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The Best Nursing Bras for Every Shape, Size & Activity

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I just welcomed my second baby boy into the world a few weeks ago, and we love him SO much (see his birth announcement here on Instagram). The last few weeks have looked pretty much like you’d expect: snuggles, nursing, napping, repeat. I knew I wanted to breastfeed this baby because I breastfed my first for almost two years and loved it (so much more than I anticipated).

Nursing wasn’t without its challenges though, especially at first (read this post for my breastfeeding must-haves). And the same has been true this go ’round. We’re constantly trying to figure it all out, and I know it takes some time. But one thing has been true of both breastfeeding experiences: the right bra matters.

People have strong opinions on which nursing bras they like best, and I am part of that club. I’m pretty passionate about my finds, both from my first pregnancy and now my second. (If you’re looking for my favorite maternity bra, it’s NEIWAI. I shared all of my NEIWAI favorites in this post. )

Below I’m rounding up my favorite nursing bras, why I love them, and where to buy them. I linked all of my other postpartum must-haves in this blog post too.

The Best Nursing Bras for Every Shape, Size & Activity

Best Nursing bra for large chests: Kindred Bravely

I ordered the Kindred Bravely pumping bra and it’s absolutely my favorite. The fabric is super soft and stretchy (you could even sleep in it), and the front panels allow for hands-free pumping, which is great. While this bra is designed specifically for hands-free pumping, it’s also super easy to pull down for nursing. Since this one works for hands-free pumping AND nursing, it is the winner in my book.

I won’t lie to you and say this gives you amazing shape or lift, but that’s not what we care about the weeks after we bring our babies home. When my friends ask for my favorite nursing bra, this is what I send them. And since I’m wearing mostly cardigans and sweaters right now, shape isn’t as important. Plus, I’m not really going anywhere yet!

There is another Kindred Bravely bra that is designed to work for nursing AND pumping that I purchased, but I find the hooks are a bit difficult to use, so I prefer the one I linked above.

This comes in two sizes, so there’s an option for larger and smaller busts. Size up if you’re on the fence. I first ordered a medium, but with the additional ones I ordered, I found the Large in the Busty cup size was best. I’m rather petite with a usual 32 band size, although my cup size is large right now (at least an E).

Best Nursing Bra for Small Chests: NEIWAI Barely Zero Spaghetti Strap Wireless Bra

While the The Barely Zero Spaghetti Strap Wireless Bra by NEIWAI is not technically a true nursing bra, the straps pull down super easily and it’s wildly comfortable, so I’m deeming it a nursing bra for the sake of this post. I first tried NEWAI when I was pregnant and couldn’t get over how comfortable their bras were. I loved them throughout my entire pregnancy, and now I’m loving them, specifically this Barely There Spaghetti Strap one, for nursing. I can’t wear it now since I’m hovering around an E cup, but if you have a smaller chest, you’ll love this one.

I think of this as a perfect “around the house” bra because while shape and support aren’t the main focus, comfort is. And if you’re wearing something that’s looser fitting, then this is great out-of-the-house bra too. Read my full review of NEIWAI on the blog here.

Best Nursing Bra for sleep: Pink Blush Beige Seamless Wrap Front Maternity/Nursing Bra

I absolutely LOVE this seamless wrap front nursing bra. It’s very comfortable and looks cute! Size up if you’re on the fence. This is the one I packed in my hospital bag since of all the ones I tried on before my son arrived, it was the most comfortable.

Best Underwire Nursing Bra: ThirdLove 24/7® Classic Nursing Bra

If you prefer underwire for a little lift and shape, you’ll love the 24/7® Classic Nursing Bra by ThirdLove. Underwire sounds downright miserable to me right now, but to be fair, I had a baby less than a month ago. If Charles nurses as long as Thomas did, I know I’ll be wearing this ThirdLove bra again down the road since this gives the best lift and shape of all of the nursing bras.

I’ve had a ton of bras from ThirdLove and they’re all flattering and the fit is great. The only downside about the 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra is that it’s pricey. But again, if you’re nursing for a while, invest in a bra that you LOVE.

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Best Sports Bra for Running: SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

I love the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra for nursing and pregnancy. It’s by far the most supportive sports bra I’ve ever worn (too supportive to wear when I’m not nursing or pregnant). You can adjust the fit from the straps and band in the back, and the bra zips from the front which makes it nursing-friendly and easier to put on. I have a full SheFit sports bra review on the blog.

(You can read about my my experience running while breastfeeding here.)

I ordered mine directly from the SheFit website, but Amazon also carries it.

Best Affordable Sports Bra for Nursing: SYROKAN from Amazon

While the SheFit Ultimate Bra is the best in terms of support, it’s also pricey. And if you’re not doing high impact workouts like running, you may not need something as supportive as the SheFit. In that case, I love this SYROKAN sports bra from Amazon. The straps are adjustable which makes the support customizable and makes nursing easy. I wore this for months before I found the SheFit bra and loved it.

That’s all I have today. If I find another nursing bra that I love, I’ll be sure to add it to this post!

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