Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer Review

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A review of Beautycounter’s Skin Twin Creamy Concealer and how it’s different from their previous Concealer Pen.

Beautycounter launched a new full-coverage foundation a few years ago, Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation, and I am obsessed (read my full review of the Beautycounter foundation here).  And then, they launched a concealer, the Skin Twin Creamy Concealer, to go with it. And I’m also obsessed. So when they pulled it for about a year while they re-did the applicator tip, I was so disappointed since it’s the best concealer I’d ever used. While I was unable to buy it, I tried a few other brands (Ilia and Tarte Shape Tape (which I love for full coverage too) and they were okay, but nothing is as great as this one! I’m sharing my full review below!

Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer Review

I used and loved Beautycounter’s old concealer, the Touch Up Concealer Pen, for years. I used it for dark under eye circles, any skin spots or imperfections, and the occasional breakout. (Thankfully my skincare routine has made my concealer needs pretty minimal!!) But, the pen did have its drawbacks, including how difficult it was to dispense the first time you used it (you had to click it like 50 times, no joke) and many felt like it didn’t provide enough coverage, even when I added another layer. Those issues have been addressed with the new Beautycounter concealer formula and packaging. Here’s what’s changed.

Better coverage 

Beautycounter increased this concealer’s pigment load for improved coverage that still looks natural. You can build the coverage from medium to full. The concealer pen was designed for light to medium coverage. If you struggle with breakouts or imperfections and use concealer to cover them, this provides much better coverage. But, unlike other full coverage concealers, it’s not sticky or tacky, something I always hated with previous full coverage options I tried. I felt like I damaged my skin, especially delicate under eye area, trying to blend those!

Better ingredients

Like all Beautycounter products, the ingredients in the concealer are safer than other brands, both from the drugstore and department store. Additionally, the Skin Twin Creamy Concealer is made with avocado butter-coated pigments for pure color, which feels like butter on your skin. It also contains knotgrass extract to give the appearance of smoother, firmer skin. All of that means it blends more easily, looks more natural and makes your skin appear better!

More shades

Just like the Skin Twin Foundation, the Beautycounter concealer comes in 20 shades instead of the previous Concealer Pen that came in only six shades. It’s much easier to create a look that matches your natural skin tone since you can get a better color match now. The below shade chart is really handy so if you know your Skin Twin shade, you can more easily pick the matching concealer shade!

Beautycounter Skin Twin shades range

New design

The old concealer came in a click pen. To dispense product, you’d click the bottom (similar to a mechanical pencil) until concealer came out onto a little brush. Then you’d apply it directly to your skin with the brush.

The Skin Twin Creamy Concealer comes in a vial (like lipgloss) so you have much more control over the amount you dispense. And, you don’t have to click a million times to get it to come out the first time – that was always frustrating with the pen, not knowing if it was broken or not! After they first launched the new concealer, there were some reports about the tip of the applicator breaking, so they took the product off the website for a few months, got the tip situation fixed, and now it’s back and better than ever.

woman applying concealer on face

You may have noticed the Beautycounter Better Blender in those photos too ;). It’s a great beauty sponge if you prefer to apply makeup with that over a brush. I tend to use my fingers most days.

How to use concealer

Start with clean, hydrated skin.

This is my skincare routine. And don’t forget SPF!

Next, apply your foundation.

I love the Skin Twin foundation.

Apply concealer

Then, you’ll move on to the Skin Twin Creamy Concealer to provide more coverage where your foundation didn’t provide quite enough. Typical areas that need more coverage are under eyes, eyelids (the skin there is very thin and can show veins which can make your eyelids look darker and more tired), around the nose and anywhere you’re having breakouts or have acne scars.

To apply the concealer, dab a very small amount to the area you’re covering up. Always start with less product than more! When you use too much product, that’s when creasing happens. (Applying foundation around your eyes also leads to creasing so leave that area clean and only use your concealer there.)

Then, using a makeup sponge blender or your ring finger (your weakest finger, which helps protect the delicate eye area), lightly tap the product into skin until it blends. Don’t rub the product into skin since that spreads it and won’t actually cover up the area you’re focused on. Repeat as necessary to get the level of coverage you prefer.

Set it

If your makeup tends to come off throughout the day, use a mattifying powder to help set it (I love the Blur Finishing Powder by Chantecaille). Tap a large fluffy clean powder brush into a loose, translucent powder, tap off any excess and then lightly press across your face.

Finish your cheek and eye makeup

After that, you can move onto blush, bronzer and/or highlighter and your eye makeup. You can see my full makeup routine on the blog!

Application tips

Covering Acne

For covering raised, active breakouts, sometimes applying a dot of concealer around the pimple, rather than right on top of it, looks better. I also recommend tapping on some mattifying powder to help set the concealer.

Eye Makeup

If you’re doing a lot of eye makeup, with eyeshadow in particular, you may want to wait to apply your concealer until that’s done. During eye shadow application, the powder can drift down to the under eye and cheekbone area and you’re left trying to clean it up, right after you applied your concealer. So keep that in mind! Another thing that will help prevent the drift is to tap your eye shadow brushes after you press it into the powder and before you apply it to your eyes to help shake off any excess.

This concealer has my full approval, and you can shop it on

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    7 responses to “Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer Review”

    1. Love this concealer too! Glad they are planning to bring it back with an improved design. Mine broke and it’s quite difficult to get the product out now.

    2. I’m so glad I found you here (I follow on Insta). I’m really intrigued that this can replace my shape tape- I fell in love with it a couple years ago so I’m hesitant. But I love beauty counter so I want to try this! I’m similar in skin tone to you with pink/red undertones. I wear 27b (light-medium beige) shape tape. Any advice what shade to choose? Thanks so much!

      • Hi! I have both Light 1 and Light 3 and use one for undereye (where I want to brighten) and one for my nose and chin (where I want it to match more closely). Hope that helps! In the summer, I will probably need a medium shade as I get more of a tan.

        Hope that helps!

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