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The Beautycounter Promo Code & 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Orders

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Beautycounter has been discontinued! Read about what happened to Beautycounter (and when it might come back) here. In the meantime, I have lots of great recommendations for Beautycounter product swaps linked in this post. Also, be sure to join my email list so you can be the first to know when your Beautycounter favorites come back.

If you’re just looking for the Beautycounter promo code, drop your email in this form and I’ll email it to you (you’ll also get a free gift with your first purchase)! If you want other tips to save money and help justify the price of Beautycounter, keep reading.

I’ve been using Beautycounter skincare and makeup for 7.5 years. Their skincare completely transformed my skin and their makeup line is what made me fall in love with makeup. Now, my skincare routine consists of about 70% Beautycounter and 30% Colleen Rothschild. My makeup routine is about 80% Tarte and 20% Beautycounter. But for a while, my routines were about 90% Beautycounter so I have a pretty good sense for the best Beautycounter products (and what’s not so great)!

If you’re not familiar with Beautycounter and what makes it different, read my post about What is Beautycounter for an overview. This explanation of The Never List is helpful too. Those posts also help explain why their products are pricier than what you may be used to. So, let’s get into the best ways to save money on your Beautycounter orders. If you find this post helpful, I hope you’ll select me — TeriLyn Adams — as your consultant when you check out at

Beautycounter Promo Codes & How to Save More Money

Beautycounter takes ingredient selection very seriously since many ingredients in most skincare lines in the U.S. may have links to hormone disruption, cancer and birth defects. That’s why many women change their entire skincare routine when they get pregnant, but I didn’t have to; here’s my pregnancy skincare routine.) And most people start to learn about potential issues with their skincare routine after they get pregnant.

But, it’s not cheap so a lot of people struggle to justify paying for it, especially if you’ve been using drugstore brands like Cerave and Cetaphil. But remember, Beautycounter is a high-end, high-performing beauty brand. It’s not a drugstore brand. It’s designed to give you results, has active (yet safe) ingredients and is luxurious. Would you say that about Cetaphil? No. Beautycounter is priced more closely to products you’ll find at a department store, but I’ve personally found they last a lot longer than those brands since you use such a small amount. And, of course, their ingredients are safer.

But, there are a couple ways to save money when buying Beautycounter, both with and without a promo code. I share that information below as well as tips to get free shipping, free gifts and discounts on sets. And make sure you’re on my email list list since I email that group as soon as I know about discounts or free gift with purchase promos.

Beautycounter Promo Code

Beautycounter has a standing promo code, CLEANFORALL20, which gets you 20% off your first Beautycounter order. If you’ve shopped previously, sometimes you can use a new email address, but I think they are pretty good at flagging people who have already shopped and don’t allow the code. The code doesn’t apply to sets and regimens since the are already discount.

Occasionally Beautycounter will have a 30% off code for new clients, but it’s typically only a few times a year. Again, if you’re on my email list, I email whenever that happens.

Other ways to save money on Beautycounter

1. Band of Beauty

The next best way to save money is by joining their customer loyalty program, Band of Beauty. This is a $29 Beautycounter membership with product credit and free shipping perks. It’s not the same as becoming a Beautycounter consultant. Think of it more like Nordstrom Rewards or Sephora VIB, where you earn credit whenever you shop with those brands.

What does Band of Beauty get you?

10% product credit back on every order. This can be used on your next order. You’ll see the option to apply it when you’re logged into your account and about to checkout.

Free shipping on all orders over $100. If you order 2-3 products, you usually hit $100.

A welcome gift, if you spend $50 in product when you join. If you don’t see it in your cart, you haven’t hit $50. (The $50 threshold does not include the membership fee.) The free gift rotates, but it’s always something that’s a very popular item and is usually around a $40-$50 value. Right now, it’s their Glow First Primer.

Occasionally they’ll do member-only promos, like double Band of Beauty credit, so you’ll earn 20% back instead of 10%. And Band of Beauty members sometimes get the option to buy new products or holiday sets before they’re available to everyone else.

Is it worth it?

100%. Especially if you plan to purchase Beautycounter every couple of months.

For example, if you spend $150 on your first order, you’ve earned $15 back and saved $6.95 on shipping on that one order alone. (Or more, shipping can go all the way up to $19 since it’s based on weight.) So, even if you aren’t sure if you’ll shop again, depending on your order, it may be worth it just to save on shipping and get a free gift.

Since the average order is $150, product credit adds up very quickly. I see people redeem $20-$40 credits all the time. The product credits do expire 60 days after accruing them, and I email my clients to give them a heads up so they can use it before they’re gone, but keep that in mind.

How do I cancel my Band of Beauty membership?

It doesn’t auto-renew so you don’t have to cancel it. You’ll get product credit back on every order and free shipping on orders over $100 for a year. Then, if you decide not to renew, it just goes away.

How do I renew Band of Beauty?

You’ll use a different page to renew Band of Beauty vs. join for the first time. I try to always email my clients when their membership is about to expire since the Beautycounter emails don’t always go out or they often go to spam. And, when you renew, you’ll get a renewal gift. They rotate what it is, but it’s always good.

Okay, so Band of Beauty is the best way to save money on Beautycounter. Here are a few other ways. I’d say these are all equally good, it just kind of depends on how you want to shop, e.g. if you want to overhaul your routine (and even toss things out), if you are out of a lot of products or if you only want to shop a few times a year.

Okay, I think that’s all you need to know about Band of Beauty. Here are other ways to save money.

2. Replace products gradually

If it’s better for your budget, replace things as you run out so you’re not overhauling everything at one time. This also helps you avoid being left with product of another brand that you don’t use. If you want to ditch your toxic products for cleaner options, I’d prioritize buying things that go over your entire body first, like lotion and then next, prioritize things that you use daily or twice a day (like skincare). That’s what I did.

3. Buy sets

If you buy a skincare set, one of their regimens or collections (collections have larger sizes of products and include an eye cream) or a set of makeup (like their Flawless in Five), you’ll save money by buying it as a bundle vs. individually. It’s typically a 20% discount so this is a good way for current clients to save.

4. Sign up for auto-replenishment

Once you have products you love, set up auto-replenishment. This is like using Amazon Subscribe & Save. By signing up to receive your go-to products automatically, you’ll save you’ll save 5% on your first order and 10% on all subsequent auto-replenishment orders. You can always cancel if you need to — just do so up to 24 hours before your order is set to renew. You should get an email reminder from Beautycounter 24 hours in advance.

If you aren’t sure what frequency to set your products at, write the date on your products when you start using them with a sharpie. Then, you’ll be able to see how long your products last you. It will vary for everyone but in general, most products will last 10-12 weeks… but some will last much longer, like eye creams. (I’ve been using mine for 5 months.)

5. Shop during a Spend More, Save More Promo

Percentage-off sales come just 2 or 3 times a year. This typically happens during the Beautycounter Friends & Family Sale in April and again in November around Black Friday. The last time their Friends & Family sale happened in April 2022, these were the tiers.

  • 15% off sitewide (no minimum)
  • 20% off orders $250+
  • 25% off $250+ (for Band of Beauty Members only)

6. Shop during a Gift with Purchase promo

They do free gift with purchase promos 3-4x a year, usually around major holidays, like Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. But sometimes they’ll do free gift with purchase promos at random times and it’s hard to predict.

Consultants sometimes get a heads up 1-2 days before it starts, but not always. I always post in my Beauty Facebook Group whenever I get wind of a sale, so be sure to request to join that

Can you get free shipping at Beautycounter?

Sometimes. They’ll do free shipping promos a couple times a year, usually with a $50 shopping threshold, which is 1-2 products. The best way to get free shipping is by joining Band of Beauty. Consultants don’t even get free shipping so that’s a good perk for members.

I hope that was helpful! If you have questions let me know!

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If you’re unsure which skincare is best for your skin type or want help picking similar products replace any of your current ones, click here to fill out my quick skincare questionnaire and I’ll shoot you an email with my recommendations.

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    16 responses to “The Beautycounter Promo Code & 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Orders”

    1. Do you have any pictures of your face before Dew Skin and then with Dew Skin only? I’m trying to get a better idea of the amount of coverage. I think I will want a little more than it provides, but the Tint Skin doesn’t have SPF :(. Thanks!

    2. Terri, I live in Canada and am having difficulty processing my order because the Beautycounter site does not seem to allow for non-US shipping addresses. Does the company not ship internationally? Please tell me it does! 🙂

    3. Thanks for the info! Which of the collections is considered the most moisturizing for dry skin (I still can’t figure out from the friendly chart, not sure why ;)? Also, about how long does the dew skin last used 1x day?

      • Hey Molly! For extra dry skin, go for Countermatch! And if you still need extra hydration after that, you could add in a face oil.

        Gosh, I’d say the Dew Skin lasts 3+ months?? Maybe longer? You only use a small amount!

    4. I have been struggling with zits on my forehead now for a little while thanks to all of the sweating from summer running and my visor … but whenever I have used products on my forehead it either gets super dry OR super oily (quite the conundrum)! Do you think I just need to get some of the face wipes for post workouts?

      • Hey Lindsay! I would definitely try the face wipes post-workout. They shouldn’t make your skin super dry or super oily since they’re very balanced and designed for all skin types. Let me know if they help once you try them out! We could look at whole skincare routine too, which may help balance it overall, not just post-workout. Fill out this questionnaire and I can send you some recommendations:

    5. I have very oily skin. What do you recommend for a very pale oily skin person?

    6. Hi, I am interested in signing up for BoB but curious about the size of the “gift” you receive. Are they full size products? I can’t find anywhere where is states what the size of the gift you receive is. Is it just a sample size? THanks.

      • Hi! Have you purchased Beautycounter before? It’s only valid for first-time customers. What is in your cart? (It doesn’t apply to certain sets.)

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