Just a few of the questions that keep coming up in my DMs! If you have other burning questions, drop them in the comments below! 

Have you ever gotten botox? 


Have you ever done fillers? 

I haven’t! I used to be scared of them, but now I’ve seen a few people get them and look great so I’m not ruling it out in the future. 🙂 

What’s that expensive face serum you like? 

SkinMedica TNS® Advanced+ Serum. I have a review coming soon, and you can find my skincare routine here

What’s your favorite mascara? 

I have my makeup routine linked here! I keep it up to date as I change products.

Who does your hair and eyebrows? 

Jodi at Method does my hair and Kavita at Kaya Spa does my eyebrows! You can see more of my favorite Winston-Salem spots here.

What Nespresso do you have and what pods do you like? 

I have a Vertuo and the Intenso and Stormio are my favorite! I also love the half caff pods and the decaf Melozio.

What frother do you use? 

The Vertuo actually produces froth without anything added, and I don’t add milk or anything to my first cup of the day. If I make a second cup, I use this frother with Oatly Barista Blend milk. 

What is your office set up like?

I have a Fully Standing Desk and Fully Adjustable Standing Desk Chair. They’re splurgy, but SO worth it if you’re fully remote.

What running watch do you have? 

The Garmin 235. Read my review here!

What are your favorite running shorts?

Currently loving the Athleta Mesh Racer Run Short (I have three pairs!). If I’m running with my phone, I like the Lululemon Fast & Free or Oiselle Pocket Joggers since it goes in the back pocket and never bounces.

Did you run while you were pregnant?

Yes, and afterwards too. Here’s how my postpartum running journey went, and here’s how I ran through my pregnancy. 

Do you like Apple Airpods for running?

For running, Airpods are not my favorite. I prefer Aftershokz. But, for phone calls I can’t live without them since I like to pace while I’m on work calls or talking to family. 

I want to start running. Any tips? 

Start slow (pace and distance), be okay with walking, and eat something light before you go! If you want more support, join my running team

I just got out of a long term relationship. Any suggestions for being single in my 30s? 

I didn’t meet Tommy until I was 30 and we didn’t get married until I was 33. While I LOVE being married, you don’t get those single years back! So enjoy them! Prioritize things that are important to you – faith, work, travel, friends, alone time, new hobbies, etc. And remember that happiness isn’t dependent on someone else. Being with someone else adds to your life, it doesn’t complete it. Your life is complete and you are enough! With that mindset, you’ll be in a better spot to get into a healthy relationship if that’s in the cards. 

Where is Thomas’s play sink from? 

Amazon, linked here.

Do you have a promo code for XYZ?

Probably 🙂 All of my promo codes are on this page, and I keep them updated with accurate links! 

Do you really like the brands you partner with?

YES. You have my word that I won’t ever partner with a brand that I do not stand behind. 

Where is XYZ from?

I link all of my outfits on this page and also in the LTK app. 

What size should I order in XYZ?

I’m 5”1 and 115-120 lbs. I usually wear an XS in tops, size 25 in bottoms. I try to add sizing references to all of the applicable posts on LTK. 

Want more?

I have 1000+ posts on the blog about running, fitness, recipes, fashion, skincare, beauty and healthy living. Use the search bar for anything!