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A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review

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This honest review of Fabletics is unpaid and unsponsored, including the good, the bad (and the ugly!) of the workout clothes and the service.

I first tried Fabletics in 2014, when I ordered some pieces for myself as a paying member (we’ll get to how the membership works later), and I wore their clothes for my workouts. Then in 2015, Fabletics reached out and offered to send me free workout clothes, so I accepted. At that point, I was also ordering Fabletics with my own money since I really liked the fit and quality.

Fast forward to 2018 and Fabletics reached out again, offering to send more stuff for me to try. I agreed to try it out, but I was really disappointed when it arrived. The quality and fit were poor, so I stopped ordering from there and spent my money elsewhere. And since I was running the Boston Marathon that year, high quality running gear was important.

A few months ago (spring of 2024), I noticed people sharing Fabletics on social media again. And I also started to see the traffic on this blog post go up, meaning people started to search for reviews on Fabletics and this was the post they were landing on. And since my thoughts were from years ago, I figured I’d give Fabletics one more try and update this review accordingly. So I placed a large order (with my own money) to see how their products are these days.

I ordered a handful of matching sets (and a swimsuit since that’s a new category they carry), and I reviewed everything below. In short, my updated, honest opinion is that Fabletics is worth buying for some things.

Before I get into the details of which sets I liked and disliked, I thought some background might be helpful.

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is a brand that makes activewear and athleisure. It was started in 2013 by co-founders Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Ginger Ressler. Then in 2015, Kate Hudson launched a celebrity line with Fabletics that was super successful, and she now owns a portion of the company.

Can you shop Fabletics without being a member?

The short answer – no, you don’t have to be a member to shop at Fabletics. But it will save you money (in theory, if you never forget about the upcoming charges), if you do join as a member.

That’s because Fabletics operates on a monthly membership structure. When you join as a VIP member, you are charged $59.95 on the 5th of every month. That $59.95 is then yours to use on the website. So essentially you’re buying store credit that you can compile and use at any time. The perks that go along with VIP membership are 20-50% off retail prices and first dibs on exclusive drops. You have the freedom to “skip” any month, which opts you out of the $59.95 charge any month you want to — as long as you do it before the 6th of the month.

However, you can also shop Fabletics at regular, retail prices without becoming a member. I did notice that they make it seem pretty enticing to join as VIP, but unless you are confident that you’ll want to place multiple orders there per year, I do not think VIP membership is worth it.

I have multiple things on subscription — Amazon things, my postpartum hair growth supplement, my favorite probiotic and Daily Harvest, so I’m not afraid of a subscription. But, I don’t purchase workout gear on a regular cadence and I doubt most people do, so the membership doesn’t really make sense. Yes, they will send you emails to remind you about the upcoming charge with an option to skip, but if you’re not proactive, it’s easy to forget. And it’s not the easiest process to skip either — finding the confirmation button requires you to pay CLOSE attention on the website.

Can you cancel Fabletics VIP Membership after the first purchase?

Yes, but it’s not easy. You can’t do it online in your account settings – you have to talk to a customer service representative at 1-844-322-5384. Annoying.

A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review

So, what do I think? Let’s break it down into five areas: Quality, Style, Value, Variety, and Customer Service/Ease of Use.

Fabletics Quality

I found the quality of the items in my most recent Fabletics order to be good. For the price (which is more affordable than Lululemon at full price and REALLY affordable at the VIP price), the quality is higher than I was expecting. It’s not quite as good as Lululemon but better than the Amazon workout gear I own.

The leggings have great compression, aren’t see-through, and hold their shape. I also really like the color options. The most noteworthy thing to keep in mind while shopping is that I found Fabletics leggings (and tops, honestly) to be VERY tight. The compression is really nice and holds you in all over but it’s not anything I want to lounge in like Lululemon Align leggings or my favorite Amazon lululemon legging dupes.

The sports bras and tanks are supportive and flattering. All of the options I tried had padding. They were all too small on me with the exception of one, but I think that’s only because I don’t really know my bra size right now since I’m newly postpartum and breastfeeding.

Fabletics Style

It’s cute! Nothing is super groundbreaking, but I do think the back detailing on their sports bras is really fun and unique. I definitely think anyone could find a style they like.

Fabletics Value

If you’re a VIP member, the value is REALLY good. When I placed my most recent order, the total retailed for $759.40 but with all of the VIP discounts, I spent a whopping $167.88 for 12 items. That is a pretty good deal, especially considering I like the clothes.

For retail pricing, I think the value is fair. It’s a little cheaper than Lululemon or Athleta, but I do think those are better than Fabletics in terms of fit and quality.

Fabletics Variety

Fabletics has stepped up their game in terms of variety. They have SO many styles and categories now. Not only do they make workout gear, but you can buy dresses, bags, swimwear, and even scrubs from Fabletics. And the men’s section is good too!

Customer Service

A few years ago, I thought it was pretty bad. I had to work with Customer Service a number of times on exchanges since things ran small and because I was missing a tank from one order. They always got my issue resolved, but they were difficult to deal with. Also, when I tried to exchange things, they were often sold out of the item I wanted by the time I got my order and realized I need to exchange it.

I haven’t needed to speak with customer service since I most recently ordered Fabletics, so it may have improved now. However, the low stock issues still persist. If/when I need to deal with customer service, I will update this!

Is Fabletics worth it?

Actually, yes… IF you are good about remembering to skip if you don’t want to be charged. I also think it could be a great deal if you also buy your husband or boyfriend clothes with your credit. Considering how much money I saved on such a large order, the VIP was 100% worth it. However, I don’t think I’ll want or need another large Fabletics haul for a while, so I’ll likely cancel my membership until I think about needing new things. That’s easier for me than setting a reminder to “skip” each month. Yeah, I’ll have to deal with customer service, but my savings on the first order were worth the hassle.

I also think it’s important that I note that “skipping” isn’t as easy as it should be. While Fabletics will send you an email reminder before the 6th, when you go into your account to skip, they make it a little bit confusing and hard to find the actual skip confirmation. I had to scroll down two full scrolls on my phone to find it, and I actually thought I already skipped before realizing that I hadn’t found the correct button. Be wary of this!!

My Fabletics Order

Define PowerHold® High-Waisted 7/8 Legging

The Define PowerHold® High-Waisted 7/8 Legging is great. The compression is nice, I love the high waist, and this Elemental Blue color is really pretty in person. I hate side pockets on leggings, so the lack of pockets sold me too. I have an XS and they’re very tight when putting them on, but then they feel fine. I think that’s the intended fit, but just keep that in mind when ordering.

Principal Low Impact Bra

I got the Principal Low Impact Bra in Elemental Blue to match the leggings, and the set is SO good together. The bra is supportive (even as someone who’s breastfeeding), and the back is really cute. I have a small.

All Day Every Day Low Impact Bra

The All Day Every Day Low Impact Bra is VERY flattering. I love v-neck styles and this bra is no exception. The support is light (which I expected), but since I’m breastfeeding, I just need a little more support than this gave me. I ended up returning, but I’m wearing a size small below.

On-The-Go PowerHold® High-Waisted Legging

The leggings I’m wearing in the photos below are the On-The-Go PowerHold® High-Waisted Legging. Unlike the blue pair above, these have pockets (which I don’t love, but that may be your preference). These leggings have the same amount of compression as the pair above.

The One Jogger

I’m always ordering and trying joggers because it’s difficult to find a pair that fits my petite frame. I was pleasantly surprised by the One Joggers. I have a size XS short. They’re very lightweight and have zip pockets. These were designed for women after the men’s version was so successful. But, I still prefer my Athleta Venice Joggers by a long shot.

Oasis Rib Twist Built-In Bra Tank

I REALLY like the Oasis Rib Twist Built-In Bra Tank. The length is perfect (not too short, but not too long), the support is fair, and the back is really cute. The material is the Fabletics Performance Rib, which is their softest fabric.

Anywhere Built-In Bra Tank

The Anywhere Built-In Bra Tank reminds me of the Lululemon Align tank. The cut is similar, it’s low impact and breathable, and made with Fabletics’ eco-friendly Motion365+ fabric. I have a size small.

One Cargo Skirt

I ordered the One Cargo Skirt to match the Anywhere Built-In Bra Tank and I thought the full outfit was really cute. I like the lavender (I’m having a purple moment right now). It’s lightweight and has built-in shorts. I am wearing a small.

High Tide Zip-Front One-Piece Swimsuit

I LOVED the hot pink color of this High Tide Zip-Front One-Piece Swimsuit. The zipper front is really cool and sporty, but also feels tastefully sexy (it’s also nursing friendly!). I ordered a size small but I couldn’t even get it on my body. Definitely size up if you try it.

The Belt Bag

The final product I got was the Belt Bag. I wanted to see how it compared to my Lululemon and Amazon belt bags. I think it’s fine, but it’s not great enough to order over Amazon. If you’re already placing a Fabletics order, then sure, add it to your cart. But don’t buy this on it’s own and pay for shipping when you could just order from Amazon.

Okay, that’s all I got! I’ll update this post if and when I order more. Lastly, thought it would be fun to include an older photo from when I published this post in 2018! I hope this info was helpful as you’re shopping for Fabletics!

Terilyn Adams wearing the Fabletics oula tank circa 2018

Do you use Fabletics? What has been your experience?

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    51 responses to “A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review”

    1. I’m glad you did this post/review, as I’ve been wondering about Fabletics. I’ve been on their website a few times browsing but I’ve never purchased. I probably will now (and I’ll be sure to use your link ????)!

    2. It looks like a bunch of question marks are in my post- I don’t know why :/

    3. I tried and did not like. The crazy sizing was too big of a deal, and the customer service just more than I have time for. The quality on most items was fair to good. Others not so much. I cancelled (after a long time on the phone with customer service.) They will cancel you, but not until you hear all the reasons and deals you should stay a member. And , I don’t like that you are automatically charged unless you put on hold every single month.

    4. I’m guilty of signing up for VIP and only making one order – primarily due to binging on the sale rack at Paz. I loved the pants that I ordered for running – they were warm (which I wanted for winter runs), bright red (visible for sure), and had a hidden pocket. I wasn’t as impressed with the top but its fine. It helps to know that you like the brand!

    5. Thanks for the review. I’ve been really curious about Fabletics but hesitant after hearing so many negative reviews about Ellie (or whatever they used to be called).

    6. Love this! I just wrote a blog post myself and included a section about Fabletics (non-sponsored). I totally agree with every point you made! I am a huge fan of Fabletics and love any excuse to buy more workout clothes:)

    7. I’ve read some reviews about Fabletics from a few other bloggers, and yours is by far the most thorough and honest (maybe b/c you are not being paid to review them?). I may decide to check them out (and use your referral link of course), if for no other reason than they seem to offer unique designs I have not seen elsewhere. I have such a hard time justifying buying non-discounted fitness apparel, though – it’s the Maxxinista effect. 😉

      • Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad you found my review helpful! I hope you like what you get and find it to fit the Maxxinista ways! 🙂 I also find it hard to pay full price for fitness apparel!!

    8. Unfortunately as a paying member of Fabletics my experience with the quality has not been the same. I have ordered twice and the seam on the pants after two washes is coming undone. When I tried to return them I was on the phone for over an hour on hold. On August 5th, 2014 I attempted to cancel my account after being unable to Opt Out. I emailed letting them know that the Opt Out option was not available on my page and they said they will NOT charge my card and Opt me out for the month. A few days later my card was charged. I am still unable to get a hold of anyone in customer support to reverse my charge or cancel my account.

    9. I tried and was disappointed in the quality of the sports bras, however, I am a runner and used to sturdier garments. Even though I am small chested and would only use for yoga, I still think the quality could be better. One of the long sleeve tops I ordered was as thin as a kleenex. Also, when I tried to reach Customer Service, I was on hold for over 21 minutes. I cancelled my membership.

    10. Thank you for posting this – I tried Fabletics, and while I too was impressed with the sewing, I did not like the way the feel of the material they use – not soft or even particularly stretchy – very synthetic, kind of like wearing plastic, and in my humble opinion, kind of cheap feeling. Like you, I feel that the outfits look good on, but I just didn’t care for how they feel on my skin.

      I’ve actually had good experiences with customer service – an order never came and they just sent another one, without charging me. When I did decide to cancel, I was able to do so without issue. Maybe they’ve gotten better – or maybe I got lucky!

    11. Thanks for this excellent review. I’d considered ordering from them, but was hesitant due to the fact that I had no idea how the sizing would be and how easy it would be to exchange things. On the site I saw that lot of the items I liked (which were not very many) tended to be sold out in the bigger sizes, which is an issue for me as I am, let’s say, front heavy on top. Based on that and your candid review, I’ve decided that Fabletics is not for me.

    12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is an advertisement for Fabletics on the side panel of your review. I get that when I start searching for products, they will continue to show up on other pages that I read as advertisements, but do you not have control of the advertisements that show up on your page? It makes it look like you’re sponsored by Fabletics.

      • Hi Leah – I am not sponsored by Fabletics. Some ads I have control over and some I don’t. The Fabletics ads you see are likely contextual or retargeting ads, meaning they appear because Google (whose ads those are) realizes the page has content about Fabletics so it serves up relevant ads, or it’s retargeting you specifically because you recently visited the Fabletics site. The ads appearing for me right now are Nordstrom because I was just checking out some boots. 🙂

    13. Love your blog! Just wanted you to know I am trying Fabletics and used your referral link. Thanks for all the info!

    14. I am thinking of joining Fabletics and wanted your opinion on sizing. I am a buxom on top (36C) on top and wear a small in the champion/underarmor brand for pants. Do you think a medium or large on top? Do the pants run small or large?

    15. I really want to love fabletics. I’ve ordered a few outfits and have liked the quality, but I don’t understand why they can’t just offer items for sale at reasonable prices. Every month, I find pieces I like, but not in the configurations they are suggesting…meaning I end up paying more to get them ala carte. They will allow you to exchange bottoms for bottoms and tops for tops, but then you risk them being out of stock on the item you want by the time you receive the original order.

      Don’t understand why it has to be so complicated. Just is all so silly.

    16. I am considering becoming a member of Fabletics. Although I’ve read the fine print about purchasing or not each month prior to the 5th that is not my concern. I am a true 18-20 and I am concerned about the clothing being to small if they are not a true 18-20. They do have some very lovely choices in workout wear. I’ve read many of the complaints and very few positive things about this website. So before I click the join link is there anyone out there that can direct me to another website with as many colors and designs as this website??? Help!!! My old workout clothing are all faded and I need some quality new ones. Thx

    17. I have been nothing but disappointed, both by the Fabletics company and my purchases. I got a tank that looked cute…until I washed it. Now the lining constantly shows over the top of the tank in front. I also got some capri pants, and the seam around the calf is uncomfortably tight (and I have narrow calves – so much so, that I have trouble finding tall boots that fit properly). Additionally, they charged me a mandatory monthly fee, and have ignored my attempts to contact them via email. I tried to call, and their answering message gives no information about their hours of operation. It’s a terrible company, and I wish I had avoided them altogether.

    18. This company is built on a scam. Any purchase on their website will sign you up for VIP. It’s a membership where they sell points every month unless you contact them to stop. They will also not refund your money because your good money is now points.

      I’m fine with a subscription based company if it explicitly stated. All of Fabletics language is to avoid telling you that they charge your credit even if you don’t make a purchase. I was drawn in by a first outfit half off offer not realizing that it would cost me double for a product that is over priced in the first place. I’m sorry that this company succeeds buy doing such a disservice to it’s customers. Now when I wear the outfit I just feel burnt by how much it cost me and how stupid and powerless I was.

      • I agree. It is a scam and i wish the media would pick up on it. There is nowhere to opt out of buying like they say you can. Show me if it exists

        • I have a “Skip This Month” button when I log in and have never had issues skipping or getting charged incorrectly. And I skip more often than not and just order a la carte. I hate you’ve both had issues!!

          • I have not had any issues with skipping either. I have had items I did not want and they were easy to return and easy to use the credit. The phone operators were very friendly and helpful when I needed them too.

    19. Did you sign up before writing this review? I have some of their clothes. It is junk. It is low quality. I disagree with you that it is a good value. It isn’t quality like Old Navy, Gap, Lululemon or even Aeropostale. If you do become a VIP you are to sign into your account 1-6 of the month so you won’t be billed– but if you sign in there is nowhere to OPT OUT!! You are automatically billed the 49.95 a month plus shipping to canada! (if canadian). This is a horrible company. Shame on Kate! Is she broke, is that why she is scamming now?

    20. Hi! I used Fabletics for months before I wrote a review because I wanted to make sure I had enough experience to write a fair review. I have a “Skip This Month” button when I log in and have never had issues skipping or getting charged incorrectly. I hate you’ve had issues!! I wonder if it’s a problem with the Canadian site. I actually know someone that works there now – I’ll send them a note and let them know about the issues you’ve had!

    21. Hi!
      Can anyone clarify the sizing! I just signed up for Fabletics to try it out and ordered the following items:
      Aventura Tank – XS
      Salar (red) Capri – XS

      I am about 5’7ish/ at around 122 pounds- on the slenderish side. I ordered based off the sizing chart which put me at an XS- but I normally NEVER wear XS- Because I do not like my clothes too tight! Would you ladies recommend me following their size chart OR staying at my normal sizes (small/medium)? Would you say they are true to their recommendations for their sizing?

    22. Does anyone know what time they release the new outfits on the 1st? I can never seem to get the items i want in stock.

    23. Hi, I was wondering if you could speak to their return policy and exchange policy. I’m worried about signing up and not liking whatever I get. Or not fitting in it

    24. I have been a member of fabletics for over a year and have spent approx. $2000 dollars on GREAT products. I have skipped many months with no issues. I have returned many things with only one issue of taking my credit two weeks to post, which I called and got a nice comp due to their delay. I am a gold member so I get to pre buy which is nice. I also take advantage of their fit finds, which I LOVE!! Overall, I have had no issues AND have earned over $50 in free $$ from referrals and many free things with my accumulated points. I bike, jog, do Pilates, agility with my dog, garden, and lounge in These clothes. They are awesome!!! I am 5’10”, 175lbs and 40″ waist and 36DD. I wear a size large tall in most things. The clothes hold up in washings- I never dry them for I fear shrinking due to cotton. The color never fades and the compression never diminishes. I am not affiliated with fabletics at all!!!

    25. Kate Hudson should be ashamed. First, I joined as a VIP and was supposed to get an outfit for $25; instead I was charged $39. When I emailed customer service they gave me an excuse that did not address the situation or make sense. So okay, I thought I’d give them another chance. Bought an outfit and returned it because I did not like the fitstyle. I took a store credit because you are charged a fee for returning items. (Found that out when I returned a prevoius order.) However, in order to get my $30-$40 credit, I had you spend at least $100. WHY?!? It’s my money. If I had known, I would have paid the return fee.

      All this occurred in December-January. When I went to the website today to opt out of my monthly outfit for February, I saw that my credit is completely gone. So now I’m out about 40 bucks. What a scam! Ticked off so I tried to cancel VIP. Had to call 3 times before I got an actual person to cancel. The virtual customer service representative “Anna” would not let me. Beware!

    26. What is the blue top you’re wearing in the picture where you’re outside? Thanks!

    27. Hi there
      I just stumbled across this and it is VERY helpful!!
      I’ve been debating for a while (I LOVE lulu lemon,but live in The UK and it’s very pricey here – I normally wait til I travel to the U.S. or Canada to buy mine).
      I’ve just re started yoga and started barre, so need some new workout clothes.
      I’m going to give them a try! There’s a lot of bad reviews about, but your one seems pretty genuine.
      Best wishes

    28. Have a concern about Fabletics’s quality control. When my order (1st one btw) was received the receipt said six item shipped when only four were shipped/received. Upon calling the company I found out that one item was out of stock yet the shipping receipt did not reflect that. The receipt said that item was shipped along with another item that was just completely missing. I caught the issue and customer service resolved it, however, I am worried that the quality control is not up to par and other customers will be or have been adversely affected. At best case, this was just an oversight; worst case, this is a scam. I advise that everyone look closely at their shipping receipt and make sure you receive what you pay for!!!

    29. Thank you. Just joined Fabletics yesterday, read your helpful review today. Can’t wait for my first order to arrive.

    30. Thank you for the review. I know the comments are mixed. I was debating between Old Navy active wear and Fabletics. I was considering Fabletics because of their scrubs for work. Would you consider Fabletics quality to be better than Old Navy or Target? I am not concerned with skipping of monthly billing as I have several online subscriptions and set reminders 10 days in advance.

    31. This was SOOOO helpful. Idk why they make the vip membership explanation so confusing. This was a great review.
      Thanks again, and congratulations on your baby!!

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