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Letter from TeriLyn: June 2023

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Hi friend! June was a very busy month! If you’re new here, I write monthly Letters from TeriLyn that include some personal updates and some behind-the-scenes work talk. It’s what I’d tell a friend if we sat down together for coffee or lunch.


The biggest news on the family front is that I’m pregnant! I first shared the news on Instagram and I wanted to share a few more details here. I’ll also write a detailed post like I’ve done for the last few months about my fertility treatments and how we got to this point in case you are are walking through similar shoes. It’s been such a journey to get here and honestly, I have a hard time believing I am actually pregnant. While I hate that I’ve been sicker this pregnancy, it is somewhat reassuring.

We did an embryo transfer the week of May 15 and then had two sets of bloodwork the following week. For the second test, I was in Utah so I had to go to the local hospital for the test and they sent the results to my doctor. After we got a second test, showing that my HCG had more than doubled, I actually believed I was pregnant. Before that, I was convinced it hadn’t worked and cried everyday. It was such a huge relief that day and a few days later, I shared with my family that I was pregnant.

I knew it was early to share but it’s so rare that I’m together with my entire family (it’d been two years since I’d been home before this trip) and I really wanted to tell them in person. And, if something does go wrong with this pregnancy, I wouldn’t keep that a secret since I’ll want love and support.

I started to write some details on my pregnancy — how I’m feeling physically and emotionally — but it was getting long so I’ll put that in a separate post. Also, I know that reading about other women’s pregnancies when you are trying to conceive can be really hard, so I want to separate those details out for anyone who doesn’t want to read them.


June was relatively mundane on the work front, mostly because I was traveling so much and couldn’t really make big progress on anything! But it’s nice to have my business in a place that I can step away and things still run – in HUGE part, thanks to Hannah. (Now, on the other hand, when she is out of town, things fall through the cracks. But I’m doing my best while she is in Mexico on a well-deserved vacation!)

I did get a last-minute partnership with Walmart in June and that was exciting! They have such great fashion finds (if you can snag them before they sell out) and it was fun to find some pieces for the 4th of July. I’m actually wearing this top from Walmart as I type this. So many of their pieces become some of my favorites since I don’t stress as much if a $22 top gets stained vs. one of my more splurge-worthy tops from Tuckernuck.

I also got invited back to the LTK Conference which was so fun last year and truly helpful for my business. I made so many amazing contacts. I also got nominated for an LTK award again, which I was so shocked by and so excited!! Last year, I was a “Rising Star” in the Family category and this year I’m nominated as an “All Star”.

I am SO thankful for all of you who follow me on LTK and use my links to shop since that is what they look at for this recognition, which helps me get new brand partnerships and honestly, just feels so good to be recognized for our work. Hannah does SO MUCH WORK on LTK and I so wish she could go to the conference with me! She also deserves an award, but like everyday, because she is the true all star behind the blog!


I traveled home from Utah after a 10 day trip over Memorial Day weekend and into early June. Then a week later, we went to Boone for Father’s Day weekend. Then, the next weekend, I went to the beach to meet a friend and her family who were visiting from Utah. And then, we were back in Boone for the 4th of July weekend. I used to travel regularly and cross-country for work and now after a month of four trips (with only one involving flying), I’m wiped. I’m excited for a full month at home before I head to Charlotte for a leadership conference as part of my work as a Beautycounter consultant.

Utah was seriously my favorite trip that I’ve had in years. Memorial Day is a big deal in my family and I hadn’t been home for Memorial Day in five years. Every year growing up, I went to Vernal and Neola with my family (which is 3 hours from Salt Lake City and pretty darn remote). We visited the cemeteries where my dad’s family is buried and, for 50+ years, the honor guard has done a short service. It’s incredibly moving to see these men — some who move very slowly as they’ve aged — wake up early to come honor those who served our country. It’s a good reminder about what the holiday is all about and to not take our freedoms for granted.

I’m excited for Thomas to make memories with his cousins in a place that is so special to me and where I also made great memories with extended family. My plan is to try to go every year on Memorial Day weekend now.

Alright, that’s probably enough for today! I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

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    5 responses to “Letter from TeriLyn: June 2023”

    1. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and your growing family. May God bless the remainder of your pregnancy and transition to becoming a family of four! <3

    2. Huge congratulations! So happy for you all! I spent the last week of August every year visiting family in Scotland, and having that time means that it felt like home, even though I lived in England. Can highly recommend the plan to visiting somewhere at the same time every year

    3. I was unable to find the long dress you wore for your lunch date with Tommy!… I want one like it for a reunion in September!… I will try again with Brita’s help, since I am NOT good with computers!
      Congratulations on your rewards!… I have some great finds from Walmart,too!

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