Force of Nature Cleaner Review

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I’ve been on the road to making cleaner switches in my beauty, skincare, and now cleaning products for a few years. I wasn’t necessarily trying to switch to safer options, but I discovered a tinted moisturizer that I loved, and when my friend told me that the brand is a leader in clean beauty, I started learning more about ingredients and why they matter. This is why I switched to a natural deodorant and I’m also careful about the ingredients in my shampoo. I sort of just stumbled into learning about safer products, but I’m SO thankful I did. Now, I know much more than I used to about chemicals and ingredients that can cause all sorts of health issues. And while I’m definitely not perfect, I try to swap as much as I can for safer options.

Here’s my caveat: the cleaner switch has to be just as effective as my old stuff (if not better), and it must be easy to use. I’m also VERY sensitive to scents so that can be a deal-breaker for me, even with safe products that don’t use “fragrance.” (Read this post about why “fragrance” is on some brands “never list.”)

When I learned about Force of Nature cleaner, I was immediately interested since I’m sensitive to almost ALL cleaning products. But this one uses electricity to turn salt, water & vinegar (yes, just those three things!) into a disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner.  I ordered a kit from Force of Nature last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, and it’s on the EPA’s List N, which means it’s approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of Covid-19). It’s as effective as bleach with none of the harm. It also kills Salmonella, Norovirus, Listeria, STAPH, MRSA, Pseudomonas & Influenza A! SUPER impressive, honestly.

Not only does it work well (checks box #1) but it’s easy to use (box #2). I even would go as far to say that it’s fun to use. My 1.5 year old son thinks it’s pretty cool to press the button to make the all purpose cleaner and watch the bubbles form. Let’s be honest, I think it’s cool too.

Okay, let’s get into how it works, what I use it for and what I don’t!

Force of Nature Cleaner Review

Force of Nature Cleaner Review

Force of Nature Cleaner mini bottle clean multipurpose disinfectant

How to use Force of Nature Cleaner

Force of Nature Cleaner Review

Force of Nature is a kit that comes with little activator capsules and an electrolyzer appliance. The capsules contain a vinegar and salt mixture, and all you have to do is add tap water to make a very effective AND safe cleaning solution. Add water and a capsule to the electrolyzer appliance, turn it on and let it run for about 9 minutes and then you transfer the solution into a spray bottle. That’s it! I posted a short reel on Instagram to show how quick it is to make!

That one little capsule makes a 12oz sized bottle of cleaner. You can use this solution for kitchen, bath, and glass and as a disinfectant and deodorizer. The solution only lasts two weeks before it loses its potency, but a 12oz bottle is smaller than a typical house cleaner, which is usually 26-32 oz. Most families go through about 1 bottle every week or so… I’d say we’re closer to every 1.5 weeks, but we still use it fast enough to not waste much. But, because it has no harmful chemicals, you can dispose of any unused product right down the drain after 14 days.

The cleaner doesn’t have fragrance added (obviously!) so there’s not a weird smell like you might expect when you hear it uses a vinegar solution. It smells a tiny bit like a swimming pool, and that’s because when water, vinegar, and salt are electrolyzed, they create hypochlorous acid, which gives pools that distinct smell. But, as I mentioned, I’m very sensitive to smells and the scent doesn’t bother me at all. I actually like it.

How Does Force Of Nature Cleaner Work

Essentially, Force of Nature uses electricity to change the molecular structure of salt, water and vinegar. This makes hypochlorous acid and a tiny amount of sodium hydroxide.

Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid is the active ingredient in this cleaner. This is the same germ-killing substance your immune system makes to fight infections. And it’s so gentle that it’s used in eye care products. It’s a type of chlorine, and it’s extremely effective yet incredibly safe to use.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide if a detergent that you can find in toothpaste, skincare products and cleaners. Most companies use far too much of it (1-5% which is highly toxic), but Force of Nature only uses .0000003%.

Pre-measured capsules

Another interesting part of the science involved to make this cleaner is the exact measurements. Each capsule comes pre-measured instead of in a container for you to scoop out and measure yourself. The reason for this is that the science has to be exact to create a clean AND safe solution.

The chemistry is so important that the EPA requires Force of Nature to pre-measure. The pH has to be exact, so that you get the right amount of hypochlorous acid. The wrong pH can result in bleach which doesn’t meet EPA-required anti-microbial standards. It can also result in a shorter shelf life, and two weeks is already short.

The science is actually super interesting, and this video does a great job explaining things like electrolyzed water that I don’t understand quite as well.

How to Use Force Of Nature

There are SO many ways to use Force of Nature because it’s so safe!

Here are a few ideas and surfaces you can use Force of Nature on:

Kitchen counters

Force of Nature is the cleaner we use on our kitchen countertops. Just like your typical surface cleaner, you spray it on and use a paper towel or rag to wipe it off. Since it’s a multi-purpose cleaner, it works on sealed stone like granite, marble, quartz, wood, and laminate. I also clean Thomas’s kitchen tower with it.

I switched to Force of Nature from Branch Basics, another non-toxic cleaning solution because Branch Basics can be a bit difficult to wipe off, and even seemed a little greasy at times. This wipes up MUCH more easily and doesn’t leave a film on my countertops.

Stainless steel

We also clean our stainless steel kitchen appliances with Force of Nature — our faucet, our fridge, the dishwasher and the oven and stove.


You can even clean your windows and doors with this stuff. Thomas lovesss to smack our glass door out to the porch, so there are little hand prints ALL over it. They’re certainly cute but I do clean them up regularly. I also clean my bedroom mirror with it, since Thomas does the same thing there too ;). There is no evaporation chemical in Force of Nature, so you do have to make sure to wipe off all the spray to ensure it dries streak-free.

Kid’s toys

This cleaner is perfect for Thomas’ toys. I never knew how gross those things could get until I had a son of my own. I feel 100% fine about using this cleaner on everything he touches because I know how safe it is (also safe for pets too). Force of Nature even says you can use their cleaner on pacifiers, so it’s SUPER safe.

Bathroom surfaces

You can use it on grout and tile, sealed marble, porcelain, and glass. I bring a mini travel size with me in my purse to spray surfaces at public restrooms if we have to use them. Our amazing cleaning lady doesn’t use Force of Nature during her cleans since she REALLY likes to scrub (she uses Bon Ami), but I use it in between her cleanings to keep things fresh.

Changing pads

I especially love that I can use this on Thomas’ Keekaroo (a baby registry must-have!). My skin is sensitive and so is Thomas’, so I’d hate to lay him down on a surface with chemicals that could cause a reaction. Neither one of us have ever had issues with Force of Nature!


Force of Nature doesn’t bleach anything, so you can use it as a deodorizer on rugs. I read a testimonial about a kid peeing on their carpet, and Force of Nature got the smell right out without bleaching anything! I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ll report back when it happens. That boy mom life. 🙂

Grocery Carts

Force of Nature makes a travel size bottle like I mentioned above, and I keep that in my purse and diaper bag. I try to kill germs everywhere I go, but especially on carts in the grocery store, which freak me out a little. I LOVE having my little bottle handy. Thomas is super busy and loves to touch everything, so I have to stay diligent to make sure I’ve cleaned and disinfected the cart before I put him in there.


I take the mini spray bottle every time I travel. I spray down the tray, the seat belt, the arm rests, everything. I just keep a couple paper towels in my backpack to wipe it all down.

clean disinfectant brand

How Much Does The Force Of Nature Cleaner Cost

The first thing you’ll need to buy is the Starter Kit. The most affordable option is $74, and this includes:

  • 5 Activator Capsules, each makes one 12 oz bottle of all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer & disinfectant
  • Electrolyzer Appliance
  • Power cord
  • 12 oz planet-friendly reusable Spray Bottle
  • Quick Start Guide & User Manual

There are a few other starter set options that come with more Activator Capsules as well. If you feel confident that you’re going to love Force of Nature because it’s a non-toxic cleaning option, then you may want to go ahead and get a larger set.

Once you’ve purchased the Electrolyzer Appliance, you never need to buy that again. From then on, you just order Activator Capsules as needed. Capsules cost about $27 for a pack of 25, and since each capsule makes you a 12 oz bottle of cleaner, you’re saving up to 80% per ounce vs typical cleaning solutions.

Is Force Of Nature Cleaner Worth It?

Yes!! And I wouldn’t say that if it didn’t meet my standards (easy AND effective). I keep the electrolyzer device under my kitchen sink (it’s small and lightweight!) and just pull it out when I need to make more cleaning solution. I also love it because it means we don’t need a bunch of other cleaning products under the sink. There’s SO much space down there now. (Let’s not forget that this cleaner can swap with ANY toxic cleaner in your house as it’s an EPA registered disinfectant!) I keep my extra activator capsules in a mason jar under the sink, and that’s it!

Force of Nature has a subscription option, so you’re able to get your capsules sent to you as needed. I have lots of things in my life on subscriptions (e.g. CBD, Daily Harvest, Probiotics) because as long as I’m diligent to make sure I really need as many as they send me, I’m saving time and money since there is a discount for subscribers.

What questions do you have? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Use code TERILYN40 for 40% off bundles at Force of Nature.

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