7 Neutral Sandals for Summer

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A round-up of cute neutral sandals for summer, including flat, platformed and heeled options! 

One of the best parts of spring is changing my wardrobe! (That, and all the gorgeous spring blossoms on the trees!!) I love trading in my dark sweaters for colorful dresses, and I get really excited about wearing sandals after a season of booties. I’ve been eyeing a few cute pairs of neutral sandals that can be worn with my whole closet. All of the options in this post are versatile enough to work with shorts, jeans or dresses.

My advice for sandal shopping boils down to three things: (1) A new pair needs to go with most things I already own. (2) It needs to be a timeless style if pricey and more affordable if trendier. And (3) sandals have to be comfortable!! If you’re looking to splurge on something for a night out, go big with nice heels or a timeless heeled sandal. But for daily looks, simple, comfy sandals are a must. Sandals are typically on the cheaper side of shoes so it’s an easy way to spruce up your closet a bit.

Okay, let’s get into this year’s options.

7 Neutral Sandals for Spring and Summer

TKEES Flip Flops

I bought these flip flops a year ago after hearing great things about them. I love that you can buy a color that matches your skin tone to flatter your feet. It’s surprising how much more feminine your feet look when these flip flops are in a similar skin tone to yours! I took these on our trip to Dominica, and wore them almost every day. Heads up: they are VERY flat. Like no support–zero. So keep that in mind!

I treat these as my pool or beach flip flops, but I don’t wear them much throughout the day other than that since I simply don’t love flip flops as an everyday option. But they are high-quality enough that you absolutely can wear them with your daily outfits if you like the flip flop style, which is why I’m still including them in the round-up. (Not liking flip flops is just my personal preference!)

TKEES run true to size, and they’re only $55! I ordered them directly from TKEES since they always seem to be sold out everywhere else.

TKEES Flip Flops

TKEES Flip Flops review

Palha Fairy High Casual Sandals

These are a new-to-me pair of sandals I ordered for this spring and summer and are the perfect addition to any shoe wardrobe. These sandals are versatile and comfortable with an open-toe design and the pillowy crisscross straps make them a more elevated option. The casual fabric allows them to be worn with sundresses, cutoffs, and jeans. And, while the rectangular heel is easy to walk in (even with a 4″ heel!), they do run a little narrow, which is why I was so torn about keeping them.

However, they’re also a great price point at $128 for a style that you’ll be able to wear for years. So, I think they’re a style you’ll need to try for yourself to see if they work for your foot. The brand is Schutz, which was actually founded by Alexandre Birman but Schutz is a more affordable line than his usual $350+ price point.

Palha Fairy High Casual Sandals | Neutral Sandals for Summer

Palha Fairy Sandals | Neutral Sandals for Summer Palha Fairy Heel Sandals | Neutral Sandals for Summer schutz sandals napa leather

Sam Edelman Bay Slide Sandal

I got these slide sandals last year as well, and I love them since they are the perfect mix of style and comfort. They have a genuine leather upper with a cushioned footbed that makes them a great option to wear all day (which I do). The cutouts also allow for breathability, which I very much appreciate in the hot, humid Southern summers. These look a little bit like the very pricey Hermes Oran slides, but are much more affordable at $120. I wear these with dresses, shorts, and jeans and they’re very comfortable right out of the box, like all my Sam Edelman shoes. They run true to size.

Sam Edelman Bay Slide Sandal | Neutral Sandals for Summer Sam Edelman Slide Sandal | Neutral Sandals for Summer Sam Edelman Slide with bodycon dress

Dolce Vita Indy Sandal

The Indy Sandal is on my spring wishlist and is a great price point at $80. I love the braided straps, especially on this flat style. I had braided heeled sandals a few years ago and found they just weren’t flattering on my foot since the braid was bulky near where my ankle started. The design of these seems better.

They have a puffy braiding detail with a very low heel for a slight elevation that is more flattering that a completely flat sole. Dolce Vita’s comfort is very hit and miss, however. Some of their shoes I love and others I hate, so I’d only order these from Nordstrom given their great return policy. I’m eyeing the Caramel Stella color.

Seychelles Manila Heels

I just ordered these and cannot wait for them to arrive. Seychelles shoes always have to pass the comfort test of their employees (I learned this from a friend who is a buyer), so even with a 3.5″ heel and a platform of 1.25″, I’m certain they’ll be comfortable. I also appreciate that they have a padded insole; so many clogs are only wood (likely to be truly traditional in style) but they can be uncomfortable. (It’s part of the reason I sent back these beauties.)

I love a platform sandal (I’m 5’1″, so I can easily get away with the height), and I’m excited to style them with jeans and dresses this spring and summer. They come in a few different colorways. Anthropologie carries the brown pair, and you can see the rest of the colors on Seychelle’s website. I ordered the Cream color.

True Beige Chessie Mid-Heel Sandals

Another Schutz pair that I’m eyeing. I LOVE the super thin straps (thin straps elongate your legs!) and the low heel. The open-toe design and square-toe shape create a modern look, while the thin, zig-zagged straps add a little bit of fun detailing beyond basic slip-on heeled sandals. (They give off cool-girl vibes without trying to be 22 😉 ) The slip-on style makes these easy to wear and a block heel is always more comfortable and casual compared to a more narrow option (like the Schutz above).

These would be perfect for less dressy outfits, but you could easily wear them for church and summer dinner parties. (I’d wear a taller heel for a wedding or dressier event) While I haven’t tried these on myself, I can imagine they’re pretty supportive since they have so many straps and they’re in my cart.

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Leather Sandal

I feel just a tad iffy about this style myself, but Birkenstocks are going to be HUGE this season. In fact, chunky sandals in general are trending right now. I already own these same sandals in light beige suede and they’re SO comfy, but I don’t feel polished in them. However, I’m going to try them in a darker shade knowing how popular they’re going to be, and how often I’m wearing slippers around the house. These would be a more polished than slippers, for sure. (Although I DO love my slippers!)

I think the trick is to make sure the rest of your outfit feels elevated, since the shoes will make your feet look a little big (which isn’t my favorite!). Good thing they’re SO comfortable, right? And the leather version is 10x cuter too. And hey, if I still don’t like them after trying this cuter pair, I’ll just skip this trend! If the double buckles is just totally not you, check this pair out. 

I’ll add to this post as I find more sandals for my wishlist!! Happy Spring shopping!

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