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Do you guys remember the old YouTube videos people made about what was in their bag? I loved watching those! I find it so interesting to see what people carry everyday, and I thought it would be fun to share what’s in mine.

As a mom to an almost 3 year old (how is that possible!?) with another on the way, there’s no shortage of stuff in my purse. And while I wish I could consolidate a little more, I usually end up wishing I had more things with me. You never know when your son is going to need a toy car, you know?

Alright, let’s jump in.

What’s in My Purse?

First, let’s talk about my purse itself. I’ve carried the same bag for about 7 months now, and have two different colors. And you’ll never guess where it’s from…Amazon. But when you find a tote this good (that also looks identical to the Naghedi St. Barths tote), you get two colors!

I’ve recommended this tote to all of my friends in real life and online. It’s made with a vegan leather that’s super durable, so you can wipe the whole thing down if you spill something on it (which is inevitable with a toddler). It’s unlined, but the weaving is thick enough that nothing slips through. The size is also worth noting: it’s the IDEAL size for an everyday purse. It holds everything I need (including my laptop), but it’s much smaller than some totes I’ve had in the past. This bag feels like the perfect blend of tote and purse.

I own both the apricot and forest green colors.

Okay, now onto what I have inside:


I finally got a smaller wallet that can fit into all of my bags and I’m SO glad I did. The one I have is old from Cuyana, but this is very similar. I also love this $28 find for a cheery and bright option.

My wallet is a few years old and honestly, too big. I’m on the hunt for a smaller wallet that can hold a few cards and some cash, since that’s all I ever really need. If you have recommendations, let me know! I’m eyeing this one. It’s only $28 and it’s so cheery and bright!


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my car keys have been a saga this summer! First I flushed them down the toilet to the point that they were unrecoverable, and then I left them in Hannah’s camera bag and realized it the morning we were leaving the beach, haha!


If you know me in real life, you know I am drinking LMNT more often than not. It’s my favorite electrolyte but I don’t drink it only before, during and after workouts; I drink it throughout the day as well so I keep multiple packets in my purse. I used to drink Nuun, but this is 10x better. It’s ultra salty and contains no sugar. If you’re active or find yourself thirsty all day, you should try this. You can snag a free sample pack with any order you place through this link. If you want more info, read my full review.

Maracujua Lip Products

My favorite lip balm and gloss is by Tarte, in their Maracujua line. It’s smooth, natural looking, and comes in a fun applicator. I think I might own every single shade of every single variation of Maracuja products, no lie. You can get 15% off anything from Tarte with the promo code terilyn15. I listed out my very favorite Tarte products in this review.

Beautycounter Lipstick

It’s inevitable that I also have a Beautycounter lipstick rolling around somewhere in my purse too. They released a new line of lipstick this summer called the Statement Maker Lipstick, and it’s SO good! It applies very smoothly, like a balm, but the color and coverage is bold and more impactful than a gloss or glossy lipstick.


My very favorite pair of sunglasses is actually a somewhat affordable pair by Le Specs. They look good on every face frame and have held up for years. I like that they are plastic and sturdy – I’ve even gone on a run in them before! Snag them from Revolve for free two-day shipping.

Bluetooth keyboard

When I was going to fertility appointments a few times per week this past spring, I would end up sitting in the waiting room for HOURS some days with nothing but my phone. And while the wifi was terrible, I was able to get a little work done on my phone because of this bluetooth keyboard. If you write lots of emails, you know how annoying it is to type on your phone, so this was a game-changer. Your phone props up on the keyboard itself and holds it for you. It’s only $32 and comes in a pretty light pink. It’s also compatible with an iPad or tablet.

Sunscreen Powder

I’m really diligent about wearing sunscreen under my makeup everyday, but I’ve also been taking this little powdered sunscreen applicator with me in my purse. It’s basically a little makeup brush but there’s mineral SPF powder in the handle that dispenses as you use the brush. I wouldn’t use this as my only sunscreen for the day, but it’s a great way to touchup and reapply!

Lots of cars

Like I mentioned in the intro, Thomas is in a BIG car stage right now. I have anywhere from 5-10 toy cars in my purse any given day.

Portable Phone Charger

I love this little iPhone charger when I’ve been out all day. It’s so small and I love there are no cords to get tangled in my purse.

Squeeze Fruit Packs & Fruit Gummies

I always have a fruit pack in my bag in case Thomas gets suddenly hungry. For squeeze packs, he will only eat the fruit & veggie ones from Costco. For fruit gummies, he likes these Soley Gummies from Whole Foods and I like the ingredient list!

Claw Clips

I always keep a claw clip in my purse incase I want to put my hair up. These are my current favorites.

Ginger Chews

You won’t catch me leaving the house without ginger chews. They’re so helpful for my pregnancy nausea, but they’re also just a yummy treat after a meal. Pregnant or not, I keep these with me at all times. I’ve tried a few different brands, but right now I like the Gin Gins from Amazon.

The Clean Ball

I buy these on Amazon and put them in the bottom of all of our bags. It keeps everything clean.

Makeup Tote

I always keep a mini bag of makeup in my purse for touchups. I leave a few of my favorite products in there so that if I’m in a pinch, I can freshen up. Right now my makeup bag has a mini mascara (from a holiday set), a concealer, a random shade of the Beautycounter cream blush, and a few other lipsticks/glosses.

What’s in your purse?

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    1. I recently switched to an itty bitty purse from a giant mommy bag. Half of those things wouldn’t fit! I always always always have lip balm though.

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