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My Favorite Amazon Workout Clothes

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I’ve written a long list of Amazon posts over the last year, but one topic I haven’t covered yet is workout clothes. I’ve shared my favorite Amazon athleisure pieces, and I did include a few workout sets in this post about what to wear to pilates, but I figured it was time for place where I could share ALL of the workout sets I’m loving for all types of workouts. And the nice thing about blog posts is that I can update my favorite picks seasonally!

So today’s post is just that: A haul of my favorite Amazon workout gear + a few things that are in my cart currently.

My Favorite Amazon Workout Clothes

Workout Tops

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Neck Longline Sports Bra

This long sports bra/cropped tank is on rotation for me weekly. If I’m not wearing it for a Peloton ride or pilates class, it’s only because it’s in the wash. It’s stretchy and comfortable, but it holds me in really well. It wicks sweat just as well as any top from Lululemon, and the color is hard to pass up. I wear an XS in this.

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Square Neck Longline Sports Bra

This square neck navy tank is also in my regular rotation. It’s one of the most flattering workout tanks I’ve ever worn, and it’s comfortable. I LOVE the lower neckline that’s a little sexy but still modest and practical, and the cropped length pairs perfectly with high waisted leggings. This runs true to size and I wear an XS.

HeyNuts Longline Zeal Bras

This burgundy scoop next tank is another good one for Peloton rides or pilates! I got this last fall and still love it. The neckline is a classic scoop neck and fits true to size. I prefer how the CRZ tops look just a little more (the high neck and square neck styles), but that’s all personal preference.

Pima Cotton Tie Back Workout Tank

I just ordered this tie-back tank for summer running and absolutely love it. The back tie detail is a fun touch (and makes it a better option for runs or peloton instead of a workout where you’re laying on your back). I got hot pink in size XS.

Short Sleeve Breathable Athletic Top

I tend to go for loose tanks over short sleeve shirts If I’m running, but this short sleeve running tee is JUST like the Lululemon Swiftly tee and since that’s such a popular style, I wanted to share this lookalike. It’s comfortable and flattering, and comes in a ton of colors. It’s exactly like the Swiftly tee, so just get this instead. I swear a size XS and own the light pink color.

CRZ YOGA Pima Cotton Cropped Tank

I’ve always liked loose cropped workout tanks since they’re a nice option when something skin-tight just isn’t comfortable. This is a pima cotton, so it’s slightly less sweat wicking than other workout tops. This top is cropped (and I’m 5’1″ for reference), but it’s super cute paired with high waisted leggings or shorts.

The Gym People Cropped Workout Tank

This is another option for a loose fitting workout tank, but a different brand than the top above. If you like a more traditional athletic material, I would go for this rather than the option above. I got this in white in a size XS.

HeyNuts Wherever Crop Top

This simple black crop top is a tank I just got and I loved it as soon as I put it on. It’s padded like a sports bra but the length of a tank. It’s flattering and comfortable and has a decent amount of compression without feeling too tight. This will work for all types of workouts, even running. I wouldn’t run 10 miles in it but for a shorter run, I think there is enough support.

The Gym People V-Neck Longline Sports Bra

This padded v-neck longline sport bra is an almost identical lookalike to the Lululemon Align tank. The v-neck style is flattering and the color options are really fun. This is a perfect option for pilates and peloton.

Workout Leggings and Shorts

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings

This pair of HeyNuts workout leggings is almost identical to the Align style from Lululemon. They’re my favorite affordable option for low impact workouts and fit almost perfectly. My only issue is that the rise isn’t perfect on me and I do have to pull them up every so often, but that could be because I’m 5’1″. I stopped buying Lululemon leggings because these are 95% as good for a fraction of the cost. I wear my true size XS.

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Workout Leggings 25″

This pair of leggings is another great budget option for the Align style. They are just a tad bit thinner than the HeyNuts pair above, but not significantly. I own both brands because I got tops from each brand and wanted the exact color match for the leggings. My one note for these is that the lighter colors are a little thinner than the darker shades. I wear the darker colors more often because I feel more confident in them not showing through when I sweat. I wear size XS.

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Biker Shorts with Pockets 6″

This is the best pair of Amazon biker shorts at a budget-friendly price. I first bought them in a nude color to wear underneath dresses (mom-hack!), but the material was so good that I bought a black pair for peloton rides! I wasn’t sure if they’d be high enough quality to wear for running but they are SO SO GOOD. I wear a size small.

The Gym People High Waisted Running Shorts

I ordered these high waisted running shorts to see how they compare to the Lululemon Speed Up shorts. The inseam is not quite 4 inches, but it doesn’t feel too short. The extra-wide waistband is super comfortable and there is a back pocket that should fit a phone. These run true to size and I got a small. (I would typically order an XS but I’m pregnant so I wanted a little room. They are slightly loose so just order your normal size.)

Blooming Jelly Quick-Dry Running Shorts with Pockets 1.75″

I own another pair of Blooming Jelly shorts that I LOVE (see below), but someone told me that these are even better. I’m super excited to try them! I ordered a size small in Navy.

Blooming Jelly High Waisted Running Shorts with Zipper Pocket

This pair of hot pink running shorts shocked me because the back is longer than the front, which I love and I haven’t seen that often. I struggle to find workout shorts that flattering without showing too much booty, and these are such a great affordable find. I got hot pink, as you’d expect. I wear a size small in these.

Workout Accessories

Hair Ties

This is the only kind of hair tie that holds my hair for a run without getting loose. I swear by them.

Injinji Running No-Show Toe Socks

These toe socks might look silly, but if you struggle with toe blisters or crowding in the front of your running shoes, these are a serious game-changer. My toes always want to cross over each other and this fixed it.

Simple Modern 40 oz Tumbler

I do NOT think the Stanley 40oz water bottle is worth the hype and this Simple Modern tumbler is why. I wish everyone would try this because it’s 100% better than the Stanley; it’s slimmer, lighter and doesn’t leak near the straw. And it’s cheaper!

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