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My 6 Favorite Petite Maternity Jeans

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As someone who’s 5’1″ and pregnant, finding jeans that fit me and my growing bump properly can be a challenge. Being petite comes with challenges when shopping in general, as you already know if you’re reading this post. For years, I didn’t like to order clothes online since the fit was so hard to choose. But thankfully, the world of online shopping has gotten much more size inclusive, and I’ve found a few retailers who carry petite fits that I absolutely LOVE.

Today I’m sharing the 4 pairs of jeans I’ve been wearing throughout this pregnancy and two styles that are on my wishlist. If you’re looking for maternity jeans that fit your petite frame, I’ve got you covered in this post.

My 6 Favorite Petite Maternity Jeans

Distressed Petite Maternity Jeans

If I could only have one pair of maternity jeans, it would be this pair of distressed maternity jeans from Abercrombie. They are on trend (I also own the same style in a non-maternity fit), very comfortable, and they don’t fall down, which is a struggle with many maternity jeans.They come in multiple washes and sizes, and are under $100.

Straight Leg Maternity Jeans

The next pair on my list is a 90’s straight leg maternity style from Abercrombie that’s almost identical to the distressed pair. I find the distressed pair more flattering on me, so I’ve been wearing them more. But for a non-stressed style, these are a great option. Also under $100, also come multiple washes and fits, and also the same style as non-maternity jeans.

Straight White Maternity Jeans

These straight white maternity jeans from Madewell are an over the belly style and so flattering! I do think skinny jeans look better for a bit of a contrast between a large bump + more fitted bottoms, but I just hate putting on skinny jeans when pregnant. It’s SO hard! These don’t stay up quite as well as the Abercrombie ones but it’s not a deal breaker.

Skinny Blue Maternity Jeans

There are two brands of maternity skinny jeans that I love, when I’m wearing skinny jeans: Madewell and PinkBlush. Both are over the belly, which is great for later in pregnancy. While I prefer the wash of my Madewell style, the Pink Blush skinny pair looks better on the bum. They both seem to fall down a bit so I’d size down in these to account for a bit of stretch.

When I was shopping for maternity jeans, I had friends recommend the Liverpool Petite Mira for over the belly maternity skinny jeans, but when I went to order them, I realized that style was old and Liverpool doesn’t carry maternity styles anymore. If you were lucky enough to snag a pair of these when they were available, I hope they’re as great as I hear they are. I hear amazing things about Liverpool jeans (they carry petite and plus sizes).

Another style I want to try is this black pair of maternity skinny jeans from GAP that comes in short lengths.

Flare Maternity Jeans

I don’t own a pair of flare maternity jeans, but I’m eyeing this pair of Better Butter Over the Bump Slim Bootcut Maternity Jeans that are sold at Nordstrom. The wash is stunning and dressy (the best I’ve seen!), which is what I’m looking for. I also appreciate the price tag (under $70!). Note that this style is a true FLARE, not bootcut (I hate bootcut).

Maternity Overalls

I know so many expecting moms love to wear overalls during pregnancy, but I haven’t found a pair I love yet! Since I’m petite (5’1″), finding overalls that are the right length is difficult for me. However, if I wasn’t petite, I’d order this super cute pair of maternity overalls from GAP. I especially love the white wash.

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