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What Thomas Loved from 0-6 Months

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It’s so crazy to me that Thomas is nearly 7 months old already. Everyone always says the days are long but the years fly by, but I’ve felt like days fly by too! Nights, on the other hand, used to be loooooong. But now that he’s a GREAT sleeper, nights are pretty lovely again.

His little personality is so, so cute — and big. Our friends and family comments on how expressive and interactive he is. Every stage with him has been so fun and I imagine that will continue! For all your new (or expecting moms), I’m sharing baby items that Thomas (and Tommy and I) have loved over the last 6 months, plus a few other random things that are just fun to remember. I’ve also rounded up what we registered for and unnecessary baby registry items in earlier posts. And you can see Thomas’s nursery here!

What Thomas Loved from 0-6 Months

Solly Wrap

The Solly Wrap was the only way I could get anything done for the first few months. He wouldn’t sleep in the Snoo (more on that soon), he’d sure sleep in the Solly.

What Thomas Loved from 0-6 Months

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BabyBjorn Bouncer

He wasn’t a fan of this bouncer until he was about 4 months old, but he loves it now, even at 7 months! (My friend’s baby liked hers at 2 months old though.) We never got a swing or electronic bouncer since we love how easy it is to move this around the house.

BabyBjorn Bouncer | What Thomas Loved from 0-6 Months

Lovevery Play Mat

He has LOVED this play gym at every age!!! If you get just ONE thing for your kiddo, get this! When he was tiny, it was a good spot for short bouts of tummy time. He loved laying on it and looking at the black and white cards. It was fun to watch him find himself in the mirror. And as he got closer to five months, he started to love the hanging rings and crinkle kick section!

Lovevery Play Mat

Loverly Subscription Box

We started the Play Kit subscription when he was 5 months old and it’s spot on – he loves the toys that came in it! Our next one just shipped and I can’t wait! Bonus that the toys are cute!

Sophie Teether

He loves both love the original and the little Sophie giraffe teethers. We bought a two pack of the little one so we can keep one in the stroller. We use this clip to keep it attached to him. 🙂

Lamb Chop 

Yes the dog toy. It was a gift from a dear friend when Maizey got sick. She never played with it, but it was with her on the day we said goodbye. And now Thomas LOVES it, which warms my heart immensely.

Crinkle Books 

We’ve loved these books. The material is really fun and Thomas pays attention to them. I especially love this elephant book and this farmers market book. As he’s gotten older, he love

Barn Yard Dance Book

He is OBSESSED with this book. He gets so happy and smiles when we read it. We read to him before every nap now.

“That’s Not My” Usborne Books

These books are SO cute and as he got a little older, he started reaching for the fuzzy parts on the page. It’s adorable! We read one of them before every nap. We are building up quite the collection. So far, we have That’s Not My Dinosaur, Chick, Train, Puppy, Elephant, and Giraffe!

"That's Not My" Usborne Books

UPPAbaby® VISTA V2 Stroller

We LOVE this stroller. The bassinet was handy when he was tiny, but he hated most stroller rides until he was big enough to sit up. Now he LOVES walks and babbles the whole time we’re walking. This stroller has so many ways to adjust as he grows and my husband and I especially love the height-adjustable handlebar. (He’s a foot taller than I am!) Full review here.

We also bought the Thule Urban Glide for a running stroller and we’re obsessed.

UPPAbaby® VISTA V2 Stroller | What Thomas Loved from 0-6 Months
What Thomas Loved from 0-6 Months

SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-Up Rattle

This toy terrifies me. But Thomas LOVES it. And that’s what matters

Felix Fox Wooden Baby Rattle

He loves this fox so much.

Other things he loves at this age:

  • Having his diaper changed  — seriously, he giggles the whole time! What a good kiddo.
  • The bath — he looooves it! It’s always been a way to calm him down when he was tiny and cried more, and now he loves playing it. He’s about to outgrow this bathtub we put on the counter!
  • Sneezing – he has a huge smile after he sneezes!
  • His feet. He’s always grabbing them.
  • Being outside. He gets the most serious face and takes it all in. He loves watching cars drive by.

I can’t wait to see what he loves as he gets older!

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