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My Favorite Products of 2021

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I know we’re well into the first month of the year, but I had it on my mind to do a 2021 recap blog post with my favorite items of the year, so by gosh, I’m doing anyway, haha!

I love reading other blogger’s 2021 recaps, seeing if there’s anything on their lists that I bought and loved thanks to them. And I always walk away from those posts with new items on my wish list. I think most of us like to buy things once someone else has tried them out first, so that they can be SURE it’s a good purchase. I’m this way, so I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite purchases this year.

My Favorite Products of 2021

My Favorite Products of 2021

1. Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean

My gateway into straight leg/mom jeans! Read my full review here.

2. Madewell Paper Chain Necklace

I wore this ALL year and love layering it with other necklaces. See on me here.

3. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

I don’t know what to say other than you’ve never felt something softer in your life. See on me here!

4. Hanky Panky Panties

I wear Hanky Panky thongs with most outfits, and I’ve converted my thong-hating friends because they’re so comfortable. For sleeping, loungewear, or anything where you don’t want to wear a thong, I love these.

5. Vuori Joggers

I tried a ton of joggers on before finding these. They’re more flattering than any others I tried and SO soft. See them on me here!

6. Suede Moto Jacket

The suede makes this feel less intimidating than a leather moto jacket. I love the brown color too! See on me here. If you prefer no belt on your jacket, this one is just like it!

7. Veja Sneakers

I’ve had two different styles of Veja sneakers and loved them both. My most recent pair is leather, and they’re perfect for the colder months (and I’m sure they’ll be great in the spring too). They only come in whole sizes, so size up if you’re normally a half size. See them on me here.

8. Bandwagon Sunglasses

I ended up wearing these more than my Ray Bans, and these are way cheaper! They’re durable, sweat proof (you can run in them) and super cute. See them on me here.

9. Over The Knee Suede Boots

These are the most flattering shoe for a date night. And they’re on sale!

10. Bianca Visor

I LOVE this visor. Snag it before the summer and thank me later. I wear it for golf, the pool, walks, and it’s going to be great for future vacations. See how I wear it here.

11. Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

A running classic. I wear this for cold weather runs. See on me here and see the rest of my cold weather running gear in this post.

12. Athleta In Motion Tank

I LOVE the Cattail Brown color, but they have lots of options. This was one of my favorite running tanks this year. You can see how I wore it in this photo.

13. UppaBaby Vista Stroller

Our best purchase of 2021, I think. That and our jogging stroller. Read my review of this one here!

14. Madewell White Skinny Jeans

These are a hit every year, and I’ve already noticed people buying them this year when I was looking at my analytics. I tried 15 brands before these and have a full review here.

15. Tuckernuck Chambray Shirt

A feminine take on a chambray classic. I just LOVE this for jeans, jean shorts, or white jeans.

16. Fast and Free Shorts 6″

These were out of stock for months and when they finally came back, all hell broke loose ;). They’re the BEST running shorts for preventing chafing, and they’re cute!

17. AfterShokz Running Headphones

I switched to these after using AirPods for years. These are SO much better. Read my review here.

18. Madewell Leather Trainers

I love the neutral tones and leather. They’re so cute with jeans – see here!

Was there anything you purchased last year I need to know about? Leave a comment below! 

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