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New Balance Beacon Running Shoe Review

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If you’re looking for the perfect cushioned shoe, look no further. I typically hate cushioned shoes, but LOVE the New Balance Beacon Running Shoe. Here’s why. 

I bought the New Balance Beacons a few weeks ago after a running blog friend, Michelle, recommended them. I instantly loved them, even before I took them out for a run, and loved them even more after taking them out for a few miles! As soon as I put them on, they just felt comfortable, like they were made for my foot. They are cushioned, but not heavy. They are lightweight, but not too minimal. And, they’re cute, which is always a bonus with running shoes!

I’ll share the pros and cons of the New Balance Beacon running shoe in this review. And you can see all my running shoes in this post!

New Balance Beacon Running Shoe Review

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New Balance Beacon Running Shoe Review

New Balance Running ShoesNew Balance shoes for runners

New Balance Beacon Running Shoe Review

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New Balance Beacon Running Shoe Review

New Balance Beacon Running Shoes

If you know the type of shoe you like, with the support type, drop, weight, etc. here are the specs to help you evaluate if they line up with your preferences. If you don’t know much about that stuff (or you just want to know more), join my running course. There’s a full lesson all about shoes and what these different things means!

  • Support type: Neutral
  • Drop: 6 mm
  • Weight: 6.6 oz
  • Price: $120
  • Sizing: runs true to size (I bought my usual running shoe size, which is one full size up from my regular shoe size)

You can see them on New Balance’s website here. Zappos also sells them (and they’re on sale).

New Balance Beacon Running Shoe Review


Forgiving Toe Box

I don’t exactly have a wide foot, but it’s definitely not narrow. The toe box is forgiving without being too large. The stretchy upper material helps with that! My toes never felt cramped and while they touch the side of the toe box material, it never rubbed.

Lightweight upper

My feet can get VERY hot with the humid Southern summer temperatures. These are very breathable, which helps keep my feet cool, which is essential for running in the heat.

VERY lightweight

I couldn’t believe how lightweight these are! I love my Nike Pegasus and Adidas Bostons, but by comparison, those now feel heavy.

Cushioned but not too soft and not heavy

You know how some cushioned shoes are too soft, too mushy? And some cushioned shoes start to feel like you just can’t get any forward momentum? These are NOT that way. They’re cushioned, but I don’t feel like they absorb all my energy. And you know how some cushioned shoes can be really heavy? Again, these are NOT that way.


I have done easy pace runs, strides and short tempo work in these. It performed great for all of them. I haven’t used them for a super long run (the longest I’ve done in them in 6 miles since I’m recovering from an injury), but I imagine they’d be a GREAT long run shoe.


Not incredibly responsive

That is not to say that they aren’t responsive. They certainly are, especially considering the cushion they pack. They just aren’t as responsive (e.g. that feeling like they propel me forward and help me push off the ground) as some other shoes I own. But, I wouldn’t use these for a track workout or anything like that so it’s not a big deal.

Bottom Line

These would be a great addition to any runner’s shoe rotation since they works well for all types of runs (except maybe intense speed work). I could even see this being a good option even for beginner runners since there is enough cushion to help protect joints not yet accustomed to the pounding of running. And for more experienced runners, they’ll appreciate the lighter option for long run days and a cushioned shoe for recovery days that isn’t too heavy or soft.

I’ve been grabbing the New Balance Beacon most days when I head out for a run… so that’s a pretty darn good endorsement! If you want a shoe for more uptempo work or prefer a stiffer shoe, I’d grab the Nike Pegasus (read my review here). If you like more cushion for easy or long days, or like a more flexible shoe, get the New Balance Beacon. Or hey, get both. Runners need a variety of shoes in their arsenal!

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