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Marathoning Masters Momma

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Last weekend, I bought a last-minute flight to Utah to see my mom, aka Little Becky, run her first marathon (at 62 years old)! She did such an amazing job. I’m so so proud of her.

I met her at two places along the course to cheer her on and run a short distance with her. While I was waiting for her, I cheered on the other runners with encouraging words such as “Runners are SEXY!” and “Marathoners have hot legs!” I got lots of people to smile at mile 20 and mile 23; I’d say my cheering helped. 😉 I screamed for about 2 hours straight. And I don’t have much of a voice left.

I made sure to save my loudest screams for my mom though. She seriously looked so strong and was running well and in great spirits every time I saw her, even after running through a torrential downpour for about 5 miles.


She ran the marathon in 4 hours, 56 minutes (and did I mention she’s 62??? let’s hear it – WOW!). She even came in 3rd in her age group! I hope when I’m her age that I’m as healthy and active. She is such a great example.


It was fun to see my family, if only for a short time. My nieces and nephews grow up so fast. And get more and more mischievous every time I see them.

I want to eat these boys with a spoon. They are so cute. IMG_2812 But since I can’t eat them with a spoon, I ate breakfast cookies with a spoon instead. I even got my carnivorous dad to eat one. On a John Deere plate of course.


You might know that my mom flew to North Carolina to see me finish my marathon last October. I had no idea she was coming and it was the most amazing feeling to see her at the finish line. I’m so glad that I got to share the experience of her first marathon with her too. (She did know I was coming though. :))

IMG_2774 WAY TO GO MOM!!! I’m so proud of you.

Are either of your parents runners or fitness fanatics? I know I’m a runner because my mom is (she’s been running for 40+ years!).

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    35 responses to “Marathoning Masters Momma”

    1. That’s so cool!!

      My parents are both into fitness but not really running. After I lost 100 pounds from swimming my mom decided to start swimming, so that’s cool. My dad works out at the gym 5 days a week and plays basketball. Recently he started running a little bit.

    2. My mom teaches aerobics at the Life Centre and my dad is a nut–he did an Ironman in 2008 and has completed too many marathons to count! He did a half ironman in Boise this last weekend. I ran 1.5 miles two weeks ago and I’m still sore.

    3. Your Mom is awesome! It’s great that you were able to share the day with her. Both of my parents were very athletic and my mom was a Phys Ed teacher for 35 years. I didn’t have any choice but to be involved in sports. But running is definitely my own thing.

    4. That’s amazing! I LOVE hearing about “older” people still exercising their little hearts out! Buffy’s mom ran a half marathon this spring too and I am so impressed!

    5. Your Mom is amazing!!! What a great accomplishment, you must be so proud of her! 🙂 Neither of my parents are runners or fitness fanatics at all but I am working hard to try and change that!

    6. Your mom is my hero! I wish I could be half that active when I’m her age. You have a great role model in your life. 🙂

      My dad is a HUGE runner. He’s run 5 marathons so far, and while I don’t think he wants to do any more marathons, he still runs every day. My mom is more of a walker. I love them both for the wonderful health and fitness examples they’ve set for me.

    7. Wow…that’s incredible. Way to go Becky! Placing in your very first marathon…not to mention at 62! Truly inspiring! 🙂

    8. THAT is awesome!!! I hope I can run a marathon at 25….. haha, have yet to do one but I’m hoping for a half by the end of the year.

      I’m so proud FOR you haha you guys are so cute!!!

    9. I love your mom! Way to go Becky! That is awesome that you came out to see her like she did for you. Your nephews are adorable.

    10. Congrats to your mama! That is so inspiring and I hope to run forever like that! Neither are my parents are that athletic but my dad is a “football fanatic” and watches multiple english soccer games a day. My mothers side of the family has a lot of distance runners though, generations back…and that is where she thinks I get my body and endurance (ha!). She is pretty much a walker but did aerobics in the 90’s when I was young.

      I hope your dad liked the cookie! The photo with your nieces and nephews is great too!

    11. Omg your nephews = adorable!! They are so freakin cute!! I think it’s so awesome that you flew out for your mother’s marathon. I can now fully forgive you for you absence (;

      My dad is definitely a crazy fitness guy. I swear, he’s doing something new every time I talk to him. Right now he’s on a Qigong kick. Such a silly man!

    12. That’s INCREDIBLE!!! I see where you get much of your inspiration and motivation! 🙂

      Congrats to your mom! I am so inspired by this incredible woman. 🙂

    13. This is such a beautiful, inspiring post. That’s one hot mama, definitely blessed with good genes. Even in the rain, what a trooper!

      My mom is a 5k-er, but stays fit with other things such as aerobics. She was a cheerleader and her coordination far exceeds mine:)

    14. That is so awesome she ran that!!

      I’m SO sad I didn’t know you were here though because I ran the same race this weekend too… (I did the half). We were at the same place, how frustrating is that?!?

    15. My mom and I workout together 4 days a week. We started doing this about 8 years ago with Pilates, then added walking, then kickboxing, then weights, and running. We just keep pushing ourselves and having the other one there is a huge bonus. There are days I don’t feel like doing anything but knowing that she’s ready and waiting gets me moving.

    16. My mom and dad run 5Ks – my dad won his age group last June! I sent this entry to my mom to perhaps inspire her to go the distance…

      That said – the above comments are right – you and your mom look SO alike and are both beautiful! What a blessing to be together on the big race day.

    17. My mom is way bigger of a runner than me. She ran a half marathon a couple years back. When we go running together, I’m always falling behind and walkers on the street give me crap about it! Oi! I don’t know if its funny or annoying.

    18. I miss your family so much! Your mom is so awesome for being able to run a marathon! I need to start trying to be more like her! Tell your awesome family hello for me!! Hope all is well!

    19. Your mom rocks!! I hope to be that fit as I grow older. My parents are not into exercise other than mowing the lawn lol. My mom occasionally uses her treadmill to walk. My dad is clinically obese. Enoungh said 🙂

    20. Wow!!! A huge congratulations to your Mom!! That is amazing! 🙂 It’s wonderful you were able to be there watching.

      My parents are both very active. They’re both runners, and are definitely the reason I got into it myself….although at the beginning, it was more due to bribery than me actually enjoying it. 😉 I’m very thankful for the example they set and hope to be able to stay active my entire life.

    21. This is so so amazing!!! How thoughtful of you AND that your mom did the same thing last year. It sounds like something my mom + I would do for sure, minus the part about my mom running a marathon 😉 xo

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