller with our newborn yet, but I’m really excited for that inaugural ride as well.

Walking is probably my all-time favorite thing to do with Thomas. We try go on family walks in the evening when Tommy gets home from work, and when Thomas was younger, I ran with him in the Thule jogging stroller a couple times a week too. We also have a compact Zoe Tour+ stroller that we use for travel (we tried the Cybex first but didn’t like it); I actually just keep it in my trunk since I use it when we’re out on adventures throughout the week and it doesn’t take up much space. (See how easily it collapses here.) Use this link for 15% off the Zoe stroller.

While we do have 3 strollers, the stroller that has gotten the very most use in 2.5 years is definitely the Uppababy Vista. When I was pregnant, my husband was skeptical of a $900+ stroller. Yeah, the Uppababy Vista stroller is pricey. But now, he and I both agree that it’s worth every penny. And today, I’m sharing why.

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Uppababy Vista Stroller Review

I’ll share a quick overview of the stroller as well as some pros/cons below. The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller is our most-used baby item and was the first thing I put on my baby registry. If you want a high-end stroller that has a very smooth ride both for your little one and for you to push (I promise it does make a difference for the moms and dads too), you’ll love it. I don’t know anyone who regrets buying it and a lot of my friends own it too.

The Uppababy Vista is a convertible stroller, meaning it will grow with your child. It has a bassinet attachment for when your little one is tiny and also has car seat compatibility (we have the Uppababy Mesa car seat which can be used with this stroller base with the proper adapter). You can also buy car seat adapters for a handful of other car seats.  As your little one grows, there is a reversible rumble seat so your little guy or girl can face you or face out. All the different options mean that you can use it from the moment you bring your child home all the way until he/she wants to walk alongside you.

It has a SUPER easy locking system to make sure the seat is in correctly and has one-handed recline for your child’s seat. You can also adjust the footrest as your child grows to support their legs. The telescoping handle bar will allow you to adjust the handle height easily (one-handed, actually) and that option is great for Tommy and me since we’re such different heights, with almost a 12″ difference! )

We also love the massive storage basket underneath the stroller. We love the ventilation that the fact that it has super easy access from all sides, so there’s no end to what you could put in there.


Easy to find in lots of colors

I appreciate that you can get this stroller from so many different retailers. We got ours from Nordstrom (it’s included in the Anniversary sale!), but you can grab it from Pottery Barn, , Bloomingdales, etc. It’s easy to re-sell too once you’re finished using it. It also comes in lots of colors, which I appreciate. We have the “Gregory” color-way that has a blue mélange seat and shade and silver frame.

Adjustable Handle

This is super important for Tommy and I. We’re both very different heights (he’s 6′ and I’m 5’1″), and the stroller handle adjusts easily with one hand. This is a feature I really miss when I’m using my other strollers so if you’re short and/or your husband is tall, you’ll appreciate this. The tallest the handle will get is 44″.

Peek-a-boo window

I LOVE this. It’s a little window with a magnetic closure on the top of the sunshade. Thomas likes to sit facing outward and look around, so I use this little window to look at him without having to stop, put the break locks on, and walk around to look at him. It’s super convenient and cute.

Front or rear facing seat

When Thomas was smaller, we’d face him towards us. Now that he’s bigger, we face him outward so he can look around. Having the ability to do both is essential if you’re going to make a significant investment in a stroller like this and this is the only stroller I’ve seen that can do it. (If you know of others, please share in the comments!) I also love that the Vista stroller has 6 seat recline positions, so he could nap while we walked and I could also adjust how upright he is as he grows.

baby stroller with bassinet


We used the bassinet right when we brought Thomas home, but he didn’t like the stroller much. This didn’t get a ton of use for us with him, but for other babies that love to go on walks as infants, this is amazing (we’ll see what Charles thinks soon). It fits children from birth to 20 lbs or 20″. It also includes a perforated mattress pad and vented base (great for breathability and comfort). You can even buy a bassinet stand for your house that fits this exact bassinet.

baby stroller reviews

This was on our first-ever stroller walk with him, a few days after I got home from the hospital! I went half a block and was wiped out!

Stroller compatible with the MESA infant car seat

Compatible with the MESA Car Seat

If you’re getting the Uppababy MESA infant car seat, you’ll appreciate the compatibility with this stroller. It clicks right in, so you can put your baby in the car, put the stroller in the trunk, and then use them together wherever you go. The Vista stroller has lots of accessories that you can buy as well. These are sold separately, which is a con since other strollers (namely, the Zoe stroller) has so many accessories included or built-in (like a snack cup, water bottle holder, phone holder, etc.)

Expandable for 2 children

I think this is a huge selling point, especially as a mom of two. This stroller fits two children which makes the investment that much easier! The VISTA fits two infant car seats, two Bassinets, two seats – or a combination of those to make it a great double stroller (although Uppababy does have a traditional umbrella double stroller here that would be great for twins as another stroller option). It gave me peace of mind knowing that I would be able to use this if we had a second (and now we do).

This photo is from Vista’s website, showing how you can use it with up to THREE children! There isn’t room for three seats, but if you have an older child, they can stand on the back with this piggyback ride along board.

Uppababy Vista Stroller Review

Photo Source

Smooth ride

It may sound crazy if you haven’t pushed many strollers, but the way this stroller feels is unlike any others. It’s a very smooth ride, easy to push on uneven terrain, easy to maneuver with one hand, etc.

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I took the way that it glides for granted since I thought it was normal until I pushed other strollers with average or below-average wheel suspension. The Vista stroller has all-wheel suspension and independent shocks which makes it incredibly comfortable. It’s the best in its class. You can also use the front wheel lock to keep the stroller aligned and steady on uneven terrain.

The UppaBaby Vista stroller feels like a Lexus: smooth, sturdy, well-made, etc. And considering how much you’ll use a stroller, this is a really nice perk for the parents!


The foot pedal parking brake is convenient and easy to use. Nothing fancy but it is easier to use than my other strollers’ lock brakes, which you have to push up on with your toe to unlock. On the Uppababy, you push down to lock and push again to release.

Uppababy Vista Accessories

You can find all sorts of accessories for this stroller like this snack tray, foot pedestal for a third older kid, a stroller caddy basket organizer, etc. We got the waterproof leather handlebar cover and it looks so nice. Since all of these are sold separately, you may want to add a few to your registry since it gets pricey with all the add-ons.

Uppababy Vista Storage

The bottom of the stroller has SO MUCH SPACE, and is easy to access, which is amazing for a diaper bag, snacks, or whatever else you need. The bottom is a vented base so it is breathable if you were to put groceries in the bottom. The storage basket hold up to 30 lbs, so there’s no end to what you could put down there.

easy functional baby stroller

Easy to fold and pack

It’s definitely not a travel stroller but it easy to break down. First, you remove the seat, and then the base collapses and folds. It takes up a lot of space and it’s not one handed like other strollers. So this is more of a stroller you’d keep at home, not one you’d want to take around town too often. It’s not too heavy, but it does just take a couple extra steps and is larger than compact strollers. It fits in the back of my small SUV and since the seat takes up so much space, I end up packing things into the seat itself. (I took this pic as part of a Justin’s partnership but it really is what I do with the seat storage if I am taking it somewhere.)

honest baby stroller reviews



The price is a significant investment at $999.99. But because you can use it for so long AND with multiple kids, I think it’s a worthwhile purchase. You can also buy it used if you keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace, but they go quickly so you have to act fast. Or snag it right now during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!


Now that I’ve had other strollers that are more compact, this feels enormous by comparison. But as long as I’m not trying to take it around town too often, I don’t mind at all since it just stays in my garage.

How to Clean Uppababy Vista

To clean the frame, I typically use a damp cloth and wipe everything down. I will use Force of Nature cleaner for this in most cases. When the seat itself is super grimy, I will take it off the frame and  hand wash it or spot treat it with Force of Nature cleaner or sometimes a mild laundry detergent. Then I lay it all flat to dry outside in the sun.

I love that the fabric all removable and washable. While I don’t wash it too often (I should probably wash it more!), it’s never a real pain when I do.

Uppababy Vista Stroller Specs

What’s included?

  • Frame
  • Four wheels
  • Bassinet with bug shield and storage bag
  • Toddler seat with rain and bug shield canopy + sun shade (UPF 50+!)
  • Bumper bar


Stroller Weight: 26.6 lbs (frame + toddler seat)

Weight Limit:  50 lbs (toddler seat)

Stroller Dimensions: 25.7″ x 36″ x 39.5″ (WxLxH)

Fold Dimensions:  25.7″ x 17.3″ x 33″ (WxLxH)

Handlebar Height:  39.5″ – 42.5″

Where to buy

Bottom line: Is Uppababy Worth It?

I LOVE this stroller. My husband and I both agree it’s one of the best things we got as first-time parents. We truly love how smooth the ride is, the extending handlebar that allows for both my tall husband and and me to push it with ease, the front wheel lock that makes it easier to steer, and the ability to use it with two kids, God willing we have a second. I truly can’t say better things about this stroller…the hype is indeed real.

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    7 responses to “Uppababy Vista Stroller Review and is it worth it?”

    1. Aww I ran across your blog trying to find the handlebar height on the Vista, which I absolutely love, and noticed you’re in NC. Hey from High Point 🙂

    2. Buyers beware – our Vista stroller frame broke at the welded joints, and UPPAbaby has been incredibly unhelpful in finding a reasonable path forward. The welded joints on a $1000+ stroller should not break – note that we are not using the stroller in any unique way. Ours is the prior model Vista but still only a few years old. UPPAbaby’s only option provided was to pay $250 for a new frame, which is the cost of an entire used Vista with all accessories. They have provided no other options, and the stroller is completely unusable at this point. For all the positive feedback we heard about UPPAbaby prior to deciding to purchase this stroller, we could not be more disappointed!

    3. Hi! Thank you for your review. I am doing research myself for my daughter who is expecting her first baby in October. Could you tell me the dimensions of the bassinet? She intended to buy a bassinet but am wondering if the UPPA bassinet could be used for that need instead of using it in the UPPA stroller. I understand that the stand would also need to be ordered as an additional accessory. She is not a fan of using the bassinet on the stroller and then bringing in pollen and dust from the outside into the house and have her baby sleep in what was exposed to allergens on the outside. I’m wondering about your opinion on using the UPPA bassinet for inside purposes. Do you see using the car seat with the stroller until her baby is ready for the regular seat in the stroller? Thanks for any feedback you can provide. We are both learning as so many things, my daughter as a mom-to-be and me from when I was shopping for all the gear 32 years ago!

      • Ah, I have my bassinet stored but they should have the dimensions on their website! And yes, I know lots of people use the UppaBaby bassinet inside instead of a standalone bassinet.

        I used the carseat with the stroller a LOT – more than the bassinet!

    4. Would recommend this stroller to anyone! I bought the 1st one 11years ago for my first grandaughter! Beautiful to push, great storage, strong sturdy fabrics, extending hood a must! Used for and was still like new! Bought another 4years ago and again, couldn’t fault it. Easy to clean, bassinet was deep and cosy. Loved the height of the seat as I didn’t have to bend down to reach babe. Loved the fact it’s rear/forward face. Handy that it can fold with seat unit attached. Really is a beautiful pram!

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