Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol. 14

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Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.14

Spring is finally feeling close, and I’m SO happy about it. I played golf for the first time this year today, and just being outside in the sunshine was glorious. Things have been busy and somewhat stressful these last few months while we’re in the midst of a fertility journey, but the sunshine and spring weather have done wonders for me!

With spring on the brain, I’ve been cleaning out my closet. I’ve noticed I tend to do this around this same time each year. I’ve started taking things to Winston Wardrobe, where they sell clothes secondhand (kind of like Poshmark but they do the work for you!!), and I’ve also been donating items to Redress. It feels SO good to clean out the things I don’t wear to make room for some new items.

In case you’ve missed it, I started doing Amazon Fashion Roundups every week back in November. I’ve had so much fun sourcing items from our favorite Prime Shipping retailer – and honestly, the quality of some of the items I’ve found has shocked me! So much better than I expected (with a few losers too!)

I hope that these roundups help you find things you love for your closet (and don’t forget to purge the stuff you have but don’t wear). My general rule is that if I haven’t worn in in the last 12 months and I don’t have an occasion where I know I’ll wear it in the next 3 months, it goes. Or, if I put something on and I don’t feel my best, I take it off and put it in the sell or giveaway pile!

Okay, back to this week’s picks! Today, I’m rounding up a few favorite athleisure finds, some cute spring/summery dresses, and a few swimsuits!

Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.14

Lightweight Quilted Jacket

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep this jacket since I have so many jackets already, but I’ve worn it 3 times in the last week (with the tags on, ha!) so it is obviously something I’m going to get a lot of use out of and I’m going to keep it. It’s super cute with jeans and I’ve also worn it with shorts, which you can see here. I have an XS.

lightweight quilted jacket

Waterproof Stretch Hiking Shorts

If you read last week’s Amazon roundup, you know I had ordered these but they hadn’t arrived yet. Now that they’ve come in and I’ve tried them on, I can recommend them with full confidence. These shorts are SO cute, so functional, and they filled a missing spot in my closet. I wanted a pair of shorts I can wear all day in Boone that feel practical and aren’t just running shorts. And I know I’ll wear these for much more than hiking! I have a size Small. See them on me here.

Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.14

Scoop Neck Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit

This $23 one piece swimsuit is in my cart already because I need to at least try it, considering it has 17K four+ star reviews. I LOVE a one piece, especially while running around the pool or beach with Thomas, but I also appreciate a fun, feminine style. I love all of the color options, but I’m planning to order the light blue.

Crew Neck Striped T Shirt

I’ve always loved stripes, and I’m really happy to see stripes all over the new arrivals at some of my favorite retailers. They’re going to be a big trend this summer! Since I tend to opt for cut off denim shorts at least 50% of the time when I’m getting dressed in the spring (I wore them yesterday!), I want to have a good rotation of cassual shirts to throw on. I’m going to order the V02 Green color in this easy tee.

One Piece Color Block Keyhole Cutout Bathing Suit

Another one piece that’s in my cart! I love the color block pattern, the shape, and the fact that it’s full coverage in the back. This is only $34, so it’s a no brainer to at least try.

The Drop Pattie Block-Heeled Mule Sandal

Another blogger shared these heels and I IMMEDIATELY added them to my cart. I love a block heel for spring and summer, and you can’t beat this price. I love the white linen color. I’ll pair them with jeans and dresses.

Crop Tank and Maxi Skirt Set

When I shared the outfits I packed for Dominica, so many of you loved the matching sets I ordered! The pink and floral sets are both sold out, and I’ve had a request to share a few other sets that would be cute for a vacation. This combo is perfect: The top is cropped (and definitely not something i’d wear on it’s own), but paired with this maxi skirt, you have a winner! The black skirt is sold out, but I love the white and pink options too.

Goodthreads Heritage Fleece Beefy Crewneck Sweatshirt

I find that a cute, lightweight sweatshirt is something I always overlook in the spring, but I’m ALWAYS reaching for a layer when I have the AC running. I got this sweatshirt a month or so ago, but I wanted to share it again since I found myself wearing it today!

I’d size up one size, since mine shrunk a tad (I have an XS). I’m wearing the cream color which is almost sold out, but they have a few other neutral colors still available. If you are specifically looking for a cream color, try this!

Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.14

Vegan Leather Woven Tote

This was another item I shared in a previous post that I wanted to re-share now that I own it! I’ve been on the hunt for a casual tote since the one I have is pretty dressy, and this is perfect! The ONLY qualm I have is that it has a slightly weird smell out of the box. I’m sure the smell will go away with a little fresh air. If you like the Naghedi St. Barths Large Woven Tote, you’ll love this. And the price is much better.

I have the bean green color in size Large.

Vegan Leather Woven Tote | Amazon Fashion Favorites: Vol.14

That’s all I’ve got for today. Happy shopping!

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