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Modern Fertility Hormone Test Review

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Save $20 on your Modern Fertility hormone test at home with this link. I’m sharing my experience, how to take the test at home, and how to interpret the results.

In my twenties I didn’t think about my hormones or reproductive health very often. I may have thought about my hormones if I felt particularly cranky before my cycle, but I generally chalked it all up to PMS. And other than my period, I never thought much about my reproductive system. That is until Tommy and I started thinking about expanding our family.

A few years into that conversation, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, which means I had a loss of normal function of my ovaries before age 40 (I was 34 when I was diagnosed). We were SO lucky that we found out about this when we did. We were not trying to get pregnant so the fact that I had fertility testing done at all was a miracle. Now I know MUCH more than I ever expected to know about reproductive health and hormones. And I’m honestly grateful.

When all of this was going on, I knew nothing about Modern Fertility or their home fertility tests for your hormone levels. Now that I DO know about it, I’m telling everyone I can. Thomas was and is the greatest miracle that has ever happened to us, so having Modern Fertility available for us now helps us know what our options are going forward if we decide to have more kids (or if we can!).

Today I’m sharing more about Modern Fertility, how it works and how to take the test, how you get results, and how to know what they mean.

Let’s dive right in.

Modern Fertility Hormone Test Review

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Modern Fertility Hormone Test Review and how to use

Modern Fertility Hormone Test Review

Modern Fertility is a company founded by two women (which I love!) who knew there was a lot of information available about preventing pregnancy (think sex-ed, what your parents may have told you, etc.) but not a lot of information in regards to planning for pregnancy.

They also realized that there were lots of women who were not getting their hormones tested until they ran into an issue and needed answers, when knowledge about their hormone levels would’ve been helpful before there was ever an issue. (That was EXACTLY how I felt about it. I wish I’d know more sooner so I could have been more proactive and possibly had other options available to me in our family planning.)

The founders also knew that getting a hormone panel done at a lab typically costs $1000 or more, so was an issue too.

With all of those things in mind, they created Modern Fertility, a $159 at-home test (the same test that many Reproductive Endocrinologists use, actually) that tests your hormone levels giving you a full picture of your ovarian reserve, thyroid health, and ovulation wellness in general. And all it requires is a finger prick.

What are Fertility Hormone Tests?

Fertility tests give you a comprehensive look at your hormones. The Modern Fertility test looks specifically at these hormones:

  1. Anti-Mullerian (AMH) hormone – The more AMH that’s produced, the greater the number of eggs you likely have.
  2. Follicle-stimulating (FSH) hormone – Responsible for starting ovulation.
  3. Estradiol – This is a sex hormone produced by your ovaries (one of three estrogen hormones naturally produced in the body). Modern Fertility tests this since it can impact your FSH levels.
  4. Luteinizing hormone (LH) – Helps regulate your menstrual cycle.
  5. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) – Regulates thyroid health.
  6. Free thyroxine – Also related to your thyroid.
  7. Prolactin – Stimulates milk production and stops ovulation when you give birth.

These hormones all do different things, so learning about the levels of each hormone indicates things about your reproductive health. If you’re on hormonal birth control, your Modern Fertility test will not check some of those hormones. And yes, that means that Modern Fertility is personalized to you, even if you’re currently taking a form hormonal birth control.

From these results, you’re able to determine what your hormone levels mean for things like egg freezing, IVF, menopausal onset. These are all things you’d want to talk to a fertility specialist about.

How Do Fertility Hormone Tests Work?

First, you’ll need to draw blood, but just a finger prick, don’t worry. In your test kit, you’ll receive everything you need to do this. You can watch a video on Modern Fertility’s website that shows you exactly how to prick your finger. Then, you let the blood dry for about an hour, package it up, and send it back.

That’s all!

How To Interpret Your Results

After you send your test back, you’ll get an email telling you they’ve received it and that your results will be available in approximately 10 days. All test samples are analyzed in a CLIA- and CAP-certified laboratory. When your results do come back, you’ll be able view them in a dashboard. It’s very easy to read, and the information that comes along with it is easy to understand. Modern Fertility does a great job of explaining your results and interpreting them for you to take action.

The co-founder, Afton Vechery, has included her personal report on the Modern Fertility website so you can have an idea of what a report might look like.

Modern Fertility Hormone Test - how to interpret

My Honest Review of Modern Fertility



Like I mentioned earlier in this post, fertility testing at a doctors office or lab can cost upwards of $1000. And sometimes that isn’t covered by insurance. Modern Fertility costs $159 and you CAN use your HSA or FSA to pay for it. This is a huge win–and a great way to make sure this is available to more women. I also have a link that will save you $20, here.

You can also find Modern Fertility ovulation and pregnancy tests at Target.


I love that I can take this test at home. I have enough going on as it is. So taking the doctor’s appointment out of the equation for this is really helpful for me. However, I do think you should make an appointment with your doctor after you get your results. It’s great to talk through your options together once you know what you’re working with. And perhaps get re-tested if there is a major red flag. (Remember, you need to be proactive with your fertility!)


It’s shockingly easy to take the test. You can watch their how-to video while you’re taking it, and you’re done in 1 hour (and 59 of those minutes are just spent waiting for your drop of blood to dry!).

There’s also so much more ease for me knowing that I’m not heading out the door to a stressful doctor’s appointment. Fertility and family planning can be a difficult topic for many women, so taking this test from the comfort of your home makes a difference.


Each Modern Fertility test is ordered and reviewed by a physician. If anything looks off, or there are any red flags on your test results, they offer a free second test.

I also loved that I had the option to talk to one of their fertility nurses about my results over the phone if I wanted to.

I truly believe that knowledge is power, and it’s one of the reasons I’m also a big fan of InsideTracker. Knowing about your health allows you to advocate for yourself and your family. I have so much more confidence going into doctors appointments now because I know what’s going on. The fertility nurses at Modern Fertility are also extremely helpful in answering questions and explaining results.


After you’ve taken your test, gotten your results, and reviewed them, you have access to Modern Fertility’s services going forward. Hop on the phone with a fertility nurse like I mentioned, join their weekly Egginar (which is what they call their webinars, how cute!), or learn from others in the Modern Community.


Pricking your finger

This was the only part of the entire process that I wasn’t obsessed with (but let’s be real, if you are obsessed with this, WHY?!). It’s not super painful by any means, but it’s not painless either. I iced my finger for a minute or so before pricking it which helped.

If you hate drawing your own blood, you can always take your test kit to your local Quest Diagnostic Lab and they’ll do it for you. Or, have your husband do it, like I did. 🙂

This is my only con!

I truly hope this is helpful in helping you take a more proactive approach to your hormone health. Use this link to purchase your test and save $20. Also find Modern Fertility ovulation and pregnancy tests at Target.

(This post is not sponsored. Modern Fertility did sponsor an Instagram post, but I felt so strongly about the benefit of their service, that I wanted to share more details on the blog and hopefully help more people. This blog post about the best fertility tests and monitors is also a great resource.)

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