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My Favorite Everyday Jewelry

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For years, I didn’t think I was much of a jewelry girl. Whenever I’d put it on, I felt silly and I didn’t know what type of necklace to wear with what type of top and bracelets just irritated. That’s why I only ever wore earrings. But, after receiving a few pieces of jewelry as gifts, I realized I just like dainty jewelry (except earrings, I’ll still go big with those!) and I only like gold jewelry.

Over the past two or three years, I’ve started to invest and collect a handful of pieces that I love and wear daily. I appreciate quality and timelessness, which typically means a higher price tag. I’ve found that I don’t mind investing in nicer pieces since I know they’ll last for a LONG time, versus some of the cheaper things I’ve bought in the past that’ve tarnished after only a few months.

In today’s post, I’m sharing links to my everyday jewelry favorites. If I add anything to my collection, I’ll add it to this post!

My Favorite Everyday Jewelry

My Favorite Everyday Jewelry


Along with my engagement ring and wedding band, there are a few other rings I wear daily.

Mejuri Solo Diamond Ring

This thin gold band has a very small 0.05 carat diamond set on the top. I love how dainty and feminine this piece is, and while I wear it on its own most days, it would also make a great stacking ring.

Mejuri Diamonds Line Ring

The other dainty ring I wear most days is this gold band, also from Mejuri. The band is set with pave diamonds lining the top, weighing about 0.048 carats total. This band would also be lovely in a stack, but I wear it on its own.

My Favorite Everyday Jewelry


Tommy gave me a STUNNING pair of diamond earrings for our anniversary one year, and I wear them often. However, they have screw-backs, so they take more time to put on than other earrings. For that reason, I end up wearing one of the pairs below when I’m in a hurry in the morning.

Mejuri Gold Huggies

I love this super small hoop huggie set. They’re tasteful but also sort of trendy, which is fun. I also love the high quality feel and weight to them. They aren’t heavy, but you can tell they are made well.

Mejuri Diamond Mini Studs

I LOVE this pair of super tiny diamond studs from Mejuri. The weight is about 0.06 carats each, and they’re the perfect size to wear daily. I wear them to pilates and for golf since they’re pretty but not too flashy for a sporty outing. They would also be a great option for a second hole, if you have one.

Mignonne Gavigan Mini Isla Pearl Hooped Earrings

My favorite earrings to wear with slightly dressier outfits are these pearl hoops by Mignonne Gavigan. The size is perfect for dressing up or down (I have the mini size), and the freshwater pearls have such a bespoke feel. These are made with stainless steal, coated in 14k gold plated brass.

Mignonne Gavigan Mini Isla Pearl Hooped Earrings

Mignonne Gavigan Madeline Wing Earrings

When I’m REALLY dressing up, I go for this pair of winged earrings by Mignonne Gavigan. They’re truly stunning from every angle, and take any outfit to another level. You can find the Madeline earrings in a few sizes, but I have the larger size to wear as a statement. I’d also really love a pair of the micro size.

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Mignonne Gavigan Madeline Wing Earrings


Hart Studio MAMA Necklace

One of the more personal pieces of jewelry I wear most days is this MAMA necklace from Hart Studio. I have a T charm attached, which you can add online (they have every letter). I have the smaller size (they have two options), and like that it’s dainty and can be worn daily.

Hart Studio MAMA Necklace

Mejuri Round Topaz Necklace

I recently got this small topaz necklace and I love how simple it is. The topaz is stunning in person, and I love the dainty gold chain too. It would layer perfectly with chunkier pieces as well.

Mejuri Round Topaz Necklace

Mejuri Diamond Necklace

This small diamond necklace is the perfect size to wear everyday on its own or layered with other necklaces. I love that the diamond is in a bezel setting which makes it feel casual enough to wear daily.

Katie Waltman Bee Medallion Necklace

I love this bee medallion necklace when I want to layer necklaces. It hangs lower than other necklaces I have, which makes it perfect for laying over turtlenecks in the winter or with a deep v-neck in the warmer months.


Permanent Bracelets

Unfortunately I can’t link these since they were done at a local popup in Winston-Salem, but I love them and they’ve never bothered me (and I 100% thought they would). Mine are super thin chains that are soldered at the ends instead of made with a clasp. This means you can’t take them off unless you want to break the bracelet. This is a fun idea if it doesn’t bother you to have the same bracelet on at all times.

Katie Waltman Gold Filled Beaded Bracelets

I have two different sizes in these beaded bracelet sets and I wear them together. They’re cute and casual, but they’ve lasted a LONG time (and don’t cost an arm or a leg!). This is the larger size bead option, and this is the smaller size, which looks like two bracelets, but is really a wrap.

Terilyn Favorite Everyday Jewelry

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