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My Famous Three Bean Vegetarian Chili

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    63 responses to “My Famous Three Bean Vegetarian Chili”

    1. Sounds DELICIOUS! I’m going to make it for sure. I love easy recipes with no hassle of meat… I’m not a huge fan of cooking meat. I have a famous White Bean Chicken Chili… actually a girl on Rachel Ray made it famous but I’ve had to give it out multiple times.

      • I made this vegetarian chili for my grandsons not realizing that the Worcester Sauce I buy has anchovies in it so they couldn’t eat it, live and learn!

    2. mmm. can i have two? i really do have two signature aubry recipes:

      french toast and buttermilk syrup {seriously, every utahn has had buttermilk syrup, but it’s really the super fluffy – with flour! – french toast recipe that makes this fab}


      banana bread {there is SUCH a good story attached to this post. promise it’s worth the click.}

      • your french toast sounds amazing. and apparently i’m not from utah because i didn’t know that every utahn had their own buttermilk syrup.

        that banana bread story is classic. and terrible. and the bread looks incredible.

    3. This is perfect in cold days here in my country.. i wanna try it, my family
      will love it.. thanks for sharing.

    4. My fudge is pretty “famous” among friends and family. Secret recipe though! 😀

      That chili does look amazing. I’ve been having lots of soup this week because of the new chill too.

    5. YUM! I am personally not ready for summer…although that is because I am in Texas and I am not ready for the 110 temps. I hate that it is March and we hit 90 last week! UGH!

    6. yum. you can never go wrong with chili! i have a few recipes on my blog that are famous and are my mom’s…gotta love mom recipes 🙂
      Her granola:
      Her praline mix:

      And this recipe of mine has become famous in my mom’s opinion…she makes it every time they have a little get together!

      • there are a lot of ingredients but most of them are spices that are already in the cupboard! 🙂

    7. I love one step recipes! This looks delicious…and it’s snowed 2 days in a row here, so chili sounds wonderful. 🙂

    8. I also have a famous chili recipe! It’s made with bulgur wheat, so it gets that meaty-thick texture without the meat. I just checked, but unfortunately have not posted it to my blog thus far. I’m sure it could be worked into an existing chili recipe, though.

    9. Maple cinnamon almond butter!!!! Definitely my most made + raved about recipe. I might just have to make this chili while we have no kitchen! <3

    10. you are the cutest ever.

      your law prom outfit was ADORBS! i am so glad we could help you out via twitter. and that house of harlow ring is TO DIE FOR! loves.

      this chili doesn’t look so bad either…

      p.s. downloaded boxcar and LOVE it!

      • why thank you! 🙂

        so glad you like boxcar! it’s saving me from my inbox since i unsubscribed from all email notifications in twitter and facebook and just see them in boxcar.

    11. I just had to give you props and kudos galore! I tweaked of your chili on Sunday and it was PHENOMENAL!!! It was so ridonkulously easy and so, so good! So I just wanted to say Thank You!

    12. Hi Teri, I was searching for a spicy three bean chili and came across your site. After looking at the ingredients, I just wanted to make sure you meant 3 stalks of celery and not three sticks of celery? Thanks!

    13. Yum!! So glad you shared this! I’m going to make it this weekend! 🙂 Happy New Year!!

    14. I just made this tonight and it was delicious!! I’ve been craving a veggie chili and finding this on pinterest was meant to be!

      My modifications: I used a mild chili seasoning packet instead of the seasonings listed (honestly I was just lazy and had it on hand), used the canned diced tomatoes made for chili, a half jalepeno without the seeds, the worcestershire sauce and a little extra brown sugar. I also added some vegetable broth since I like to rinse my beans.

      It was absolutely delicious!!! I’ll try it with different toppings throughout the week. Fritos to make a frito pie, burrito wrap to try a frito wrap (sonic inspired), cheddar cheese, sour cream, romaine lettuce to make a chili salad and I even have some macaroni pasta to mix with it the last couple of days to make it last longer. This will definitely be a staple! Thank you!!

      • yum!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. And thank you for sharing your modifications!! I love hearing what others do. I appreciate your feedback and comment so much! 🙂

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