Happy Birthday Maizey Bean!

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Today is Maizey’s 8th birthday! Hard to believe. She’s been a constant in my life throughout many life changes, many ups and downs, and has always been one of the greatest sources of happiness in my life.


She has quite a bit more gray and not quite as much energy as she used to, but she’s still one happy girl. Look at how teensy she used to be! Squeeeeeee!


DSC_0011-1_thumb (1) maizey

I’m about to share a crap-ton of pictures of my sweet girl since I couldn’t narrow it down. So, if you don’t like dogs, you’ve been warned. And if you don’t like dogs, we probably wouldn’t be great friends. (Kidding. Not really. Okay, just kidding. Or am I?)

To celebrate her 8 years, I’m sharing 8 things she loves. She’ll also be celebrating with a few extra treats and extra snuggles. 😉

1. Sunbathing. Her latest habit is just stopping in the middle of a walk to lay down on the sidewalk in the sun. (It’s great, especially when I’m trying to hurry into work.) If you follow me on Snapchat (username terilynhutchie), you have an idea of just how often she lays down on our walks. 😉


2. Cheese and eggs. She takes after her momma. She also won’t eat her food unless it’s at her table. (But the raised height actually helps with digestion, so that’s okay. 🙂 )

3. Her memory foam dog bed. She’s obsessed with this bed, and I think it’s so cute, especially considering she ate FOUR dog beds in first few years of her life. She also ate half a couch one time. That was great.


3A. She sleeps on a pillow whenever possible. And she always pushes the blankets intended to protect the couch out of the way. Little stink.

4. She loves getting up on ledges when I take her on walks which causes her over-protective momma to freak out.

img_0385 img_0042

5. She loves her Tommy. I don’t blame her one bit. He’s the best.



I think he kind of loves her too. 😉

a foodie stays fit boyfriend

6. She loves puppies. Only puppies. She wants to kill every adult dog, even if she knew said adult dog as an puppy. Unless that adult dog is a French Bulldog or English Bulldog. Seriously. It’s strange but true.


7. She’s always happy and so dang goofy. When she had cancer last year (which I never blogged about because I was busy losing my shit and crying for about 3 weeks straight… I just couldn’t talk about it), she was such a trooper through the surgery and the recovery. She never even complained about having to wear a t-shirt all the time.


8. She loves sitting like a human. I mean… LOOK AT THIS.



She also really loves her mom. She’s a sweet girl, but super protective of me, which I gotta admit, I really really love. And, she always wants to be as close to me as possible. 🙂 I’ll often open the shower curtain to find that she’s laying on the bathmat.


And if I’m trying to stretch or foam roll, you can bet she all up in my business. 🙂


Happy Birthday Maizey! I love you!

What unusual thing does your dog love? I love hearing about other people’s pet’s quirks!

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    11 responses to “Happy Birthday Maizey Bean!”

    1. Omg #8. I die every time I see her sitting like that! It sounds like Maizey would love my dog Winston (a frenchie). He loves bigger dogs, so it sounds like they’d be a match made in heaven ha!

    2. Chloe says – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIZEY! Those boxers though. They are the silliest, funniest little mutts. Love them so much!! Chloe also takes a lot of warming up to new dogs and is not a fan of dogs met randomly on walks!

    3. Blog follower for a while (love BTW!) but first time commenter as I just couldn’t help myself with all the cute pictures and sweet sentiments about your girl. Love animal lovers! Happy birthday to Maizey!!!!!!

    4. Happy birthday sweet girl!! I have two boxers and theyclove love love to cuddle and snuggle!! When I foam roll, one of them gets all in my face. They love their daycare and freak out if you say Fido Fido. You can’t say it unless it’s a day you are taking them! Those silly boxers!

    5. I also have a boxer and he sounds a lot like Maizey! He’s always up in my business if I’m working out at home (usually incessantly licking my leg or arm), sits like a human, will ALWAYS sleep on a pillow (sometimes mine), and is very protective of his mama (me). Couldn’t imagine life without ’em!

    6. Happy Birthday, Maizey! My dogs are my children and really each unique. I love all posts on here about your sweet baby girl. A couple cute habits of my girls…One of my dogs likes to rest her chin on people. It’s adorable. My other dog will push me off the couch if I try to lay right next to her and dont rub her belly. The both love pillows, sunbathing and lots of walks of coarse. One loves to take selfies with me and the other always looks the other way. 🙂

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