A Few Random Things I’m Loving from Amazon

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Last fall I decided to start sharing weekly posts with my favorite Amazon fashion finds, and it quickly became one of my favorite days of the week. Most weeks I highlight a specific type of clothing: fall dresses, workout clothes, warm weather tops, polished athleisure, etc. But every now and again, I find something amazing that’s kind of random and doesn’t fit into a specific clothing category. So today’s roundup features all of those things!

This week I’m including mosquito repellent cones, my favorite red/pink romper, screen protector, cleaning solution, and non alcoholic tequila. I also left in the random things I shared the last time I published this since I still love all of them!

I LOVE a good Amazon find, and if you have a favorite that you want to share, please mention it in the comments so we can all add it to our carts.

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Random Everyday Amazon Essentials

Mosquito cones

The mosquitos in our yard are next-level AWFUL since we live next to a stream. So bad, honestly, that I didn’t want to take Thomas outside to play in the afternoons. Murphy’s Natural since me these mosquito repellent cones and they have CHANGED MY LIFE. No more bug bites. Literally none. (For the record, Buzz Patches don’t work. Don’t buy them.)

Thomas’ backpack

This little backpack is the perfect size for kids 3-8 years old. It’s lightweight, doesn’t have too many pockets, and comes in a lot of cute patterns for little boys and girls. I got Thomas the trucks pattern, of course.

Thomas' backpack for Random Everyday Amazon Essentials

New Bento Boxes

I ordered these little four-compartment bento boxes for Thomas’ snack at preschool and love the size of them. I’d love it more if he actually ate the snacks I packed. 😉 I also bought one of these bigger lunch-sized bento box for field trips, road trips,etc!

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I got Thomas this stainless steel water bottle for school and I really like it. His drinks stay cool and they don’t get nasty (and worrisome with leaching) like his old plastic ones that seem to disintegrate.

Jumbo Crayons

I just think these jumbo Crayons are so cute and Thomas uses them at preschool.

Force of Nature Cleaning Solution

Force of Nature is my favorite cleaning solution EVER and I just realized they are on Amazon. It uses electricity to convert tap water plus a capsule of salt, water & vinegar into an organic multi-purpose cleaner, deodorizer, federal EPA registered disinfectant & sanitizer. It’s fun to use and works incredibly well. (My full Force of Nature review + how to read it is here.)

force of nature cleaning solution from Random Everyday Amazon Essentials

New Phone Case

I just got a new phone case and it’s making me so happy! Changing your phone case feels like you have a brand new phone, even when you don’t. (But I also do have a new one because Thomas BIT mine and broke the camera lens.) This case is sleek and not slippery. My popsocket still sticks to it really well though. 10/10 recommend!

Diamond Dazzle Stik Ring Cleaner

I love this little ring cleaner pen! It keeps my diamond looking as gorgeous as the day Tommy gave it to me.

Phone Screen Protector

I had never used a glass screen protector before, but Hannah talked me into getting it! It feels like such a no brainer now that I have it on here. I expected it to feel different than my phone screen and for that to bother me, but the protector itself is glass so it’s just like your regular screen. And protects it from toddlers who have a history of shattering your phone screen ;). I will note, however, that I’ve had a hard time with the back camera cover. My phone isn’t focusing as well now that that’s on there. Hannah doesn’t have this issue though, so it may just be a fluke.

Red Denim Romper

Yes, this is clothing related, but I wanted to add this red romper to this post because I think everyone should get it. It has a roomy, relaxed fit that even fits my 19 week bump (with room to spare), the material is SO soft, and the zipper front makes going to the bathroom super easy. I have a size small.

RITUAL Zero Proof Tequila

This non-alcoholic tequila alternative is a great option for mocktails whether you’re pregnant or hoping to be, trying to be a little healthier, or just want to skip the alcohol for any reason. I’ve really enjoyed it with a packet of grapefruit LMNT and some sparkling water (basically a paloma!). See how I make my virgin margaritas here.

Large Toiletry Bag

I am absolutely blown away by this $21 travel essential. For the last few years, I’ve been using this Barrington travel toiletry bag, and it worked fine. But I was only able to fit my makeup in there. So for every single trip, I’d take three bathroom bags: 1 for makeup, 1 for skincare, and 1 for my hair products. On my trip to Utah, I was able to fit ALL of my makeup and ALL of my skincare (which is an extensive 6 step routine) in this one bag. And it takes up less space than my Barrington bag did with just my makeup. I recorded a video showing you how much it fits and how small it zips up, so you can have an idea for just how great this thing is.

woman holding a toiletry bag from Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.11

Magnetic Cord Holder

I ordered two of these little cord wranglers a few months ago and now I can’t live without them. It’s essentially a magnetic little block that rests on your night stand or desk. You can place the end of your charging cord right on the block and it won’t slip off, so it’s right where you need it each night. BRILLIANT. I keep a second one on my desk to catch my laptop charger since it immediately falls under my desk when I unplug it and I had climbing under there to grab it.

Magnetic Cord Holder amazon everyday essentials

Small Space Drying Rack

We keep this little hanging rack in the bathroom and it saves SO much space. If you prefer to hang dry some of your clothes but a full size drying rack is just too cumbersome, you’ll love this. I put it on the back of my door since I can’t reach the shower curtain rod, but it’d be easier to use on a rod!

iPhone Mirror Mount

Every time I record Instagram Stories in my bathroom, I stick my phone on the mirror with a little thing like this. I get questions about it all the time about it, and even if you don’t record videos for a living, it’s super helpful for using self timer to take photos. If you think you’d use it, get it.

Ember Mug

This is THE best coffee mug ever. And if you have any pregnant friends, this Ember mug makes the perfect gift for a new mom. It keeps your coffee hot for HOURS. I was a little confused by how the charger worked, but it’s just a little coaster that your mug can live on when you aren’t using it. The charge lasts a LONG while, so you will only need to charge it when it’s put away and clean.

Nanit Travel Kit

We absolutely LOVE our Nanit baby monitor, and I can’t recommend the travel kit enough. If you have the Nanit, GET THIS TOO. The top of your regular Nanit monitor pops off and then stores in the travel kid and then attaches to the little stand. I take the travel kit on every single trip!

Handheld Car Vacuum

I was telling someone the other day that I really wanted a small handheld vacuum to use in my car. I just ordered this and it’ll be nice to keep my car cleaner between visits to the carwash. Ask Thomas why it gets messy.

Car Purse Hook

If you’ve never used a purse hook in your car, this will change your life. I was finding that anytime I took a turn, my purse would fall over and the contents would spill out into my passenger seat. This hook goes on the headrest of your seat and gives you a small hook to hang your bag. You can hang it off the back of the seat when you have a passenger, or twist it to the front when you’re alone. It’s SO nice to not have to reach to hold onto my purse when I’m driving!

Billie Shave Cream

You don’t know the luxury of high quality shaving cream until you try this stuff. I heard good things, but now that I have it, I don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about it. It’s THE most smooth shave I’ve ever had because the shea butter creates a protective barrier. A tiny bit goes a long way for one shave. I haven’t tried their razors but I also hear great things.

Another thing I appreciate about this is that it’s in a plastic bottle rather than a metal one that’ll rust in your shower. It’s small and takes up no space, and it squeezes easily. Just a great design and product all around.

Billie Shave Cream for Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.11from amazon everyday essentials

Davids Natural Toothpaste for Kids & Adults

This toothpaste is great for all of the regular reasons, but it’s REALLY great for the cool, old-school design. It uses a little key to turn the tube and squeeze the paste out, and it’s just a small thing that makes me happy. It’s a fluoride-free and SLS-free toothpaste, and this particular one is great for kids since it’s fruity. The minty one is better for adults, which is my favorite.

Colored Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses

These glasses are a patio essential! They’re unbreakable, 16oz, and come in the most fun colors. I love the look of Estelle glasses, and these are very similar, but the price is just SO good (and you don’t have to worry about glass breaking!). Only $25 for 4, so they also make a great hostess gift.

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    1. As someone who is NOT a fashionista (hello, sweatpants!), I really actually am loving this Amazon roundup series! Amazon intimidates the heck out of me when it comes to finding good quality clothes that fit true to size. So thank you, first of all! Second – I am also nearing 40 but love my gym time and love a great pair of black leggings. But can we please talk for a minute about WHAT UNDERWEAR you’re supposed to wear with leggings! I am anti-thong for a bajillion reasons, but my invisible panty line underwear are made from fabric that makes me sweat even more. So. Help a fellow 37-year-old out here. What are the cool kids doing? And do I have to do it, too?!

    2. Hello!
      For the nippies, both hyperlinks go to the same amazon product. Can you confirm which ones you recommend for under the unlined bathing suit, and which one you recommend for if you want an extra lift?
      Thank you!

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