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Our Baby Registry Must Haves

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Creating a baby registry before our first child came home was honestly very overwhelming, and it wasn’t until we had a baby shower on the books (in my 8th month of pregnancy) that we finally buckled down and finalized it.

I found the baby registry checklists online were a little intense. So I didn’t use those as much as I did my friends and some common sense. Thankfully a few of my closest friends had babies the year before that, so they were a great resource. I tried to balance not registering for too much baby gear with getting things that would be convenient, even if not entirely necessary. (I like a minimal approach to belongings, unless it’s running shoes.) In reality, all we REALLY needed was an infant car seat, diapers, wipes, a few onesies and safe place for Thomas to sleep.

Now that I’ve had two babies and have experience under my belt, I thought it would be helpful to update and re-share this post since I know first-hand how overwhelming it can be to start your registry. In this post, I’m including the most helpful things we bought or were given for our babes so that you can have some insight to what you may want to add to your registry.

With Thomas, registered at Amazon (everyone loves Prime!) and BabyList as a catch-all for everything that wasn’t available on Amazon. I did find that things often became unavailable on Amazon so I had to find them at other places and put them on BabyList. For Charles, we only had a small registry since we kept a ton of stuff from when we had Thomas.

My 5 Baby Registry Must Haves

I’m sharing my top five must-haves in this post, along with all the other little things we registered for or purchased ourselves, organized by category. I also have a blog post with a list of what we didn’t use from our baby registry!

The first five things are my list of baby registry must-haves that I prioritized picking out. Then, I listed a few other things under each section that also went on our registry.

1. UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat

I was torn between the Pipa Nuna carseat and the Uppababy Mesa, and ended up going for the UppaBaby Mesa since a number of resources indicated the Nuna wouldn’t fit in my car. Plus, the Mesa seamlessly fits with our stroller, if we decided to pop it on there at any point. We loved this car seat so much that we used this again for Charles. By the way, we went with the the Uppababy stroller, and I wrote a review on it here.

FYI, UppaBaby offers free virtual car seat checks, so we FaceTimed with them after we installed it. It was SUPER helpful! She showed us a few things to tweak and gave us tips for buckling our babe in! She told us to save her number in case we had questions at any point about the car seat down the road. Such amazing service!

Our Baby Registry Must Haves | UppaBaby Vista V2 Stroller with Bassinet + Jogging Stroller

2. UppaBaby Vista V2 Stroller with Bassinet + Jogging Stroller

The UppaBaby Vista V2 Stroller is VERY pricey, but it’s so worth it. Not only does it have 5 stars and raving reviews from my friends, but I can personal attest that it’s the smoothest ride ever. I have a full Uppababy Stroller review linked here.

We especially appreciate how adaptable it is for mom, dad and baby. The height of the handle can be lowered which is great since I’m 5’1″ and my husband is 6’1″. It is also adaptable for two children, which has made us feel even better about this investment. Charles already likes riding in the stroller so much more than Thomas ever did as a newborn, so we’ve been going on lots of neighborhood walks together.

We also purchased the Thule jogging stoller but I’ve only used it a few times because I’ve been dealing with some running injuries. But the few times I’ve used it, it’s AMAZING. The suspension is incredible so it’s a smooth ride for Thomas and the handle adjusts for height differences as well! Read my Thule Jogging stroller review here on the blog.


Now that Thomas LOVES the stroller, we LOVE this. Thomas and Tommy have started going on runs with me (my dream come true) and the Thule is so smooth and easy to run with. We also love it for Boone, NC.

3. Snoo Bassinet

Apparently this SNOO smart sleeper bassinet is pretty controversial but multiple friends reached out when they learned we were expecting to sing its praises. We snagged the Snoo when it was on sale and I’m hoping it’s the miracle worker people say it is. I’ll do a full review once we use it to see if it’s worth the hefty price tag. It’s certainly gorgeous!


We HATE the Snoo. I shared all of my feelings in this Snoo review blog post.

Snoo Bassinet review

4. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

If there is one thing that’s been consistent from all the reading I’ve been doing, it’s that babies don’t like a quiet room and that white noise is essential for quality baby sleep. I love that this Hatch Rest sound machine has multiple white noise options and it doubles as a nightlight. It turns on just by tapping it; I imagine that will be great for middle of the night feedings when I’m stumbling around half conscious.


We still love this! We only use one setting on it though – no light, ocean white noise, 55% volume. I think we’ll use more of the options as he gets older? Maybe not. So you could probably opt for a cheaper option, like the one our sleep consultant recommends.

5. Freshly Picked Diaper Backpack

I went for a backpack over a diaper bag to keep my hands free and then got a ToteSavvy to put inside my large purse. The Freshly Picked backpack is beautiful. I got the butterscotch color, but all of the colors are so pretty and timeless. Plus, I love that it’s a Utah-based company. It’s headquartered not far from where I grew up. My mom bought this for me and pointed that out – thanks Mom! I don’t really leave the house much these days so I’m not sure how often I’ll get to use this, but hopefully that will change someday when the world gets back to normal!


I now use this multiple times a week and LOVE it. It’s gorgeous and fits so much, which is handy for longer outings. I may even buy a mini Freshly Picked diaper bag since sometimes the big one is too big for quick outings.

Other Items on our Baby Registry


Baby Monitor

What I’ve found really hard to select is a baby monitor since all my friends use different ones and have very strong feelings about each! I’ve changed the one on our registry about six times! I originally had the Owlet with the smart sock on there, then switched to one without a phone app, the Infant Optics. And currently I have the Nanit Plus Monitor on my registry. I need to decide on one quickly!!


The one downside of the Nanit is that it doesn’t have a standalone monitor for the parents to watch the baby without using your phone, which can be an inconvenience for sitters who you don’t necessarily want to download the app and pair it. But, we just use the app on our iPad and leave the out for sitters or grandparents. I DO love that the nanit has an adapter for traveling.

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Swaddles and sleep sacks

We were given a LOT of swaddle blankets, which are so soft and pretty. But I don’t plan to use traditional swaddle blankets to swaddle since I’ve heard swaddles that velcro or zip are MUCH easier.


We use these GunaMuna sleep sacks now that Thomas is in his crib. No complaints!

Crib and glider

For nursery furniture, we got a convertible crib from Crate & Barrel. (Our master bed and guest bed are both from Crate & Barrel and we’ve been super happy with their quality!) We purchased a Newton crib mattress. We got this Pottery Barn chair and a more affordable ottoman from Amazon rather than the matching Pottery Barn one.


I heard mixed feedback from friends on whether or not to get a bottle sterilizer. But since Tommy and I are both germaphobes and this seems like it’ll save time over boiling to sanitize, I’m going for it! I plan to breastfeed instead of using formula but I know things may not always go according to plan, so I’m also getting a few bottle accessories. We have a few adorable burp cloths as well that were gifted to us!

I originally purchased a nursing pillow which many people recommended but the fabric was awful (super rough) so I ordered this Breast Friend feeding pillow instead and already LOVE it. It’s so much more comfortable and soft. We’ll see which functions better but I hated how the Brest Friend felt! *Now that I am breastfeeding, I actually use the Breast Friend nursing pillow (the one I originally ordered) more and appreciate the shape.* I also loved this electric breast pump, which is a great one to look at while shopping for breast pumps.


We still love the bottle sterilizer and we also have a bottle drying rack which we love! I recommend putting a few bottle brushes on your baby registry list as well. As for nursing bras, I’ve tried 7 different ones and the SPANX nursing bra is BY FAR my favorite. It’s on the pricier size but it’s far and away the most comfortable and most flattering that I’ve tried.

For breastfeeding, I have LOVED the Legendairy Cash Cow supplements to help keep up milk supply. I take them everyday and have them on auto shipment since I love them so much! When I had really crazy night sweats, I started taking Motherlove Shatavari which is a supplement my lactation consultant recommended. It also helps with milk supply.

We got this Lalo highchair since we like the style of it better and it also converts to a kids chair down the road. It’s easy to clean and the cushion is machine washable. We also love the Lalo feeding accessories (bibs, plates, spoons).

Carriers, Strollers, Loungers, Etc.

I bought this Ergo carrier for Tommy for Father’s Day months ago since he had talked about how excited he was to carry the baby in a baby carrier. So sweet! And I bought this Solly wrap for myself (Use the code TERI10 for 10% off from I’ve heard I’ll use a wrap more than a stroller for walks in the beginning, but I do love the UppaBaby Vista Stroller already (even before the baby is in it, ha!). (FYI, it can supposedly be converted into a double stroller for bigger families!)


Thomas has outgrown the Solly and I still haven’t used the Ergo carrier much, but Tommy loved using it since he could never figure out the Solly when Thomas was tiny.


I plan to use Beautycounter baby products since I trust the brand. But, I also snagged a couple other brands of diaper rash cream, including Bordeaux’s Butt Paste since apparently baby bums respond to creams differently. And all the little hooded towels melt my heart so we registered for a few of those. I’ve also heard to have way more washcloths than I think I need so I put a few sets of Burt’s Bee washcloths on my registry. We also keep a baby thermometer in his bathroom which I a must-have on your registry since it’ll make you feel so much better knowing for sure if baby has a fever or not when they seem sick.


I LOVE the Wink baby wash (use TERI for 15% off), and the Tubby Todd all over ointment. I also love the Motherlove diaper balm. Beautycounter discontinued their baby products


We got this dresser with the changing pad attachment from Crate & Barrel. I did register for a baby wipe warmer since I hate cold things on my body, so hey, I can see the baby not liking a cold wipe either! I registered for a few different brands of diapers and wipes, including Hello Bello and Honest Company. Our changing table is upstairs and we got a Keekaroo Peanut Changer to use downstairs. It doesn’t seem entirely necessary since I could just change diapers on the floor or just walk upstairs, but a couple friends swore that I’d love having it. And then one of them gifted it to us! So sweet.


Now that it’s not cold, we don’t care about the wipe warmer, ha! Pass on this. We like Parasol Diapers much better than both Hello Bello and Honest Company. They fit Thomas so much better, they’re super soft, and it has auto shipment. I don’t like how Hello Bello requires you to bundle your shipment with wipe since I don’t like theirs.


I really don’t think we need ANY baby clothes! We’ve only purchased one thing ourselves – the onesie in this post! We have been given so many clothes from generous friends and we also got some at our showers, so we didn’t put many on our registry. We’re super lucky that one of our friends keeps giving us Magnetic Me clothes that his twins outgrow. He SWEARS by that brand, especially for middle of the night changing, but they ain’t cheap!

While we don’t have everything in the post, we have the absolute necessities in case our baby decides to make a grand entrance early. We’ve got a car seat, diapers, wipes, sleepers and blankets. Now we just need a magic tool for sleep! 😉 But hey, maybe that’s the Snoo!


We love Hanna Anderson baby clothes and we also get a lot of baby clothes from Thred Up!

Sleep Consultant

We hired a sleep consultant around 6 weeks because Thomas was a MAJOR struggle and I was falling apart. We used Molly from Sleep Shore and it changed out lives. Use code “Terilyn” for $20 off any sleep service. Read more about Molly’s sleep tips in this post.

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What were your must-haves for your first baby? 

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    4 responses to “Our Baby Registry Must Haves”

    1. This is so sweet! If I had a do-over (my girls are 7 and 4 now), I would 100% opt for a backpack vs a tote diaper bag. Also, you mentioned having tons of swaddles–trust me, you can never have too many! We ended up keeping them in every room of the house because they make for easy burp cloths and nursing covers! And you never know when you will need to quickly grab one for spit up! I’m also a sucker for the hooded towels. There’s NOTHING cuter than a baby wrapped up in a towel! Congrats, Mama! You’re going to do great!

    2. I thought a wipe warmer was overkill when our first was born (he’s nearly 17 now!). We kept in the nursery for a while, but once our kiddo started eating solid foods we realized it was much more helpful to have a warm wipes in the kitchen for face and hands. In retrospect, I would probably choose cloth for the kitchen (we have flannel napkins that I really like) but at the time it was so nice to have them close by.

    3. I highly recommend Seventh Generation baby wipes. They are sturdier than other organic brands I’ve tried.

    4. We bought the Nina Pipa car seat and returned it because we felt the canopy was too flimsy. No regrets – we prefer the Uppababy Mesa,. It fit our preemie well when we came home from the hospital, and is still great now that she’s 22 lbs.

      We have the uppababy Cruz, which is smaller, cheaper and lighter than the Vista. It’s a good option if weight matters to you and you’re not planning a second. Unlike the Vista, it cannot be converted to a double. We really like it.

      A cheap MP3 player like this:
      is an awesome option for a white noise machine. There are many great white noise MP3 options on Amazon. You can’t control it remotely, but otherwise, it’s great.

      There are some beautiful bassinets – I coveted a wicker one. But I always end up cosleeping, so I don’t think it’s worth it.

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