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Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Review

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Beautycounter has been discontinued! Read about what happened to Beautycounter (and when it might come back) here. In the meantime, I have lots of great recommendations for Beautycounter product swaps linked in this post. Also, be sure to join my email list so you can be the first to know when your Beautycounter favorites come back.

If I had to pick one product (other than eyebrow gel), that makes my face feel truly alive, it’s blush. Even if I’ve done a full face of makeup, I don’t feel fully finished until I add some blush for a final touch. The little bit of color on my cheeks makes me look more awake and a little more natural (especially if I’ve applied foundation).

Beautycounter has carried powder and cream blush for years, but in the recent months, they announced that they are reformulated their powders and cream blushes. The powders are being reformulated to be talc-free and won’t be out for a while. But the new cream blush launched a year or so ago and I got to try it in advance (consultant perks!), so I’m sharing my review today. In short, I’m impressed. And I was skeptical.

Meet the Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush!

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Review

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Review

First, all of Beautycounter products are made with clean and safe ingredients. If you’re not familiar with Beautycounter and how it’s different from other beauty brands, read this post. So for starters, it’s different from other cream blushes on the market since they go above and beyond to ensure product safety. It’s much creamier, applies more easily and more smoothly, and blends better. I also feel like it’s more hydrating. Plus, there are a LOT more colors — eight shades vs. the previous three they used to have. You can get a barely there makeup look or a really bold pop of color, depending on your preference.

The formula is super buildable, which is my favorite part. It doesn’t require a tool, just your finger, and it looks so natural. It’s made with made with jojoba ester and carnauba wax, and I find it blends super easily.

The eight Cheeky Cream Blush shades are:

  • Havana – carnation pink
  • Cider – soft peach
  • Chai – dusty rose
  • Rosebud – rose pink
  • Paloma – warm apricot
  • Lychee – bright rose
  • Truffle – warm terracotta
  • Goji – crimson red

I have four shades and my personal favorites are Chai and Paloma.

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Review

Looking at Goji and Rosebud in the packaging, I was certain they’d be too bold on me but I was surprised how pretty they looked. They really are buildable.

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Shades Review

Hannah also owns Lychee (pictured below).

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Lychee

Choosing your shade can be a little difficult, but if you’ve ever used Beautycounter’s previous blushes, this is how they correspond:

If you used Color Pinch Cream Blusher in:

  • Hibiscus – Try Rosebud or Lychee
  • Caramel – Try Chai
  • Umber – Try Truffle or Goji

If you used Satin Powder Blush in :

  • Melon – Try Havana
  • Nectar – Try Cider or Havana
  • Guava – Try Havana or Rosebud
  • Passionfruit – Try Havana or Rosebud
  • Raspberry – Try Goji
  • Sorbet – Try Rosebud
  • Date – Try Chai or Truffle

What I like about Cheeky Clean Cream Blush

Buildable formula for the perfect flush

This cream blush is made in a compact, so instead of putting the product directly on the skin like you would with a cream blush stick, this is made to be applied with your fingers. It’s easier to control how much product is applied this way vs a cream blusher stick. And, compared to a powder, I find using my fingers gives me more precise application so I can put it exactly where I want, blend it where I want and build more color where I want.

Easy to use

This is what surprised me most. I was certain that I’d think the powder blush was easier to use than the cream blush, but I keep reaching for the cream blush over my powders. That says something! It’s faster, easier to use and looks more natural.

Lots of shades

In the past, Beautycounter’s cream blush only came in a few shades. This new Cheeky Clean Cream Blush comes in eight shade options, covering WAY more skin tones. I’m partial to Paloma and Cider, but since you can use these as lip color too (more on that below), I branched out and purchase a few shades that are bolder too!

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Review

Super moisturizing

I love the way this blush feels. Some cream blushes feel like clay, and you have to sort of drag them across your skin to blend them out. This is totally different. I use two fingers to tap into the blush a few times, and then I tap my skin to apply. I find that bouncing the blush on my skin using a beauty blender helps it blend seamlessly.

Long lasting

It’s super important to me that my blush lasts throughout the day. I have dry skin, so it works perfectly on me. If you have oily skin, you may want to reapply a little throughout the day since it’s also oil based! The cute little compact has a built-in mirror makes it perfect for keeping in your purse for a mid-day touch up.

Can be used on your lips

This blush can be used as lip color too!! I LOVE this aspect. In fact, if you throw on of these in your purse, you can just use it for both daily! To use on your lips, just tap your fingertips into the blush, and pat onto lips! Easy peasy! It feels a little bit like the Sheer Genius lipsticks, if you’re familiar with those.

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It’s refillable

These compacts are refillable once you’re ready for new product! And not only is it refillable when your favorite shade runs out, you can also pop in any other shades. In order to refill the compact, flip it over and use a household tool like a bobby pin to press into the hole on the back. This releases the blush so that you can put a new color in, and it will pop right back in. Here’s the link for the refills.

Beautycounter Blush refillable
Beautycounter Cream Blush refillable

Note that since the compacts are refillable, the color blush you order will not be printed on the compact. The color will be on the packaging and also on the actual blush cartridge, which you can see when you pop the cartridge out.

blush cartridge

How To Apply The Cream Blush

Using your fingers allows you to have full control of how much product is going on your skin. I also love that the natural oils of your fingers actually help blend it in and make it look even smoother.

Step 1

The most important part of making sure your makeup goes on flawlessly is making sure you’re taking care of your skin with skincare that works for you. Always use a moisturizer before applying any makeup! Apply your makeup primer (if you use one), foundation or tinted moisturizer, concealer, and then your bronzer if you typically wear it. Next, you’ll apply your blush.

Step 2

Tap two fingertips into the blush a few times.

Step 3

Tap your fingers at the top of your cheekbones, near your temples. Don’t put too much color right on the apples of your cheeks, rather, work up your cheekbone for more contour and a natural looking flush.

How To Apply The Cream Blush
Beautycounter Cream Blush on cheeks

Step 4

For a little extra blending, or to move the pigment a little further up the cheekbone, use a contour brush and bounce the blush up a little further. I find that my fingers do the trick most days, but a little help from a brush does make a difference! Finish with a little tap on your lips and some lip gloss to add shine and you’re ready!

Beautycounter blush on
cream blush on face

Pro-tip: Layer Peony Beyond Gloss over your pink blush on your lips for a great pop of color!

Is The Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush Worth It?

Yes, 100%. I love this blush SO much. While it’s a little different than a powder blush if you’re used to using one, you’ll love how creamy this feels and how moisturized your skin looks – especially in the colder months when you skin is likely dryer.

cream blush application

Here’s a look at the packaging!

Beautycounter cream blush packaging
Beautycounter blush shades
Have more questions?

This post has my skincare routine and this post has a makeup tutorial (with videos). If you need skincare recommendations, fill out this Skincare Survey and I’ll get back to you. I love helping people get safer beauty products.

Be sure to read this post with tips on how to save money on Beautycounter and feel free to join my private Facebook group for Beautycounter where you can ask questions all things beauty.

And as a note, this post does include affiliate links. I make a small commission off Beautycounter purchases, and I am SO grateful when you choose TeriLyn Adams as your consultant at checkout! If you found this post helpful, I hope you’ll shop with me! I am also able to follow up with you about your order and help in any way I can as your consultant! 🙂

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