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Zoe stroller Review: my favorite affordable lightweight stroller

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I’ve spent a lot of money on strollers. Before I had my first baby, I read review after review on the UppaBaby Vista 2 and the Thule Jogging stroller, both of which I purchased before we even brought our baby home. And while I really like both for specific instances (the UppaBaby rides SO smoothly and the Thule is a great stroller for running), you don’t really know what you want until you are actually putting your baby in it. I quickly realized that both strollers were pretty big (and heavy) for using on the go. I needed a lightweight stroller for everyday errands, road trips and travel.

Enter the Zoe Tour stroller. Actually, that didn’t really come on the scene until after I had already ordered the Cybex stroller and hated it. THEN the Zoe Tour stroller entered the chat. After using three different strollers and feeling like none of them really met my needs for an easy, lightweight everyday stroller, the Zoe was SUCH a great find, not to mention it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than the other strollers I had. Around the sale time, Thomas also started trying to climb out of the UppaBaby and never wanted to get in it, so when he was actually excited to ride in the Zoe, I knew we had found a winner.

Since I’m so passionate about this stroller, I wanted to do a detailed review so that you too can do research on top of research while you’re stroller shopping 😉 And since I just got my second Zoe stroller (the Twin, which is made for two kids) I have lots of thoughts about this brand. I hope this breakdown gives you all of the insight you need to help you make the right choice for an everyday stroller.

I have a short video review on YouTube where you can see the Zoe Tour stroller in action here:

Let’s get to it!

Zoe Tour Stroller Review: my favorite affordable lightweight stroller

Zoe was founded by a grandfather (!) who worked in the baby industry for his whole life. He had a vision to make lightweight easy strollers and wanted them to be direct to consumer so that they were affordable and accessible. Now Zoe’s goal is to become a mom-run company, which I love. Who better to make strollers than moms themselves?

Zoe offers 6 different strollers: 3 singles and 3 that seat multiples. Today I’m sharing details about the Tour V2, which is a their most basic, everyday single stroller. I also shared details about our new Zoe Twin V2 stroller below, but since I’ve only had it for a few weeks, I don’t have all of my thoughts fully gathered yet.

Zoe Tour V2 Stroller Dimensions

You can find all of the specs for the Zoe Tour stroller on their website, but here are the most basic measurements:

  • Net Weight: 13.4lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: Tested to 45 lbs per seat
  • Open Dimensions: 40″ x 20.5″ x 30″
  • Closed Dimensions (with belly bar attached): 32″ x 20.5″ x 10″
  • Closed Dimensions (without belly bar attached): 29″ x 20.5″ x 8″

What I love about the Zoe Tour Stroller

Before we get into all of the details, I wanted to mention that Zoe now has an updated version of the Tour Stroller. They are almost identical (except the new version has a couple of upgrades), so this review includes the updated details of the Tour V2.


The Zoe Tour V2 stroller is only 13 lbs which feels like nothing after lifting the almost-30lbs UppaBaby Vista. It’s very sturdy for such a light stroller too, which is impressive. I love that I can easily put this in my car and pull it back out with one hand.


Along with how lightweight this stroller is, it’s important to note that it’s really nimble too. If you live in a city where you’re maneuvering through foot traffic and lots of doorways, this stroller will be your best friend.

Easy to break down

Watching the Zoe Tour fold up to fit in a car is so satisfying. You can do it all one handed, and because it’s light, you can just sling it right into the car with minimal effort. All you have to do to break the Tour stroller down is to put the breaks on, release the seat recline, and then pull up on the release (which also happens to be a handle that you can hold onto once it’s folded).

See how easily I collapse this stroller in this reel.


Another huge perk of the Zoe stroller is the price tag. At only $259, we’re talking hundreds of dollars cheaper than the other strollers I own. And for such a useful, well-made stroller, it’s impossible to beat that.

Tons of sun protection

I appreciate that the sun shade canopy comes ALL the way down. So if your baby likes to sleep in the stroller, you’ll love this feature.

Car Seat Compatible

This is key if you plan to use this stroller with a newborn. The Tour V2 is car seat compatible with an added adapter, making it ready for you from day one.

140 Degree Recline

Key for stroller nappers! The recline is pretty amazing, and your baby can lay almost completely flat. Thomas prefers to sit up pretty straight though, so we like that you can adjust the seat to whatever you need.

Adaptable for two kids

I didn’t know this until recently (and I already got the Zoe Twin stroller), but the Tour actually becomes a adaptable if you buy the Tandem Add-on Seat attachment.

Fits in my trunk

We all know trunk space is a hot commodity these days. This stroller can easily fit in any car trunk, and it can even fit into most overhead bins on airplanes. Just double check with your airline.

Additional accessories included

SO many strollers require additional purchases to get snack trays, cup holders, etc. But not the Zoe! This stroller comes with a parent cup holder, a child cup holder, a child snack cup, a spacious storage basket, and belly bar.

Easy to Clean

You don’t know how important this until you know. Zoe uses stain resistant fabrics and you can typically just use a warm damp cloth to wipe it down and then let it air dry. However, for $40 extra, you can get a machine washable seat liner. They’re easy to install and remove because you don’t have to rethread your safety hardness.

Comfortable chest straps

Everything about the straps is adjustable, so this stroller can grow with your baby. I love that the buckle is too difficult for my toddler year old to figure out, but very easy for me. 😉

Disney Approved

We aren’t really a Disney family (or not yet, at least), but this stroller is Disney Approved if that’s important to you.

What I don’t love about the Zoe Tour Stroller

Small storage space underneath

I walked to the grocery store with this stroller once and the basket underneath was absolutely LOADED. It’s just not as big as the storage space on my other strollers, but that’s part of what makes this so lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it’s really not that much of a downside. And, the new Tour V2 has a slightly bigger and stronger storage basket, so nothing to worry over.

Fixed handlebar height

The handlebar height is fixed, which is not a big deal for many families, but since Tommy and I have about a 12″ height gap, it’s somewhat frustrating for us. If you’re picky about the height of your handlebar, be sure to note that.

How the Tour V2 compares to the Twin V2

Like I mentioned above, I recently got the Zoe Twin V2 as a gift from the brand. This is a compact, double side-by-side stroller. While I know it’s meant to be compact, having two seats beside each other just feels huge to me. I’m very petite and only 5’1″, so I’m small in general, but it’s taking some getting-used-to for me to push the Twin V2.

Yes, the Tour V2 can adapt to fit two kids, but they have to sit one in front of the other (which is fine while Charles is little), but I know as the boys grow, they’ll prefer to sit side by side, and I’ll appreciate how easy it is to buckle them both in to the Twin V2.

The Tour V2 dimensions are 40″ (height) x 20.5″ (width) x 30″ (depth) and the Twin V2 dimensions are 43″ (height) x 30″ (width) x 33″ (depth).

If you’re making the decision between getting the Add-On seat for your Tour V2 versus getting the Twin V2, keep in mind the configurations of the seats. That’s the biggest difference, along with the width. The Tandem Add-On seat is $119 and the Twin V2 is $529, so if your only goal is a stroller than can fit two kids, just get the attachment!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Zoe Tour V2 stroller is just SUCH great value for your money. It’s functional, simple to assemble, lightweight and easy to maneuver, comfortable for Thomas, and easy to push for me. It’s small enough to use for errands, each to put in the trunk and all around, a GREAT travel stroller.

Zoe was kind enough to offer a discount code for my readers, be sure to use this link for 15% off.

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