Ginger Chews Benefits + 5 Reasons I Eat Them Regularly!

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New to ginger chews or wondering why some people are obsessed? I shared five benefits and reasons why I love ginger chews. I also shared my favorite brand – Prince of Peace Ginger Chews.

It’s no secret that nausea is part of pregnancy for most women, especially during the first trimester. My first trimester was riddled with nausea. I was nauseous from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep at night. I felt like I was constantly battling sea sickness. While I was so thankful to never throw up, I often wished that I could. All that to say, while I’ve loved ginger chews for years — I first discovered them in college — my love grew even deeper in my first trimester!! (Ginger chews are one of my pregnancy must-haves that I shared in this post!)

But, beyond pregnancy nausea relief, there are a number of reasons I always keep ginger chews around the house.

But first, what are ginger chews? Ginger chews are pieces of pure natural ginger root that are boiled to soften and then coated in a thin layer of sugar. My favorite brand is Prince of Peace Ginger since they don’t have too much sugar and they also have flavored versions, like peanut butter, lychee, mango, mandarin orange and lemon. My favorites are the original and mango flavors. And my husband likes the lychee best.

Ginger Chews Benefits

So what is so good about ginger chews? Ginger a well-known stomach soother to help fight nausea and motion sickness, and ginger has anti inflammatory properties as well. And beyond that, ginger has compounds that provide a wide variety of health benefits. It contributes to antimicrobial, anticancer, antiobesity, antioxident, and anti-inflammatory responses in the body. It even has some cardiovascular and respiratory benefits (source) and research suggests that ginger may reduce the symptoms from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (source). It’s also been shown to help reduce blood sugar levels in recent studies!

Here are five reasons I always keep them around!

Ginger Chews For Nausea

Like I mentioned, I lived on these during my first trimester to help ease pregnancy nausea. I literally never left the house without them — I keep a handful in my purse. And at home, I had some at my desk, by the couch, and in the kitchen. Our pantry is always well stocked with ginger chews!! A small dose of powdered ginger for morning sickness is recommended, and these chews were the perfect way for me to get just enough in my diet. For an extra kick, I love the Ginger Chews + with the extra boost of ginger extract.

Ginger Chews For Digestion

I also eat them after every single meal. Why? Ginger helps move food through the body more quickly, and since slower digestion is a common issue during pregnancy (thanks hormones!), ginger chews quickly became a must after meals. Just one chew helped a lot with my heartburn and the feeling of “Why do I feel so dang full?! I didn’t even eat that much!” that so many pregnant women experience, myself included.

Ginger chews are also recommended for people going through chemotherapy since nausea is a common side effect of treatment. (But, of course, before you take anything new when you’re working with a doctor, be sure to ask them first.) These are amazing for helping relieve nausea. It’s no wonder so many people tell you to include ginger in your diet.

Ginger Chews For Upset Stomach

If you’re a runner, you may have experienced upset stomach woes after a long run or race. Ginger chews are one of my go-to’s when that happens. Soothing my stomach quickly is essential since refueling after a hard workout is so important (and so is fueling before!). But if your stomach is upset, it makes it hard to eat a real meal.

Similar to helping food move through your system more quickly, ginger also helps expel intestinal gas which relieves an upset stomach. (Gas often builds up after races or long runs due to the fuel you’re taking in, gulping air when drinking water and just the general stress on your body.)

When I’m logging serious miles, I usually end up eating a few Prince of Peace ginger chews in the afternoon after my workout. And I also plan to take the with me to every race from now on, after my great pre-Boston puking disaster.

Ginger Chews For Motion Sickness

Despite how much I travel, I hate flying. I get really anxious during take-off and landing and if there is any turbulence, I am VERY on edge. (I had a full-on panic attack on a plane one year, where they had to call for a medical professional on the plane. Oof.) On top of that, I also get motion sickness from flying. Consequently, I NEVER fly without ginger chews. Not only do they help with the nausea I get on planes, they’re a comfort food since I eat them at home so often.

Ginger helps with carsickness too. When we head up to Boone, NC, I pack extra ginger chews since the roads there are very curvy and wind all over the place. While sitting in the front, or ideally, driving helps with my nausea a lot, I’m a small person so I often get relegated to the backseat. And holy moly, nausea is a LOT worse for me when I’m sit in the backseat. So, popping ginger chews is necessary.

Ginger Chews For Acid Reflux

Ginger can reduce inflammation, which may relieve some of the symptoms of acid reflux. Typically acid reflux is caused by the inflammation of the esophagus, and if that is less inflamed, you won’t feel acid reflux as strongly. And not only that, but ginger also helps with gastrointestinal irritation and lessens gastric contractions, which helps reduce the risk of acid flowing from your stomach from your esophagus…sorry for the TMI!

Ginger chews have just the right amount of ginger to help, without too much that can cause irritation.

Satisfying a craving for something sweet!

Tommy and I both love Prince of Peace Gingers Chews after dinner since we both like something a little sweet at the end of a meal. But, these taste better than most sweets that make me want to keep eating more and more (ahem, ice cream sandwiches). The POP Ginger Chews don’t have nearly as much sugar as some other brands I’ve tried and the spicy ginger kick makes it so just 1-2 chews is plenty to satisfy my afternoon or evening sweet tooth. My grocery staples are all in this post here.


Prince of Peace Gingers Chews are individually wrapped (they are not like tootsie rolls in a parchment paper wrapper, these are in little bags you tear open) makes it easy to keep in your purse and take everywhere. Which I do!

Are Ginger Chews Good For You?

Short answer: yes! Longer answer: Yes! But in moderation.

Ginger Chews have tons of health benefits (which you’ve already read about) and they can be a great aid for people suffering from stomach issues. However, too much ginger can cause heartburn, so make sure you’re not eating Ginger Chews by the handful ;). A few (I probably eat about 2-4 a day) is great. And since they’re individually wrapped, you don’t need to worry about eating too many without thinking. As with any candy, sweet treats are always best in moderation, even when they have the great health benefits of ginger. Each ginger chew is 15 calories.

While ginger tea is certainly another option to get all the benefits of ginger, I’ll be honest, I never make it, especially in the heat of summer when pregnant! And I definitely don’t want all the sugar that comes with ginger ale. (I also can’t stand sweet drinks). So ginger chews are the way to go for me!

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews Nutrition

So what is in Prince of Peace Ginger Chews? Not much! Cane Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Ginger and Coconut Oil are the only ingredients in the Original Ginger Chews.

They’re 100% natural, gluten free, and vegan. One chew has about 15 and 3 grams of sugar.

Where to buy

I typically buy them locally at Amazon or Whole Foods. You can also find them at Target (new in the candy section!), Rite Aid or Vitamin Shoppe. You can use this Store Locator to find them near you.

You can also find other brands of chew ginger candies (like Ginger People/Gin Gins) on Amazon, however I’m partial to Prince of Peace Ginger Chews.

If you’re a fellow ginger chew addict, I’d love to hear why you love them! Snag them here.

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews originally sponsored this post. A big thank you to them for not only supporting my blog! I’ve purchased POP Ginger Chews for years before this partnership, so I’m thrilled to share about a brand I’ve loved for so long! I’m republishing this content without sponsorship since I love their chews so much!

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    18 responses to “Ginger Chews Benefits + 5 Reasons I Eat Them Regularly!”

    1. Eating straight ginger can work really well also. A lot of ginger products have little or no ginger in them. Ginger, like you get with sushi, can be very good during pregnancy.

      • I love eating that kind of ginger too! But sometimes I want just a little sweetness and these are convenient for taking with me EVERYWHERE which is super necessary when pregnant, ha!

    2. I literally ran out of my ginger chews last night and was actually was online just now trying to find more of them! So funny to open your email when I did to see your post! haha!

      I eat one every night before bed after my tea and it helps with my nauseousness, vertigo, and eases my stomach!

      I am so glad that these are providing relief for you!! 🙂

    3. I actually found these precious jewels at Burlington Coat Factory with my husband last night at the check out isle !!!! I am pregnant and SOOOO nauseous to the point I throw up at times. Honestly, I just started chewing them and they instantly gave me relief and so much comfort ! I am going back today to get the rest of the bags lol ! Loved your article!

    4. They definitely help with the late day sugar cravings! And I depend on ginger whenever I am on a boat to help with seasickness!- have not yet tried this brand! Love that they are individually wrapped so would be easier to keep at work.

    5. I literally just tried some TODAY after purchasing them at the GNC Vitamin Store. I LOVE Ginger and often make Tea as well as Fresh Pickled Ginger Root. I will be buying MORE..!

    6. Nobody told me about ginger chews when I was pregnant.. My morning sickness was so bad

    7. Do they help with weight loss? I lost 10lbs on my own but I am at a stand still, I heard ginger helps promote weight loss?

    8. I’m addicted to the lemon ginger chews because I love the taste, the sweet followed by the heat is great! I have found that they also greatly reduce flatulence (I eat a very high fiber diet). I buy them at Food Lion.

    9. Hi! , so glad to find you. . I luv ginger chews also and recently purchased assorted ones..
      My question is can they be frozen in the summer? I hate them sticking to the bags when I open them!
      And yes, I totally agree , they’re the perfect after dinner bit of sweetness!

    10. Some one gave me lovely ginger chew,two weeks ago, they are so good I had to get them from Amazon, everyday I have two , these are awesome,

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