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As a running Instagrammer myself, I know how fun it is to connect with other runners over social media. Heck, it’s how I’ve made a LOT of my closest friends. I’m always so inspired by others’ runs and their passion for new shoes or gear they’re trying. Sometimes, when I need a little extra motivation to get out the door on my run, I’ll pop on Instagram and see what my favorite runners are up to. It almost always gets me excited and ready to run myself.

Lots of active runners share their experiences, running motivational quotes, funny memes and jokes, and other useful content on Instagram. So for this post, I’m rounding up all of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow for runners. I’d love to hear who you’re following as well–– there are so many runners on Instagram!

And, of course, I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already!

My Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


I’m lucky to count Charlie from @therunnerbeans as one of my friends – even though we’ve never met in real life!  She’s located in the UK and shares lots of cool travels. She’s currently trying to qualify for Boston and working to start a family via IVF and a surrogate.

@therunnerbeans | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Amanda Brooks is the owner of the account @runtothefinish. She’s a running coach based outside Boulder, CO and posts TONS of free information on all things running. She’s especially helpful if you need help on running-specific strength training and pre-run activations and warm-ups. I feel like I’m always resharing her posts on my Instagram story because everything she posts is so helpful. She’s one of the first bloggers I started following, so we’ve been online-friends with her for over 10 years. We finally met in 2019 when I visited Boulder!

@runtothefinish | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Michelle Baxter is the owner of @therunnersplate. She’s a mom of two young boys AND a sub-3 hour marathoner. She has lots of great tips for running in freezing cold weather — she lives in Alaska! She also shares affordable fashion finds and cute running gear. Michelle is another long-time friend I hope to meet someday!!

@therunnersplate | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Zap Endurance is a professional running team located in Boone, NC. I’ve attended their running camps and absolutely LOVED it.  Zap shares what workouts the pros are doing and race recaps. If you want to see how professional runners live and train, you’ll love this account. You’ll see lots of posts on trail running too – I love discovering new trails via Zap to try myself when I visit Boone and Blowing Rock.



Ryan is one of the coaches as Zap Endurance. He’s super knowledgeable about all things running and shares great content to help you run faster, longer, avoid injuries and nail race day. He’s a great person too – seriously SO nice. You can hire him as your running coach too!



Montana Depasquale is another great runner to follow. She lives in Rhode Island and posts a great blend of evidence-based running, strength training, food, and motherhood. She’s also a running coach! You may recognize her name from her guest post about the benefits of running while pregnant.

@montana.depasquale | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Jonathan Levitt is one of my favorite running friends! He works for InsideTracker (the biometric testing company I love) and a sub-3 hour marathoner. He recently relocated from Boston to Boulder, CO and shares his love of trail running and training at altitude.

Jonathan Levitt | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


As a fellow dog person, I LOVE this account. David Roche, a professional trail runner and coach, is the owner of SWAP Running (Some Work All Play). His instagram posts often feature his dog, Addie. He is also a fantastic writer. (I’ve read his articles for Trail Runner mag for years and was a bit star struck when I briefly met him!)

@addiedoesstuff | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Des is one of my all-time favorite professional runners. She really shines on Twitter (seriously hilarious), but she’s great on Instagram too! She won Boston the first year I ran it and I still cry when I watch her approach and cross the finish line (especially set to Titanic music, ha!). She’s based in Charlevoix, Michigan.



Shalane is a retired professional runner who now coaches for Nike Bowerman Track Club. She’s also a mom, 4x Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, NYC Marathon champion and a NYTimes best selling author. I have both of her cookbooks, Run Fast. Eat Slow. and Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. She’s located in Portland.

@shalaneflanagen | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Jared Ward is another one of my favorite pro runners. He’s based in Utah and a a fellow BYU alum. He’s a dad to four kids, an Olympian, BYU professor and running coach. I LOVE listening to any podcasts that feature him since he studies the science behind training. He’s also hilarious and super friendly – my husband and I met him at the BolderBoulder 10K!



Amelia Boone is a 4x Obstacle Racing World Champion and ultrarunner. She’s also a practicing attorney and has openly shared about her struggles with an eating disorder.

Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Rhandi is a running coach and mom of five! She has done ultras, marathons, ironman triathlons and is also a personal trainer. She’s incredibly motivating and uplifting!



Hungry Runner Girl is real and honest. She posts great tips for running through all of life challenges — pregnancy, injuries, balancing family as a mom and stepmom — and always shows the highs and the lows of training, which I appreciate.

Hungry Runner Girl i


Mary J is a lift and running coach, which is perfect combo and lifting is something many runners could use more of in training. She is also the founder of Lift Run Perform.

Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Kira is a celebrity trainer who doesn’t count miles or minutes, but rather runs as she feels. She has great workouts on her Instagram for free and has a paid training program as well.



Meg posts all about strength, stretching, and warm ups for runners. She has TONS of helpful posts for injury prevention!

@meg_takacs | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Melissa Malani went from a 5:12 marathoner to a 3:27 marathoner. I love the honesty in her captions. She’s based in Florida.

@isamarathoner | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Sara Manderscheid is the owner of the account @sayrahrunshappy. Sara is an endurance running coach based in Denver + Boulder, CO, and posts positive content to inspire, motivate and help you elevate your running goals! She also hosts a bunch of socially distanced run groups and hosts an in-person run retreat every summer in Boulder, Colorado! Sara and I met at a ZAP running camp a few years ago and have stayed in touch thanks to our mutual friend, Instagram. ? You can also check out her training account at @elevateyourrunning!

@sayrahrunshappy | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Paula is friend I’ve met through running and she’s been a guest writer here before! Paula is serious running inspiration – definitely check out her blog. I mean, just check out her race times.

@paula_pridgen | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow


Enoch Nadler was my running coach when I trained for the 2019 Boston. He’s written a few guest posts here on the blog, but I’d say the most helpful is his post on running recovery and how slow to go.

@team_ftc | Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow@mollyhuddle

@mollyhuddle olympian
Favorite Running Instagrammers to Follow

Molly is an 2X Olympian and a Saucony athlete. She has a podcast called Keeping Track that’s great too.

I’d love to hear which accounts you like to follow! Do you follow any sports brands? I like Brooks Running, New Balance, and Strava. Nike Run Club is another account to follow if you want some running accountability and community.

You can find my Instagram here! Please come say hey!

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