7 Styling Tips for Hot Weather

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Well folks, summer is here. Late June in Winston-Salem is hot and HUMID. We’re talking very high 80s and low 90s. And if you think that’s rough, I just got home from the beach where it felt almost wet outside because it was so humid.

As someone who’s philosophy for fashion is “look good, feel good”, figuring out how to dress in the summer comes as a challenge. How does one feel good when it’s 90 degrees, no matter how good they look?! That’s today’s topic!

I’m sharing all of the tips I have for dressing well in the hottest months of the year. When all else fails, stay inside with the AC or hit the pool or children’s museum with your littles. 😉

Styling Tips for Hot Weather

Wear breathable fabrics

In the summer, you’ll almost always find me in cotton, linen, or sweat wicking athletic materials. These are the only things that feel comfortable to me in 90 degrees! Cotton and linen allow air to circulate and also have airy, breezy feelings to them. And of course athletic material wicks away moisture which helps keep me cool and dry. I wear athleisure outfits much more often in the summer for this reason.

Thankfully, most sundresses are actually made with cotton or linen, and all of my athleisure clothes wick away sweat. I stay away from anything that’s not breathable in the summer (except maybe jean shorts, but those have to be loose and comfortable).

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Stick to flowy silhouettes

We got really lucky this summer that kaftans, maxi dresses, and wide-leg pants are on trend. These styles are relaxed and loose, which feels SO nice in the summer heat. There’s nothing worse than a tight fitting dress, pants, or top when you’re sweaty, right?

My favorite summer pants are these linen pull-on pants by J.Crew. They’re breathable and truly SO comfortable (and come in 3 lengths).

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Go Sleeveless or Opt for Short Sleeves

When the heat is unbearable, sleeveless tops, dresses, and rompers become my best friends. The least amount of fabric I can get away with (while still looking classy and conservative) the better. If you prefer a little more coverage than a true sleeveless fit, flutter sleeves are a great alternative.

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Shop for Light Colors and Prints

Dark colors tend to absorb heat and make me feel even hotter, so I try to stick to lighter colors and prints when I can. Whites, pastels, and soft neutrals not only reflect sunlight but are also on-trend and fashionable in the summer. It’s fun to wear light and bright colors in the warmer months because I tend to stick to darker tones in the winter!

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Don’t Forget Sunglasses

I know that sunglasses aren’t exclusive to summer, but I do tend to wear them MUCH more often in these hotter months. And while they’re practical and helpful for protecting your eyes, they are also a fun fashion statement and my favorite summer accessory. These from Le Specs are my favorite pair.

Hats and visors are also great options, but I usually only wear those for golf.

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Choose Open-toe Footwear

I LOVE a good pair of loafers in the spring, but as soon as we reach high 80s, the only shoes I can fathom putting on my feet are open-toe sandals. As soon as I get home from a run, I have to take my shoes and socks off because my feet get SO hot! And let’s be honest, there’s nothing grosser than sweaty shoes. I have a handful of neutral sandals of summer that I rotate among.

Layer with Light Cover-ups

This is something I don’t hear talked about enough. On days when it’s 90 degrees outside, we have our air conditioning BLASTING. And therefore, even when it’s scorching outdoors, I’m cold inside. This summer I ordered a lightweight sweater that I’ve worn a few times already when I’ve been cold in my office. I love that it’s a true summer sweater and comes in light colors, and it warms me right up when the AC is numbing. I can’t stand the idea of putting on a real jacket or something winter-y in the summer, but having a few cute summer sweaters that can act as layering pieces inside or on cooler evenings will serve you well. I also like this American flag sweater from Tuckernuck for the cooler mountain evenings.

Staying stylish in hot weather is all about choosing the right fabrics, embracing loose silhouettes, and incorporating light colors and breathable clothing into your wardrobe. I hope these tips give you a little bit of inspiration and guidance for looking AND feeling good this summer!

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