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Pregnancy Workout Outfits for Every Trimester

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This pregnancy has been totally different than my first. When I was pregnant with Thomas, I was motivated to run everyday (including the day we went to the hospital to have him), I wanted to get dressed in “real” clothes everyday, and I honestly felt pretty dang good physically from my second trimester onward! This pregnancy, however, has been more challenging. Don’t get me wrong, I’m THRILLED to be pregnant, and I know that every single hard moment is totally worth it, but I’m just exhausted!

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m 39 or if it’s because I’m still taking hormone injections or because I’m running after Thomas (or maybe all three!), but I haven’t wanted to run or workout as much as I did the first time. And that’s totally fine! However, when I do workout or run, I end up feeling 10x better throughout the rest of my day. It’s great for my physical health, but it’s also a huge boost for my mental health as well. It really helps with my nausea too (which has been ongoing even into my second trimester).

So while I’d rather stay on the couch some days, I’m forcing myself to move my body. And to help motivate myself, I ordered some new workout clothes that are maternity specific. A lot of my pre-pregnancy workout clothes are were working at 21 weeks, but I knew I’d be more comfortable in something that was actually designed for a growing bump, so I did a little shopping.

I’ll say this forever, but there’s nothing more motivating than a new workout outfit or pair of running shoes. It just does the trick for me! Today, I’m sharing my recent maternity workout finds from Amazon. Since I’ll only be pregnant for a few months in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t want to spend a ton on new clothes that I’ll only wear right now. AND, I’ve been consistently impressed with Amazon’s workout sets in the past, so I was excited to see what I could find for this bump.

I’m including my recent Amazon finds below, and I’m also including some workout clothes that I wore for my first pregnancy so that I could share some third-trimester favorites even though I’m not quite there yet this go round. Let’s jump in!

Pregnancy Workout Outfits for Every Trimester

POSHDIVAH Maternity Yoga Shorts

These maternity yoga shorts were by far my favorite pick of my whole Amazon haul! They are SO GOOD. So comfortable, the fits is perfect, and I love the material. I paired them with my non-maternity v-neck Amazon workout tank and loved the combo. I got a size XS in the 5″ length.

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Y Back Maternity Tank Top

I fell in love with this Magenta workout tank from Amazon. The color is so rich and feels perfect for fall. The fit is great too — I love CRZ Yoga’s workout clothes when I’m not pregnant, so I felt confident this would be a winner too. If you ever had the Power Y tank from Lululemon, this is just like it. I ordered a size XS and I can tell it’s will fit my entire pregnancy. I also bought this tank in the Taupe brown color and felt like the shade was a little to light. So, I felt sort of meh in it. I think it would be a great option if you have darker skin!

CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Maternity Leggings Over The Belly 25″

I bought these matching magenta maternity leggings to go with the tank above. The color is just slightly different, but it’s hard to tell and I don’t really mind. I ordered an XS in these as well and feel the same way I do about the tank ––I can tell they will fit throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

I bought the Taupe color in these leggings as well but didn’t love the color on me.

CRZ YOGA Womens Butterluxe Maternity Yoga Shorts

Like I said before, I love me some CRZ Yoga! These maternity yoga shorts were SO soft! Unfortunately they were a little big on me, but keep in mind that I’m 5’1″ and super petite. I feel confident that they’d be perfect on someone with a bigger bump or who’s taller. They get my stamp of approval, even though I didn’t end up keeping them for myself. I ordered a size small which may have been the issue! I should have tried an XS. The inseam is 6″ rather than 5″ like the first pair I linked and loved.

POSHGLAM Maternity Shorts

So many influencers have shared these loose maternity shorts and I was so bummed that they were too big for me! Like the shorts above, I know they’d be perfect on someone with a bigger bump and more height. The quality felt great and the style is nice and relaxed. They were so comfortable and lightweight! I got these in a small (they don’t have an XS) and they were too big. I would say they do run TTS if you’re not 5’1″!

POSHDIVAH Maternity Bodysuit

I ordered this maternity onesie because I’ve been loving this FP Movement Runsie I got earlier this summer so much. It was too big on me, but I can tell it would be perfect on someone taller who has a bigger bump. I’ve seen influencers I follow wear this exact bodysuit and rave about it, so I do think it’s a worthwhile recommendation, especially as a budget option for the FP Movement one.

SYROKAN Adjustable Sports Bra

If you’re in need of a budget friendly sports bra that works well for pregnancy (and nursing), this adjustable Amazon sports bra is the way to go. The straps are velcro and unlatch from the front, making nursing much easier pre or post workout. You can also adjust the sport of this bra by tightening the velcro straps.

SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, I cannot recommend the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra enough. It’s THE single most supportive sports bra I’ve ever worn (too supportive for when I’m not pregnant!). You can adjust almost every part of it, and the front zipper makes it much easier to take on and off than other sports bras. I love this for nursing too. You can read my full review on the blog where I share more details.

Half Zip Oversized Sweatshirt

I don’t know if this oversized half-zip technically falls into the workout gear category, but I wear it before and after my workouts and it’s definitely perfect for a bump, so I’m including it. I LOVE this sweatshirt! The taupe color is super pretty (and better than the taupe workout set above), the length covers my bum which I appreciated for form fitting shorts, and the collar stands up on it’s own. Winner winner! I have a size small. It has very similar vibes to the famous Lululemon Scuba pullover.

POSHDIVAH Over The Bump Maternity Leggings

The majority of my non-maternity workout leggings still work for me right now as long as I wear a longer top. But in the event that I want to wear a sports bra or a cropped workout top, I wanted to have maternity specific leggings that weren’t part of a matching set. These are a great option for an over-the-bump legging. I have an XS in these.

HeyNuts Pure&Plain 7/8 Athletic Leggings

For non-maternity specific leggings, I love the brand HeyNuts. I have a couple different pairs now, and I’d say they are about 90% a good as Lululemon. I just sized up to a S in this Pure&Plain pair since I was starting to want something with a little more room, but they run true to size if you aren’t pregnant.

G4Free UPF 50+ UV Shirts

I haven’t tried this loose fitting workout top yet, but the reviews are great and I LOVE the high low style! The side slit will be perfect with a bump too. I could really use some looser fitting workout tops for when it cools off. If not for workouts, then just for athleisure. I would likely size up one size in this since it’s not maternity specific.

Non-Amazon Maternity Workout Gear

While I’m wearing mostly Amazon this pregnancy, I wanted to share the pieces I loved during my first pregnancy since I was running more than I am now! I’d say the picks above are better for low impact workouts, and the below finds are a little better suited for running.

Lululemon Align Shorts

If you’re ready to spend a little bit more than those Amazon picks, go for the Lululemon Align Shorts. They were, by FAR, my favorite piece of clothing for pregnancy workouts when I was pregnant with Thomas. I got hooked on the Lululemon Align Leggings a few years ago but was skeptical of the shorts for some reason. But, after realizing how comfortable the leggings are as my belly grew, I purchased the Align Shorts. The Align fabric is very lightweight and the waistband is VERY stretchy without ever feeling like it’s stretched out. They worked all the way to 38 weeks and at that point, they finally wouldn’t stay up on my belly and I had to fold them under my bump.

I’ve purchased the Align Shorts in the 6″ length and while they also come in a 4″, I prefer the longer version since inner-thigh chafing has become an issue since getting pregnant. (I’ve had some chafing there over the years but not consistently like I do now!) I did size up from my regular Lululemon shorts size but I think my normal size probably would have worked too since I’m still able to wear my Align Leggings in my usual size.

pregnant runner wearing Lululemon Align Shorts

Sienta Maternity Rio Shorts

Once I got past 38 weeks while pregnant with Thomas, my beloved Align leggings and shorts didn’t stay up under my bump. I loved the slight support these Senita maternity shorts gave with the thicker material once it got cooler. This is a photo from 40 weeks pregnant when I’d just gotten back from a run in the Senita maternity shorts.

TeriLyn Adams  wearing senita maternity shorts
Sienta Maternity Rio Shorts with pockets

Lululemon Align Leggings

Similar to the Align Shorts, the Lululemon Align Leggings are incredibly comfortable, even when not pregnant. When I’m riding the Peloton, I prefer the Align Leggings or Align Crops for a little more coverage vs. the Align Shorts. It’s a bit uncomfortable if my inner thighs rub against the saddle. Which makes me think… I bet the Align Shorts 8″ would be PERFECT since even with AC, it can get toasty with the sun coming in! I wear these and my Amazon leggings interchangably. Also, I need multiple pairs of leggings since I try to workout everyday.

Oiselle Light Lux Swing Tank

I love how stretchy this Light Lux Swing Tank is by Oiselle. It’s perfect for stretching over a bump and also works when you’re not pregnant. If you’re a runner, you may already know about this brand, but if not, you HAVE to try their clothes! I wore it a ton when I was running and pregnant with Thomas. I have it on in the photo below!

Pregnancy Workout Accessories

Pregnancy Workout Accessories

FitSplint Maternity Belt 

When I was running while pregnant with Thomas, I LOVED this this belly band. It helped my severe round ligament pain.

woman wearing FitSplint Maternity Belt 


While I don’t always run with my phone, after I fell while running in my first trimester with Thomas, I never run without it. I use the SpiBelt to carry my phone and have for over 8 years. It’s faded but never stretched out like some other belts I used in the past. I love it! If I want to listen to music when I run, I use my Shokz headphones.

Nathan Speeddraw Hand Held Water Bottle

Running with water is a must for running and especially when pregnant since I get hot more easily. I carry this hand-held water bottle with ice water on every single run, and put LMNT Electrolytes in it too!

I hope this helps if you’re expecting!

What pregnant workout outfits do you/did you swear by during pregnancy?

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    1. Thanks for the review on different products! When did you find you needed to start wearing the band?

      • I used it pretty early on (maybe 10 weeks?) to help relieve bladder pressure and kept using it to help support my belly as it grew!

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