My Two Favorite Oatmeal Bowls: Savory & Sweet

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Growing up, my mom would make a hot breakfast for my dad, my five brothers and me nearly every morning. (Yeah, I know. She’s like the perfect mother, right?) 3a[Since I know some of you are wondering, Roger (the sole single brother I’ve introduced to you previously) is in the back row on the right.]

Like typical kids, we usually ditched the eggs and pancakes and ate cereal. What punks we are were. If it wasn’t cereal (Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms and Basic 4 were my favorites), I was eating cream of wheat or oatmeal. And I never liked instant oatmeal. It had to be old-fashioned.

Since I was an oatmeal snob even as as a kid, it’s no surprise that I still am. I still don’t like instant oatmeal but I now have fancier oatmeal bowls thanks to tricks I learned in the blog world (and I prefer Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal instead of Malt-o-Meal cream of wheat).

We all know there are endless options for making a delicious bowl of oats, but these two are my all-time favorite varieties.

Banana-Raisin Oatmeal

Letting the raisins cook with the oats gives them such a great texture and the maple syrup compliments the nuts nicely.

  • 1/3 c dry oatmeal
  • 1/3 c + 2 T water
  • 1/3 milk
  • 2 T raisins
  • 1/2 banana, mashed
  • 1 egg white
  • Toppings: 1-2 t maple syrup, 1 T creamy peanut butter, walnuts or pecans

sweet oats-1

  1. In a small sauce pan, combine the oatmeal, water, milk, raisins and banana. Mix well, using the back of a spoon to fully incorporate the banana.
  2. Bring to a bowl, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  3. When it is nearly done and most of the liquid is absorbed, add the egg white and quickly whisk it in, stirring well, to fully incorporate. Continue cooking for 1 more minute or until the egg white is fully cooked. [You shouldn’t really be able to see it besides small white bits perhaps. It just makes your oatmeal fluffier and adds protein.]
  4. Pour oatmeal mixture into a bowl and top with maple syrup, peanut butter and nuts.
  5. Stir it all up and enjoy!
Savory Oatmeal with Egg & Avocado

Savory oats can be scary at first. If you’re wary of oats with an egg, perhaps try my savory oat groat breakfast bowl. I find it helps palates (and minds!) adjust more easily to the idea.

  • 1/2 c dry oatmeal
  • 1 c water (or half water/half milk)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 T water
  • 1/4 of an avocado, diced
  • hot sauce, salt & pepper

savory oats-1Ugh, I should have taken this picture after I added the hot sauce. The red makes it look much more appealing.

  1. Cook the oatmeal either on the stove or microwave (bring to a boil, then reduce and simmer for 4-5 minutes on the stove; microwave 2-3 minutes, watching to ensure it doesn’t boil over your dish).
  2. Meanwhile, spray a small skillet with non-stick spray and heat to medium heat. Crack an egg and cook for 1 minute without moving the egg. When it starts to set, add 1 tablespoon water to the pan and cover. Cook until it starts to glaze over the yolk, about 30 seconds more. [I like my egg yolk to still be slightly runny. Cook longer if you don’t.]
  3. Slide the egg out of the pan and place on top of your oatmeal. Top with avocado and hot pepper. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Break the egg yolk and dig in!

Also, while I was looking at old pictures, I suddenly understood why I am so obsessive about how the dishwasher is loaded…I got started young.4a

Is there a “right” way to load the dishwasher? DEFINITELY. However, I find that men disagree.

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    64 responses to “My Two Favorite Oatmeal Bowls: Savory & Sweet”

    1. YUM! I love oats and eggs. I use steal cut with a poched egg on top. People think I’m crazy, but it’s insane good!

    2. I have yet to try savory oats but I love the combo of egg + avocado so I probably should start there, right? I’m SO happy to see that I’m not the only one who is a bit neurotic about how the dishwasher is packed. I have packing the dishwasher down to a science because I started very early too. I always repacked the dishwasher behind my roommates’ back in college and now I go back behind my husband because my way is the right way. 😉

      • that is a great idea! but how do you keep the silverware from stacking up together which prevents them from getting clean? I have that happen when I put too many spoons together in a slot. Does that make sense? ha!

    3. That is such a cute picture of your siblings and then you washing dishes! So precious 🙂

    4. Those oats look great! My husband always yells at me and says I over fill the dishwasher. But he just under fills it! Lol!!

    5. there definitely is a right way and thank goodness my boyfriend and i are on the same page about it!

      adorable pictures!

    6. 5 older brothers? HOly cow – you must have been super spoiled… or antagonized beyond belief! 🙂

      There is a right way to load the dishwasher, and I don’t know what that way is. The Husband does though!

      I’ve never tried savory oats, but I think I would only like them for dinner!

    7. I’ve never had savory oatmeal, but this recipe looks wonderful. I did have quinoa + cheddar cheese + avocado tonight, and it was good, but an egg would have been an awesome addition to it.

    8. Oats look delicious! And I am obsessive with how to load the dishwater too, and my BF never does it right, ugh, always have to redo what he does, haha

      But I guess at least he is trying right ?! haha

      • That’s what Rob says when I complain how his lack of loading skills…”at least I’m doing it” – but the dishes don’t get clean!

    9. Yummy recipes : ) Oats – my fave.

      Yes, I think there IS a right way to load the dishwasher…I learned that from my grandma who rules her kitchen with an iron “skillet.” But, what I’ve also learned is that almost everyone has their own “right” methods of loading a dishwasher, so as long as it gets loaded, what’s it matter? They’re getting pretty darn clean either way.

      • PLUMP! I was trying to think of that word to describe the raisins when writing the post and could not think of it!!

    10. That picture is WAY too cute. Haha I love it. Well, both pictures actually.

      I’m not normally a big raisin fan… but that oatmeal recipe might convince me otherwise 🙂

    11. I’ve GOT to remember to try eggs on my oatmeal! I never think of it when I’m making my oats.. note to self.

      I am totally the same way about the dishwasher. I’m pretty sure just this morning I was telling my roommate that “no one knows how to load the dish washer right!” hahaha. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

    12. I LOVE throwback pictures! 🙂

      We don’t use a dishwasher but apparently you can be bad at hand washing dishes. What can I say…I get distracted!

    13. I love oatmeal. I’ve tried to eat instant when time was an issue but it’s just gross. I want the real stuff!!

    14. I love it when bloggers write about their childhoods. It helps me know where you come from a little bit.

      Okay, I have to confess: I just don’t get the oatmeal obsession in the blog world. I’ve jumped on the greek yogurt bandwagon, but oatmeal is just….oatmeal to me. I’ve cooked it different ways but I just can’t seem to LOVE it.

      Anyway, I still loved your post and respect your love for oatmeal. 🙂

      • Oatmeal is kind of a nostalgia thing for me and also it keeps me full for a long time. Plus, I have to have flax everyday and it’s an easy way for me to get it into my diet.

    15. If I only knew how to load the dishwasher the correct way. My husband is telling me I’m doing it wrong…roles reversed! I’ve never had savory oats before…I love grits, so I’d imagine it’s pretty similar??

      • haha! that’s funny that the roles are reverse!

        I’ve actually never had grits – funny since I’m in the South!

    16. My mom made me pancakes for breakfast every day for the better part of 13 years. Moms are amazing.

    17. Surprisingly, in my house, my DAD is the one who is particular about loading the dishwasher. After dinner he does the dish loading so that everything is cleaned effectively. My mom and sisters and I don’t dare go near it!

    18. I definitely need to try adding egg whites to my oatmeal to give me some protein in the mornings. My mom is the same way with the dishwasher. It has to be loaded a certain way. So I never did it growing up. Now as an adult, I could care less how its loaded. I pile things up and throw things in there..and I would say half doesn’t get clean. ha!

    19. Yeah, my boyfriend is always complaining I don’t load the dishwasher right. His Mom created a clean-freak!

    20. What a coincidence. I was about to make my usual PB and J oatmeal this morning when I suddenly had a craving for savoury oatmeal. I didn’t give in because I didn’t have enough time. Never thought to add avocado! Yum! Good thing breakfast happens everyday:-)

    21. Hi Teri!

      Speaking of oatmeal … I went to Eggs in the City and tried the Brulee that you mentioned awhile ago and fell. in. love.

      Thank you, thank you.

      Have you tried making it on your own?


    22. Love the pictures! How in the heck did you get those??

      You make me laugh.

    23. Oh my word, I LOVE those old pictures of you and your bros! Those are the best!

      My mama used to make oats for me every morning too…or cream of wheat. Your banana raisin oatmeal combo looks perfect!

    24. I am totally going to try that savory oatmeal recipe! It looks awesome! Oh, and about the dishwasher, I tend to just make things fit however I can, whereas my fiance constantly has to re-arrange what I’ve done. I apparently lack the skill to properly load a dishwasher 🙂

    25. Love the Savory Oatmeal w/Egg and Avocado! tI was so delicious. I would not have thought of putting these ingredients in my oatmeal. Thanks for sharing. This gives me a new healthy choice for a quick dinner.

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