SheFit Sports Bra Review + why it’s my favorite running bra ever

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Since I’ve been running for over 20 years, I know the importance of a good sports bra. And as a woman whose cup size has fluctuated a lot due to pregnancy and postpartum, I know how frustrating it is to find a bra that fits only to have it not fit with body changes. SheFit solves that problem since it’s the most customizable sports bra I’ve ever found.

When I was running while pregnant, I tried a lot of bras out, ultimately landing on this bra from Amazon because it was affordable and comfortable. I wasn’t ready to do a ton of research and invest in a new running bra quite yet, since I was really liking my Amazon bra. And my mileage was becoming less and less as I neared my due date. (I did run the day I went to the hospital to have Thomas, however, and I’m super proud of it!) However, once I had my son and began my return to running postpartum, I knew I needed to invest in a high quality sports bra that was nursing friendly AND gave me great support.

SheFit Sports Bra Review

In my research, I discovered SheFit, a company that was pitched to SharkTank in 2016 on episode 716. The brand was created by Sara Moylan, a woman who was not setting out to start a business, but rather, looking for a solution for her own problem. Sara struggled to find a sports bra that was supportive enough for high intensity workouts. She found she had to decrease the intensity of her workout in order to prevent her breasts from feeling sore. When she couldn’t find the product she wanted on the market, she decided to make it herself.  Before pitching to the sharks, she even had a kickstarter campaign that got her going. I loved learning about the beginnings of SheFit– so fascinating!

SheFit is known for their the Ultimate Sports Bra, a fully adjustable sports bra that was designed for high impact and had great support. When I saw the size range they offered, I was so excited to try SheFit. Today I’m going to share my honest review, after trying a SheFit bra on runs for months.

Let’s jump in!

While SheFit it best known for their Ultimate Sports Bra, they make a few different sports bras in addition to the Ultimate. Now SheFit offers low impact bras, bras for women with smaller chests, an everyday bra, and even tops and bottoms. Today I’m going to dedicate this post to a review of the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra since that’s the one I have.

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra Review

The Ultimate Sports Bra is a sports bra with fully adjustable fit and support. It’s made with bounce-taming fabric (!!) for total control. Before I ordered it, I read that you could adjust the shoulder straps AND the band under the cups. I also knew that it used a zipper to open the bra completely. So you put it on like you’d put on a jacket. The velcro shoulder straps and the bounce-taming fabrics were initially the most appealing things about the bra to me since I knew I needed a nursing friendly bra and something to provide support for my, ahem, VERY large chest while breastfeeding.

My first impression was that this sports bra was HIGHLY engineered and very-well thought through.

I was also so impressed that it came with its own laundry bag to help me take care of it! You can tell a woman created this bra because even the smallest detail like a zipper lining (to prevent the zipper from rubbing) was added.

Putting on the bra was slightly challenging at first because the fabric is really strong and doesn’t have much stretch. When I did get it on, it took me a few minutes to get used to, just like any new bra would take. I honestly didn’t like it for the first few runs because it feels so different from other bras (i.e. not stretchy!). But now I only run in my SheFit bras (I’ve since bought a couple more).

I messed around with the straps a little to figure out how much to tighten them. And when I finally figured out how tight I liked it, I decided I LOVED this bra. It just took a little fiddling at first. When I first tried the Ultimate Bra, I was breastfeeding exclusively and starting to get back into running after a few months off. I was SO impressed with how supportive the bra felt on my first run. If you’re postpartum, you know how different your body feels when you start to work out again. So feeling confident in a sports bra was a huge win. I loved how tight I was able to get the straps, and how little bounce I had when I ran. I found that the band under the cups was really supportive but not uncomfortable. And easy to loosen pre and post run.

Let’s get into specifics:


The two-way stretch fabric is similar to most sweat-wicking sports bras. It’s a strong fabric. And you can tell it will hold up in the wash as soon as you feel it. The outside of the bra is 100% polyester. The inside of the bra is lined with Power Mesh™ (86% Nylon, 14% Spandex) for silky comfort and has contoured seams (so it fits really well). The cups are seamed for natural definition and shape and the pads are removable. Removable pads are always slightly annoying to me. But since the Ultimate Bra is supposed to be fully customizable, this follows that rule.


One thing I was interested to test was if the zipper was easy to use. When you have larger busts, sometimes it’s difficult to get a zipper to start on a sports bra, but the Ultimate bra has a hidden hook and eye at the top of the zipper, which is SO helpful. It’s similar to the tiny hook and eye you’ll find on a dress zipper that provides that extra set of hands we always need. Major points for this. (I actually didn’t notice these for the first few months that I had my bra — oops — and it was a game changer when I discovered them.)

When discussing the comfort of the bra, we have to look at the scenario where you would wear it. Lounging at your house? No. Not comfortable. Running? Absolutely. When you’re running, you want a strong, supportive bra that keeps your chest in place. So the more support and structure, the better, especially if you have larger cup size. I LOVE how “held in” I felt in this bra. But I definitely wouldn’t wear this around the house all day.

It’s worth noting that the shoulder straps can be worn two ways (and X or H-back formation), so you’re sure to find a way to make the bra feel perfect on you. I first start with the H-back hook but now do the X strap since they stay on much better — most bra straps slip off my shoulders so this is more comfortable for me.

Fit and Sizing

The fit and sizing is one of SheFit’s best qualities. Their bras range in size from A-Cup to I-Cup. Since their sizes aren’t listed in typical bra sizes, you’ll want to use their fit finder. This is what the screen looks like– just enter your information and let them recommend a size. My size was perfect when it arrived.

SheFit Sports Bra fit and sizing guide

A few other details about the fit of the bra worth noting are the sizes of bands, since those are really important when holding up your bust. The adjustable rib band is 2” wide, which adds extra support. The padded straps are 1-1.25” wide, which also feels great.

Difference Between SheFit Ultimate And Flex

When you’re browsing SheFit’s website you’ll notice that there’s another very popular sports bra option called the Flex Bra. The Flex bra was created for medium impact, versus the Ultimate bra’s design for high-impact. While I’ve never tried the Flex bra personally, from what I’ve read, the Flex bra is better choice for workouts like cycling, pilates, power walking, etc. The Flex bra is made with 4-way stretch fabric (the Ultimate bra has 2-way stretch) which allows you to move and stretch with total comfort and control.

When I’m running, I like things to stay in place, and I don’t want any bouncing. I haven’t ordered the Flex bra for this reason.

Bottom Line

I’m a HUGE fan of SheFit. The Ultimate bra was one of the best purchases I made when returning to running postpartum along with our Thule Jogger so I could run with Thomas!

You can find SheFit online at SheFit.com and on Amazon. If you have questions, let me know!


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