Putting the joy back in photography

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I took three years of photography in high school, including the AP course. I loved spending hours taking pictures – usually macro of details of something ordinary at an unusual angle. foodbuzz-3

I loved even more spending time in the dark room, developing the film and printing the pictures, trying to get the light and shadows just right.foodbuzz-2

I was never the most talented in class and just eeked by a pass in the AP test. But I loved it. It fueled a creative park of me that I didn’t know my math-nerd, literature-loving self had. It gave me a sense of belonging with a group of kids I wouldn’t normally be around. foodbuzz-4

Somehow I got caught up on the blog with taking pictures for a purpose rather than taking pictures with a passion. DSC_0320

Fact is, I’m not passionate about taking food pictures. Sometime I do it to show you something amazing I ate. But it doesn’t fuel me creatively. IMG_1340

I’ll take a picture to show you an awesome new product I got to try, food, beauty, clothing or otherwise. Again, I love sharing these things with you. But they don’t give me the peaceful feeling that I used to associate with photography. charleston2-2

I miss film. I miss having a darkroom. But I probably won’t use either anytime soon. I’m still not the best photographer, or the best photo editor.DSC_0815

But I’m going to work on using my digital camera to capture more beauty for the sake of beauty.

And yes, Maizey qualifies as beauty.foodbuzz-1

what hobby brings you joy? Do you still do it regularly?

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    29 responses to “Putting the joy back in photography”

    1. I also took several photography classes in high school. I learned a lot of great things but don’t use them as often as I should now. And I totally know that peaceful feeling you mention! Great pictures!

    2. we too want to spend more time with photographer and our camera. we love taking pictures, though we love taking pictures of food along with other beauty in life 🙂
      we are able to do our passion about everyday which is making food and enjoy sharing it with others!

    3. beautiful shots! Rock climbing brings me joy! But it’s not the same indoors (since it’s too cold be outside anymore) so I’ve keep coming up with excuses not to go! I need to just suck it up though! I’m going to love it!

    4. I miss vocal jazz and dance the most! Now that grad school is over I really have no excuse not to dig back into those hobby-loves.

      beautiful shot. orchids are my absolute favorite!

    5. BEAUTIFUL photos! I hope you have a wonderful, exciting time rediscovering that passion! 🙂

    6. Crocheting is my Hobby. Knowing I can make whatever I want with some yarn and a hook feels pretty amazing. It’s the perfect stress reducer.

      • I went through a crocheting phase. I was terrible at it, but it was very relaxing! I’ve forgotten how though!

        are you going to be home for christmas? if so, want to grab a drink or coffee?

    7. what a sweet post! i think it is so essential for our souls to engage in activities that bring us enjoyment. it is absolutely necessary in this crazy world we live in!

      i also caught up on a couple posts and wanted to say CONGRATS on the half-marathon PR! that is fricking amazing, especially considering your did it on the fly. rock on sista.

      next time we see each other, i want to drink champagne and eat cookies with you. just sayin 🙂

    8. I was the photographer for our school’s yearbook and newspaper. I loved it and miss it. I used to take photos just for the sake of a creative outlet all the time, and now I feel like I never do that. This post just might be the spark I needed. Thanks!

    9. They’re beautiful!! I really love going out with my camera and snapping shots around town. It’s really amazing how gorgeous our day to day life can be. We just happen to get so caught up, we tend to lose sight of it all.

    10. I am with you, I’ve loved photography since high school (or before?) and while I love that my blog provides me with a venue to display my photos I am not super inspired by [my own] food photography. Photographing food is really pretty limiting, or maybe I’m just not getting creative enough. Either way, I need to remember that taking pictures need not be limited to food or blog related subjects and enjoy it as an activity.

    11. Sewing is my hobby and I’ve just rediscovered it after many years. Wish I could take wonderful pictures like you do. Maybe someday!

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