The 3 Best Maternity Leggings on Amazon

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For my first pregnancy, the majority of the months where I was showing and dressing for a bump were in warm weather. I wore a ton of dresses since they were cute and comfortable with a growing bump. But with my second pregnancy, the majority (or at least the portion of pregnancy where you’re dressing for an obvious bump), was spent in the cold weather! For the last few months, I practically lived in leggings.

I’d argue that most pregnant women feel the same way. The idea of pulling a pair of jeans over my bump just sounded miserable for the last few months, even though I did find a handful of GREAT maternity jeans that I rounded up in this post. Thankfully, I discovered three different pairs of leggings on Amazon that carried me through my entire pregnancy. I feel passionately that these three brands are the only ones you need, so I’m sharing the best Amazon maternity leggings below.

And if you’re looking for more maternity clothes, I linked all of my most-worn non-maternity maternity clothes in this post.

The 3 Best Maternity Leggings on Amazon

Best leggings for 1st and 2nd trimester

HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings

I wore my favorite pre-pregnancy Amazon leggings for the entirety of my first and second trimester. In fact, I wore them all the way up until 35 weeks when the waist band finally started to slip down. And get this– I was wearing the exact same size as pre-pregnancy until then too! The HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings are SO comfortable and stretchy that you don’t even need to size up. They feel 90% as good as the Lululemon Align leggings that everyone loves, but the price tag is much, much better. I found that these didn’t fade in the wash, either.

In my third trimester these started to slip and that’s when I knew I should switch to a true maternity legging. I tried sizing up in the HeyNuts Essential 7/8 Leggings first, but even two sizes up slid down. I wear an XS in these.

Best leggings for 3rd trimester

POSHDIVAH Maternity Leggings Over The Belly

When the HeyNuts leggings stopped staying up in my third trimester, I pivoted to true maternity leggings. The best pair I found was the POSHDIVAH Over The Belly Maternity Leggings. The fit was true to size (I got my typical, pre-pregnancy size), and the belly band is super stretchy and comfortable to wear all day, but it does not fall down. They have slightly more compression than the CRZ pair I’m sharing below. I wore these for both athleisure and working out.

I wear an XS in this style.

Best Maternity Leggings for Workouts

CRZ YOGA Womens Butterluxe Maternity Leggings 25″

For just working out, I also loved the CRZ YOGA Women’s Butterluxe Maternity Leggings 25″. The pair I have is magenta, so it wasn’t something I wore often as athleisure (I like black leggings for day-to-day wear), but I loved working out in them. I wore my pre-pregnancy size in these well. These are a bit stretchier and a little more “relaxed” in terms of compression compared to the Poshdivah pair above. And since the color was so fun, I made sure to get the matching CRZ YOGA Butterluxe Y Back Maternity Tank Top so that I could wear them as a workout set. The top also fits true to size. I wear an XS in both.

Best Maternity Biker Shorts

POSHDIVAH Over The Belly Bump Shorts

While these don’t technically fall under leggings, I wanted to include them because they are my warm weather alternative! These Poshdivah Over The Belly Bump Shorts are my favorite compression/biker short for the third trimester. I didn’t wear them often since the last few months of my pregnancy were throughout the winter, but if you’ll be in your third trimester in the spring, go ahead and snag this pair of biker shorts. They run true to size and I have an XS.

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