Running Q&A – My running faves + must-haves!

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Get to me know as a runner with a little running Q&A! I shared my favorite running gear, thoughts on running solo or with friends, running with or without music, and my favorite race distance! 

I’m currently in Salt Lake City after spending 6 days in San Francisco. It was a work trip in SF, but I also got in lots of playtime with some of my closest and longest friends (I’ll share some pictures later!). It was seriously so good for my soul. And I really love my current team at work so it was fun to spend time with them. I’m feeling very grateful, tired, a little sunburned, and excited to be in Utah.

I saw this running Q&A over on Jen’s blog and thought it was so fun! Thanks for the post idea Jen!

How long have you been running?

Gosh, nearly 20 years!!! I think I first started running when I was 14. My mom has been running for nearly 50 years so it just seemed normal and natural to run. I’m not sure what really prompted it, other than I remember running the mile in middle school and I thought it was so fun. I briefly ran track and hurdles (HA!), but didn’t stick with it since I liked being free after school to study and do homework. And I knew I had a better chance at scholarships with good grades than trying to run fast. 😉 I distinctly remember the first time I ran 5 miles; I was 16 and felt like a super hero.

What shoes do you run in?

I have a few pairs I rotate among, but my go-to ones for the last 3 years (and the ones I ran the Boston Marathon in) are the Adidas Bostons. The others I have are the Nike Zoom Elite, Nike Pegasus, Adidas Aerobounce, New Balance Zante and New Balance Hanzo. (I ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon in the Zantes.) I haven’t actually run in the Hanzo racing flats yet sinceI bought them late last fall but then went into marathon training and didn’t spend much time on the track until later in my training. And then I didn’t want to risk rotating in a new pair too close to race time. And now I’m trying to ditch this plantar fasciitis. Once I’m all healed, I can’t wait to test them out since I’ve never had racing flats! (I guess Vibram FiveFingers could count as race flats though, and I ran in those for 5+ years 🙂 )


My first ever pair of “real” running shoes were Mizunos and then I ran in Asics for years after that before switching to Vibrams. I’ve tried Mizunos and Asics in recent years and HATE them. I also recently tried Saucony Kinvaras and kept trying to like them, but I just don’t.


What is your go-to running outfit?

In the summer, it’s always shorts + tank + hat and if it’s EXTRA hot, shorts and just a sport bra. But, I honestly don’t have shorts & a tank that I LOVE. I run in Lululemon shorts most often, but they’re a bit snug on my booty these days. And while I LOVE these Athleta tanks for lifting, they ride up a bit while running. I do, however, love this Brooks hot shot sports bra and this champion spot comfort sports bra. (I’m a 32C and I find the Brooks hot shot bra magically has enough support even though it says it’s light support. And it’s so soft and perfectly stretchy.)


I have all my running gear linked on this page, but I’d love to hear what you guys love since I need some go-to shorts and tanks!

Morning or evening runs?

Morning, hands down. I love watching the sun rise and how my whole day just feels better when I start my day with a run. An evening run is fun once in a while and a great way to blow off steam after work, but it’s just too hot and humid in the summer to do that often!


Worst injury and how you got over it?

Well, right now my plantar fasciitis seems like the worst. But I’d say the most lingering issue is the glute and hamstring problems I’ve had for over a year. I’ve been able to keep running with them by getting regular massages and needling/scraping. I am also working to fix the problem by improving my flexibility with yoga and strengthening my glute medius.

Favorite race distance?

Half marathon! It doesn’t take too much time to train for and I’ve made the biggest improvements in that distance. My first half was 1:57 and my PR is 1:33. I have a lot of my race results on this page – I need to update it! It’s five years behind. I recently started a list of all the races that I can remember running and came up with 43 RACES, including 20 half marathons and 3 marathons.mistletoe-half-marathon-winston-salem

(This pic is from last year’s Mistletoe Half Marathon in Winston-Salem.)


Do you listen to anything while you run or prefer silence?

I do both. If I feel extra stressed or like my brain is on overdrive, I run in silence. If I’m in the mood for music or I have an extra long run, I’ll listen to Spotify and occasionally a podcast. My go-to running playlists are here and the Morning Shakeout is my current favorite podcast.

Solo run or run with friends?

Both! I probably do half solo and half with friends. If I had to choose only one, I’d pick running with friends, which is funny because until about 10 years ago, I NEVER ran with friends and ahd no desire to, but after moving to Winston-Salem and not knowing where to run, I was kind of forced into running with others. And it was and is the best thing ever.fort-mason-san-francisco-running


Hot or cold weather running?

Um, how about perfect in-between temps like 50 degrees? 🙂 I’ve run in it all though – pouring rain, 40mph winds, snow, 3 degrees, 100 degrees, dry heat, humid heat, everything. I do not, however, run on ice even though I know they make little grippers for shoes. I’d just rather hit the treadmill on days like that.

Hills or flat roads?

I actually like hills better. I realized this when I ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon and didn’t really like how flat the terrain was. And then once again, I much preferred the rolling hills of Boston over the flat stretches. But, sometimes, I would really love a super flat route and there is NO way to get a flat run in from my house; I have to drive to a trail.

Eating before runs–yes or no? Favorite pre-run food?

If it’s less than 6 miles, typically no. Just water and coffee. If it’s longer than that, I’ll eat half an RX bar, an energy ball, a banana with almond butter, or toast with almond butter.

Favorite post-run ritual?

Putting my legs up the wall. It just feels so good! I need to get back in the habit!

Would you rather run on trails or on the road?

Ideally, probably trails, but I do 99% of my runs on the road for convenience’s sake.

One piece of running gear you can’t live without?

And I NEVER EVER go for a run without my Garmin Forerunner 235. It’s the best investment ever for runners. It tracks my mileage, pace, splits, intervals, elevation, heart race, cadence, pretty much anything you can imagine. These things NEVER die – I’ve lost my last two before they died. But, if I lose this one (unlikely since I wear it daily), this is the new Garmin I want since it has a music player built in!

Oh, and I guess my superfeet inserts are a can’t-live-without item since I move them from shoe to shoe. I don’t run without them.

Do you have any pre-race routines?

Um, yes. Extensively. But in short, I ALWAYS shower before a race and always eat toast + banana + almond butter and drink coffee.

What was the most challenging race of your life?

I think the Hulk Race I ran in 2013 was probably the most challenging terrain since it had sand dunes AND technical trails. Boston had the worst weather. And the 2007 Provo River Trail half marathon was the most miserable since I had severe IT band issues and had to walk a lot of it (I should have just dropped out, in retrospect).


What was your most memorable race experience?

The Boston Marathon, for sure. Well, that’s probably tied with my first-ever marathon where my mom surprised me at the finish line. She’d flown from Utah to NC to see my finish. And my race was in the woods in the middle of nowhere so it was quite the feat for her to pull off!

Ever run in a costume?



Ever lose a toenail?

Yep, once. I was in college and it’s what prompted me to go get fitted for real running shoes! I’d always bought them at Dick’s or something before that.

Would you rather run with no socks or no sports bra?

Omg, no socks FOR SURE. (See bra size above – ha!)

Your turn! Pick 2-3 questions and share your answers!


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    1. I have been loving the Lululemon Sculpt Tank for running. That may be a good one to try!

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