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NEIWAI Bra Review + Sizing Tips

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I actually hadn’t heard of NEIWAI until I started hearing other influencers talk about it a year or so ago. After doing a little research and then getting some of my own NEIWAI bras, I learned two things: (1) the brand is known for making incredibly soft undergarments, and (2) I was missing out (big time).

As someone who is really quite picky when it comes to my undergarments, I was a little skeptical about how comfortable their products would really be, and if they’d fit as well as everyone said. So after trying a handful of their bras and wearing them for almost a full month, I actually ended up partnering with them to share the love with my readers.

That was earlier this year (in September!), and now, I’m re-sharing this blog post (without sponsorship) because NEIWAI is offering 30% off site-wide for a few days via the LTK app, and I want to make sure you get the hype.

I’m sharing a detailed review on each of the bras I own below, but here’s the short story: they are literally the most comfortable bras I have ever put on my body.

NEIWAI Bra Review + Sizing Tips for small & large chest sizes

NEIWAI makes a lot bras and other undergarments, but I’ve only tried five of them. I did my best to list them in order of my preference, but it was hard since I liked them all for different reasons. So, here are my thoughts on each:

Pure Comfort Ribbed Plunge Bra

The Pure Comfort Ribbed Plunge Bra is super popular, for good reason. It’s made of a super luxe cotton blend and the cups are extra thin (and wireless, of course). It’s not as supportive as some of their other bras, but it’s a really comfortable option.

The straps are adjustable and can actually be converted into a racerback style. This is my top pick right now because it’s so beautiful and it’s incredibly comfortable, but the material is slightly thicker so it’s PERFECT under thicker tops or sweaters (not as great under a slim-fit tee in the warmer weather). It’s honestly just so flattering and tastefully sexy. I wore a small earlier this year when I was 32 B/C, but I’m going to size up to a medium or large now that I’m in my third trimester and closer to a 34 D/E.

For quick reference, here are the important details:

  • Fixed, extra-thin cups: Cups don’t get folded in the wash
  • Adjustable straps: Can be converted into racerback style
  • Wide size range: I’ll easily be able to go up a size
  • Breathable with slight ribbing on the fabric

Barely Zero T-Shirt Bra

The Neiwai Barely Zero T-Shirt Bra is their newest launch, and it’s designed to shape and support your breasts with fixed cups and a low profile silhouette. It has a classic t-shirt bra cut and the straps are adjustable. This one has a back clasp.

All of the bras in the Barely Zero line are made with a very interesting (and seriously comfortable) material that adapts to your body and fits comfortably all day. I forget I’m even wearing a bra when I have this material on. Like all Neiwai bras, this is wireless.

This may not be the sexiest bra they make, but wow, it is comfortable and practical for day-to-day. It works really well underneath slim fitted shirts. Above the cups that are in the bra is a little piece of fabric that helps the cups lay flat against your body, which just makes the fit SO good. When I got this in July, I was a 32 B/C and this bra gave great lift, shape and support. I currently have the XS-S size, so I’m going to go up to the M-L size now with my larger pregnancy chest size.

Quick details:

  • Fixed cups: They won’t shift around and don’t become folded, even if you put them in the wash.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Low profile silhouette: Very feminine and perfect for a lower cut shirt.
  • Only comes in two sizes: Although they should work for the majority

Essential Support Bandeau Bra

I am always on the hunt for a great strapless bra, and this hits the mark. I’m pretty loyal to my SOMA strapless, but the Neiwai Essential Support Bandeau Bra is equally as good and perhaps better for larger chests. It’s their best selling strapless option with an anti-slip silicon band. Like the rest of the bras in this post, it’s wireless, and it does come with straps that you can remove. It provides great shape and lift.

I find that most strapless bras that I’ve worn have not had quite enough coverage, but this one holds everything in and there is no spillage. This style comes in traditional band and cup sizes.

For quick reference, here are the important details:

  • Non-removable padding: Does not get folded in the wash
  • Wide (removeable) straps: super comfortable and supportive
  • Poly-Spandex fit: Gives the perfect stretch and support
  • Comes in six sizes

3D Smile Support Cutout Bra

Next is the 3D Smile Support Cutout Bra. This is the lightest/coolest fabric of the ones I tried. The 3D Smile Cutout bra gives pretty generous coverage and lift with a flattering silhouette. The only catch with this bra is that it’s made for smaller chests so it wasn’t the best fitting option on me (and obviously doesn’t work currently), but still such a comfortable fabric. If you have a smaller bust, I’d imagine you’d really like this.

The 3D Smile Support Technology used in for this bra is what provides the support you want without feeling like you’re being squeezed. It also has a cutout in the front and high-ventilation mesh inside chest pads to keep you breezy and comfortable.

For quick reference, here are the important details:

  • 3/4 cup style: Provides moderate (not full) coverage.
  • Super breathable: Made with a high-ventilation mesh.
  • Great for smaller busts: I have a size small and probably should have gotten a medium, but I still think the coverage would be too minimal.

Barely Zero Spaghetti Strap Wireless Bra

The Barely Zero Spaghetti Strap Wireless Bra is very similar to the first t-shirt bra in the list, and is made with the same CloudFi design that’s breathable & moisture-wicking. The difference in this bra is that it’s a pullover style and the padding is removable. It doesn’t give quite as much lift as the T-Shirt bra, but it’s just as comfortable.

I think of this as a perfect “around the house” bra because while shape and support aren’t the main focus, comfort is. I wear this most often when I was in one of my loungewear or athleisure outfits . Also, I can see this being a great nursing bra since it’s so stretchy and easy to pull the straps down.

It doesn’t show bra lines at all, so it works well with form fitting tees too. I’m currently a D cup so I need a little more lift these days, but if you’re a smaller cup size, this would likely work well as a daily bra. It isn’t cut quite as low as the others and it does show with my v-neck shirts, but it’s a great option under crew neck tops and sweaters. This bra only comes in one size, so it’s not quite working for me right now.

For quick reference, here are the important details:

  • Pullover style: no claps
  • Removable padding
  • Higher neckline
  • One size fits most

Alright let’s get into some FAQs!

How to wash your NEIWAI bra?

Like all bras, you should hand-wash your NEIWAI bras in cold water with gentle detergent. I throw mine in the washer, if we’re honest, but I do place them in a mesh laundry bag and use the handwash cycle. I NEVER put them in the dryer, however. So, I lay them flat or hang dry them with this small space laundry rack.

What is NEIWAI’s return policy?

They accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of your purchase. For obvious reasons, they don’t accept returns on their briefs. They’re known for having great customer service and they promise customers satisfaction. You can email them at anytime with questions or concerns at [email protected].

How do you pronounce NEIWAI?

This was the first thing I googled when I heard about this brand! The answer is “nay-why”. The word means “inside and outside” which was NEIWAI’s goal when they created their brand and products. They blend aesthetics and functionality, which is my overall goal with fashion too. I always want to feel as good as I look, and Neiwai has done great job with this in terms of undergarments. This concept is becoming increasingly important as I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy right now too. Comfort is KING right now, and always. I also need to note that because my bust has changed a good bit throughout my pregnancy, I actually need to order ALL new sizes. Unfortunately none of these fit me as I’m re-publishing this post, which is truly so annoying because I love them a lot. While all of the bras below are stretchy, there’s just not quite as much stretch as I’d need to keep wearing same size as I was in September. I’m 100% placing another personal order while they are 30% off.

Is NEIWAI ethical?

Yes! They have a strong initiative to reduce packaging waste, but they are also very conscientious when sourcing the fabrics they use. They only use high quality, eco-friendly materials from suppliers like PrimaLoft®, VITA, and Carbon Zero by TENCEL™.

Additionally, NEIWAI only partners with manufacturers that meet the international standards in providing a fair wage for their employees and safe working conditions. AND, most of their packaging is recyclable.

Is NEIWAI worth it?

100% yes. These bras are some of the most comfortable undergarments I’ve tried. And as someone in their third trimester of pregnancy, I am ALWAYS looking for comfort. Since NEIWAI is female founded, you can feel confident that the person designing these bras knows what she’s doing. I think of NEIWAI as my lounging or everyday bras. Would I wear them to a gala or cocktail party? Probably not. But I would (and do, when I have the right size) wear them daily in my everyday life. I love how comfortable, smooth and soft each bra is, and I appreciate that they are all wireless.

I would LOVE to see how their loungewear feels and fits now that I love their bras so much. Maybe that will be my next review!

This post was orgininally sponsored by NEIWAI but I’ve since republished it without sponsorship because I love their bras SO much. All opinions are my own.

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