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Is ShopBop Legit? Here’s why I shop there

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Other than my favorite local boutique in Winston-Salem, you’d be hard pressed to find me shopping in person these days. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the actual act of shopping is far, far down on my list of interests. I love feeling cute and put together, and I really love when I find a fun outfit that fits me well, but the actual shopping part isn’t that fun to me. And since almost ALL of the clothes I like can be found online, I typically order online, try it on at home, and return it if it doesn’t work.

I’d venture to say a majority of us shop this way these days too. But one the things I’ve noticed about online shopping is that I tend to stick to a handful of retailers instead of ordering from lots of random places. Part of the reason for that is that I only want to pay for shipping once if possible. I also like to make my returns super easy, and I generally have a loyalty to certain brands because of their customer service!

There are a handful of online retailers that I rely on for my online shopping habits, and I’m sharing one of my favorites today: ShopBop. ShopBop is a popular online shopping website for on-trend pieces, fun dresses, and designer items. If you’ve never ordered from there, I’m going to share why ShopBop is a legit and trustworthy place to shop in today’s post.

Is ShopBop Legit?

What Is Shopbop?

Similar to Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, ShopBop is an online fashion store that carries everything from basics to luxury brands. They have a MASSIVE product list, and carry hundreds of well-known brands. It’s owned by Amazon, just like Zappos (did you know that?), so one of the major benefits is that you can use your Amazon Prime perks.

However, unlike Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, Shopbop does not have brick and mortar stores all over the country. They’re only online, and once you see just how much volume they carry, you’ll understand why in-person stores all over the country would be a challenge.

To be totally honest, I haven’t been shopping at ShopBop for a very long time. For years, I was extremely loyal to Nordstrom because of their amazing customer service. But in the last few years, I’ve been less excited about Nordstrom’s selection than I have been in the past, and I started looking to other retailers. ShopBop was one of the places where I found fun, colorful prints, great new-to-me brands, and a huge selection of brands I already loved. I also noticed that they carried some of the brands that my favorite local boutique did. (Tuckernuck is another one of my go-to places to shop lately!)

Now I’m a huge fan, and it’s one of my go-to online shops.

Is ShopBop Legit?

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Same dress, different color | Similar dress (Same print)

What To Buy On Shopbop

Let’s talk about what to shop for and buy from ShopBop. They carry everything from clothing, shoes, bags, gifts, and even some menswear!

Shopbop Dresses

Dresses are the number one thing I shop for on ShopBop. Their selection is HUGE! They carry hundreds and hundreds of designers, and they update their selection weekly (sometimes even daily!). I love that they use an algorithm to help you find pieces that they think you might like. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but at the top of the screen, you’ll see a section called “Recommended for you” where they list a few items that they recommend based on your shopping habits. I’m always surprised by how on-par these are with my style.

I also love that you can filter the dress results but color, size, category, and designer. If you have a specific event in mind when you’re shopping, the categories help narrow the results down. They have their categories broken down SO well that you can even shop a list that’s called “modest dresses” or “cutout dresses” if you have something very specific in mind.

My favorite Ulla Johnson dress is available on ShopBop in the pink color-way. And they also have a few other styles using the same color-way of my blue dress!

blue ruffle dress from Ulla Johnson #LTKCon #LTKCon #LTKstyletip #LTKwedding

Same dress, different color | Similar dress (Same print)

ShopBop Shoes

If you’re looking for fun shoes, they have everything from athletic sneakers to platform heels. I love that they carry so many brands so that you can see a ton of options when you’re looking for something specific (like brown booties, for example). If I’m every unsure about what the trends will be for the upcoming season, I will check ShopBop since they are always on the cusp of trending fashion.

My favorite athletic sneakers by On are from ShopBop.

Is ShopBop Legit? athletic sneakers by On #LTKSeasonal#LTKitbag#LTKfit #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50

Outfit details

Shopbop Jeans

Jeans are also a great thing to shop for there. They carry all of the same designer brands that Nordstrom carries, but more options. I LOVE that their website uses models to show every single item. It’s nice being able to picture how jeans look on a human body versus looking at a product image. They always note the size that the model is wearing, which helps a lot too when shopping online.

These FRAME jeans are available from ShopBop. They fit true to size.

sleeveless turtleneck sweater paired with cropped black jeans and studded black heels #LTKunder100#LTKshoecrush#LTKSeasonal #LTKCon

Outfit details

The Le Palazzo Jeans by FRAME are also available there. I am wearing the “Le Pixie Palazzo” cut, which is a shorter version of the pair available from ShopBop. The pair I am linking are great for women 5’5″ and above!

Day 2 of LTKCon! #LTKSeasonal #LTKworkwear #LTKCon

Outfit details

ShopBop Beauty

ShopBop JUST started carrying beauty products for the first time. They carry some of my favorite brands too! I already use and love Rahua for my hair T3 hair tools (best curling irons ever), Augustinus Bader for my skin, Agent Nateur (I also love their deodorant) and Buxom for their lip products. They carry new-to-me brands too that I’ve been wanting to try, like MALIN + GOETZ, SK-II and Kevyn Aucoin.

What Brands Does Shopbop Carry

Ummm what brands do they NOT carry? I mean seriously, look at this list.

Some of my favorites include:

That’s just a handful! You can see on my LTK page how I style all these brands!

Shopbop Shipping Terms & Conditions

Your credit card generally won’t be charged until after your order has entered the shipping process.

There are a few options for shipping. First, let’s break down non-Amazon Prime shipping.

  • FREE 1-3 day shipping
  • $10 2 day shipping
  • $25 for Next Business Day Shipping
  • $30 for Saturday delivery

Now with Amazon Prime, here’s how the shipping works:

  • FREE 2-day Prime shipping
  • $3.99 an item for Next-Day Prime delivery
  • $25 for 7+ items with Next-Day Prime delivery
  • FREE Saturday delivery with Amazon Prime

The Prime perks is one of the main reasons I love shopping at ShopBop, especially when I need something last minute for an event!

Read more about their shipping policies here!

Shopbop Return Policy

Alright, I will say, Nordstrom has ShopBop beat when it comes to returns. While I find that ShopBop has fast shipping most of the time (and you can use your Amazon Prime so that it’s extra fast!), in order for your return to actually be “free”, you have to send your items back within 15 days. After 15 days, you’ll be charged you a $10 fee. After 30 days, you can’t return anything at all. Oof.

Can you use Amazon Gift Card on Shopbop?

No, but Amazon has a ShopBop section on their website where you can use your gift cards!

How to get Additional Shopbop Discounts

They have a new customer welcome promo when you join their newsletter (you should see an email list pop-up when you go to their homepage for the first time) The code is for 15% off your first purchase, which is helpful when your purchase is expensive, but not as exciting when you’re buying something more affordable. But hey, everything counts!

They also have a rewards program! More on that below.

Shopbop Rewards Program

The next way to save money is by joining ShopBop Rewards, their loyalty program. You get birthday discounts, early access to new arrivals, and separate customer service. The program is totally free, and you unlock more perks the more you spend.

Shopping Experience

I’ve a good experience. My items arrived on time (i.e. FAST) and I haven’t needed to make returns. Overall, my favorite thing  is that it’s a fun shopping customer experience. I love the selection–the prints and colors and styles push me a little out of my comfort zone, which is always a fun thing in fashion. I love how visual their website is, that things are color coordinated, and that the “recommended for you” section feels totally personalized.

Bottom line: I shop there from time to time and given that Nordstrom’s selection has been meh lately, I find myself shopping there more and more! My other two favorite places to shop are Tuckernuck and Revolve!

Happy shopping!

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