Letter from TeriLyn: April/May 2023

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Hi friend! 

I didn’t get to writing the April letter and we’re halfway through May, so I figured I would just combine April and May into one letter!  (If you’re new here, I do monthly Letters from TeriLyn with a little bit of personal updates and some behind-the-scenes work talk. It’s what I’d tell a friend if we sat down to get coffee and catch up.)

Letter from TeriLyn: April/May 2023


I’m currently sitting at the fertility clinic and typing away on my Bluetooth keyboard which has been a game changer for working when I don’t want to lug my laptop around. I keep it in my favorite Amazon tote – it’s lightweight and not too big and so convenient for working, writing, replying to texts and DMs. 

One thing we’ve noticed since my blog rebrand is that my newsletter list size is declining. It was growing rapidly before and now it’s not. What Hannah and I both think is that the previous email pop-up forms were so hard to close that people just signed up to get the dang things to go away! So maybe we’re getting fewer people joining the email list, but I’m guessing it’s people that are truly interested and not just dropping their email address (or a fake one) to get past that. 

On the Instagram front

They announced that they recently changed the algorithm to not push reels so hard. It’s refreshing since reels are a LOT of work, and sometimes a photo conveys what I want to show better, AND it was annoying to feel like I “should” do a reel. I think reels are usually best for makeup, but sometimes a photo is sufficient for an outfit. Other times a reel is good to really show and explain a top or dress. But I really love having photos with Thomas. So, it’s nice to just be able to think through what format will provide the most value or convey my point the best, rather than forcing an idea into a reel.

I’ve also started using ManyChat, which is what allows you to comment a specific word on my Instagram posts, and then you automatically get a DM with the link to whatever I’m sharing. I’m still figuring it out, and I hope it’s been helpful for you and made it easier to shop! If you run into any bugs, let me know! You can comment the word “DRESS” on this Instagram post to see how it works.

On the sponsored content front

I got to work with a new brand that I’ve loved for a while — Mejuri— on some sponsored Instagram content so that was really exciting! If you read My Everyday Jewelry blog post, you may recognize the brand name. Or maybe you’re already a Mejuri fan!

And I was recently invited to speak at a Beautycounter HQ virtual event about how I got started as a Beautycounter Consultant and what contributed to my success with the company. It was fun to think back about my journey since it impacted so much of my personal and professional life! I’ll share the recording with my email list when I get it.


Thomas got pretty sick last week with a 102.4 degree fever. It was pitiful. He was taking 3+ hours naps and going to bed early and waking up late, but he’s back on the mend. 

In the last month, he must have had a major development leap because he is talking so much more and stringing words together into sentences rather than just saying one word. It’s so sweet and so funny. He’s also been incredibly stubborn and defiant… doing things he knows he shouldn’t and then smiling at me. Oh toddlers…


I finally booked my trip to Utah and we fly out next week. We’ll land in Utah and then the next day, drive 3 hours to Vernal, Utah, which is where my brother lives and where my dad and his family is from. My brother has cattle and horses and tons of tractors, so I know Thomas will be in heaven. 

I’m staying a few days longer than Tommy so I have extra time with friends and family (much needed since I haven’t been home in 2 years) and my nanny, Bree, is going to fly out to meet me for a few days… mostly so I have someone to fly back with me. We’ll also be able to take some photos and film a bit (she does most of my photography and filming for YouTube and @therookierunner).

We also spent the last two weekends in Boone, which was really nice. I ran my favorite trails in Blowing Rock a few times and also relaxed a lot. We got together with friends and family, and even ran into a few friends who were up in the mountains looking for vacation houses so that was fun. I still feel strongly that we’ll eventually move to Boone, and it’s hard to be patient in the meantime, waiting for God’s timing. But I just have to lean into all the things I love about Winston-Salem – my brother’s family, my friends, our church, and easy access to running. (I can run right from my house vs. in Boone, I always have to drive somewhere to start a run.)


After my last update where we’d tried Gonal F for my latest FET protocol and wanted an appointment with the doctor but couldn’t get one, I was encouraged by so many people who said to absolutely call the doctor after hours. Someone suggested texting him to schedule a call so that’s what I did. I texted him on a Friday night and we planned to talk on Saturday around 11.

We had a great conversation and we even changed our plan based on what we discussed. I asked about going off medication for a bit to see what my baseline looks like (rather than going right into another round of medication and doing PRP), which was — again — another recommendation from a blog reader. My doctor was very supportive of that. I’m back on medication now, but it was so nice to have a break from meds. I felt so much more normal, emotionally, and my body felt so much better, physically. 

My doctor also asked if I am perimenopausal, which I’ve suspected for a long time and is part of the reason I wanted to do a natural cycle. I’m currently sitting at the doctor right now to determine next steps. I’ve heard two different couples say that they drove two hours to get here, and I’m so thankful that we have access to a top notch clinic 10 minutes from our house. So, even if I get annoyed with the way things are run from time to time, I still believe this practice where we are supposed to be. 

I’m so grateful that I have this job that I do…

Blogging has helped me build the biggest group of supportive girlfriends online (some whom I’ve never met and likely won’t ever get to), and it’s amazing to me how many women have reached out and offered suggestions, told me they’re praying for me and offered encouragement and thanking me for sharing about fertility challenges.

I feel like I have access to so much first-hand experience and a huge combined wealth of knowledge. I don’t take that for granted, so I’m truly grateful you are here, reading. And I don’t know how to repay the love for all the support I get, but I really hope my blog is a bright spot in your day and somewhere you can go for a little mid-day pickup.

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    5 responses to “Letter from TeriLyn: April/May 2023”

    1. I am so excited that Bree is going to Utah for a few days! How fun!!! Loved reading this, per usual!

    2. I was so afraid you were going to say you might stop doing the letter because numbers were declining. It’s my fave! I agree with your reasoning for the decline. I just feel like instagram can get so overwhelming. I’m 53 though and sometimes wish we could go back to before social media lol

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