Brooks Ghost Review

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I was sent the Brooks Ghost 14 to try this past fall as part of a collaboration with Brooks Running and Academy Sports. Honestly, it had been years since I had worn Brooks and I had never tried the Ghost. And as a runner who is very loyal to her New Balance Beacons and Nike Pegasus I wasn’t totally sure that I’d love them. But I could not believe how great they felt when I put them on for the first time, and in short, they are my new go-to’s for alternating with the Beacons (alternating your running shoes helps them last longer!).

I’ll go into details below, so if you’re curious about how the Brooks Ghost 14 holds up compared to a few other great running shoes, keep on reading! And you can see all the running shoes I wear here.

Brooks Ghost Review

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Brooks Ghost Review

About the Brooks Ghost 14

If you already know what type of running shoes you like, with the support type, drop, upper, weight, etc. here are the Brooks Ghost specs so you can compare to your current running shoes. If you aren’t sure what any of that jargon meant, then you should consider joining my online running course! I share ALL of the things you need to know when shopping for running shoes (among lots of other things, of course). Read more about my course here.

Specs for the Brooks Ghost 14

  • Support type: Neutral
  • Drop: 12 mm
  • Weight: 9.0 oz (W) 9.9 oz (M)
  • Price: $120
  • Sizing: runs true to size (I bought my usual running shoe size, which is one full size up from my regular shoe size)

You can see them on Brooks’ Website here. Academy also sells them, along with Zappos and probably your local running store.

Brooks Ghost Review
Brooks Ghost Review


Alright, this is probably the most important aspect of a running shoe. I absolutely love the New Balance Beacon and Nike Pegasus because both of them have the right amount of cushion without feeling mushy or taking away from your momentum. However, sometimes the Beacons don’t have a lot of spring, but great cushion and the Pegasus have a lot of spring but not great cushion.

The Brooks Ghost was shockingly cushioned, but in a different way. I kept describing them to running friends as a unicorn combination since they have cushion but don’t lack spring. The reason this works so well is because of the midsole which is 100% DNA Loft foam (the same midsole as the Glycerin which is Brooks softest shoe). The DNA Loft foam is full length, which is new.

From the reviews I’ve read, heel and midsole strikers alike agree that these have the perfect balance of cushion and spring.

This is the perfect shoe for long runs and training because of their durability and comfort level. I don’t foresee myself wearing these for speed work, but they do feel much faster than I thought they would. These are a great option for daily trainers.

Fit and feel

The 3D print upper is super roomy and so is the toe box, which is amazing for my feet since they’re slightly wider in the forefoot. The midfoot feels great (a little more snug) which holds my foot in place and the heel cup is snug without rubbing. The Ghost comes in 3 widths for women and 4 for men, so you are bound to find your perfect fit.

I haven’t struggled with any hot spots in this shoe, but I’m also careful about which socks I wear while running.


Another great thing about the Ghost is the stability it offers. This comes from the blown rubber outsole. It feels super stable while still having plenty of flexibility to give you a smooth ride and transition. The outsole also gives the shoe lots of traction for slick roads (but still be careful!). It is not a true stability shoe, however. If you need that, check out the Adrenaline.


The tongue on the Ghosts is your typical, non-attached tongue. I prefer this since it’s what I’m used to. I don’t find that it slips around while I run at all.

Carbon Neutral

Brooks has a goal to produce net zero carbon emissions by 2040. The Ghost is actually Brooks first carbon neutral shoe, meaning it’s been re-made with recycled materials. SO cool!

Brooks Ghost Review - comfort

How it compares to previous models and my other running shoes

I would say the Ghost feels less soft than the Pegasus, but not as firm as a brand like Mizuno or Saucony. In fact, I’d say these are simply a great in-between for daily training. Compared to previous versions, there are some small tweaks that have made a huge difference. The 3D print engineered mesh upper has great breathability and just feels really comfortable.

The laces are also an upgrade from the 13. The laces are much flatter than the puffier laces on the 13th which feels nice to me. And when you’re looking at the cushion comparison, the 14 has DNA loft for the full length of the shoe, compared to only half the length on its predecessor.

The outsole has a lot of rubber, making it super durable, perfect for longer mileage and a faster pace.

Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes
Brooks Ghost Review

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new everyday trainer, or if you’re a new runner who’s just getting into it for the first time, definitely see if the Ghost 14 is a good fit for you. Always remember though, the best running shoe for me, might not be the best running shoe for you. Having a professional fit you for the right shoe in a running store is going to make the biggest difference in a comfortable fit. You can see all my running shoes in my rotation here.

If you’ve tried the Ghost 14s, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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